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Please promise,you wont find someone else.

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Me and Dru had arrived me,Anna and Alex were all helping Ashley pack. Stefan and Dru were carrying there suitcases to the bottom floor of the block of flats,i went down to see if Dru was managing alright,but then i slipped all the way down the stairs and landed on my bum.I screamed,Dru dropped his suitcase and turned round to see me singing Wooooaaaah my but is on fire!He helped me up,we both laughed he kissed me and said thank god you're alright,is Ash packed yet?I said yeah he is,he's on his way down now,Surprisingly Dru picked me up and swung me aroung and then kissed me again,and said i love you,i said i love you too and we all headed to the airport...
Stefan,Anna and his suitcases in one taxi,me,dru and his suitcases in a taxi and Alex and Ashley sharing smooches,in the back of the taxi , the driver put there suitcases in the boot.
We headed to heathrow,it seemed like forever,me and Dru just hugged and kept on saying how much we were going to miss eachother,we arrived,it was time to say goodbye.
Stefan gave Anna a massive kiss,and a hug and said i love you so much,i will ring you everyday and night,i promise!Anna said you better and promise me you will never fall in love with someone else on this holiday,and i can still stay in your flat,right?He laughed and said i promise i wont and of course,maybe Alex and Lauren both want to stay ant mine and Ashleys flat,unless Lauren wants to stay with Drus mum,her choice,they both giggled.Me and Dru hugged and kissed and i told him all the rules, he agreed and said i better not lay eyes on any other boys,i said only if you stay away from girls,deal,we hugged and then that was it all three of them started to walk to the bording part,oh wait and Alex and Ashley pretty much full on snogged in front of us all then hugged and then had a conversation,they were gone now,we all missed them already.
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