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I need a beta

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So bassically my grammar and spelling is terrible and it would be a great idea for me to get a beta one of my friends has offered but I feel funny about her reading my work as she isn't a fanfic reader and the story is The Watchmen... witch will eventualy become increasingly disturbing

Im looking for some kidn of grammar nazi/ educated person that would be able to beta for me around twice a week... so don't offer if you know you have busy times coming up because I write olot and The Watchemn is my newest fave fic to write also I write long chapters for this fic around 3000 4000 words per chapter... so if you are down with all of that either leave a review or message me on facebook!/hatieg

also leave me a way to contact you so i can send the stories to you and stuffs

Danke see yall soon my home skillet biscuets!
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