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Frank is unwanted, a hobo, a vagrant. Who would dislike Frank, I don't know. When Gerard comes along, and is kind to Frank and offers Frank food and a roof over his head, will Frank take it? Will G...

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There Frank woke, after another tormentingly cold night. His body shuddered under the many layers of clothing he wore, each one with its own purpose. The first was a shirt he'd found disgarded outside a pub. It was a little grubby and torn around the hem, but Frank had guessed someone had had a quick fuck there and forgotten to take it home. The long sleeved, white garment had fit him nicely and eased the scratching of his other shirt - another long-sleeved, thick, wooley vest. The vest, with hope, would protect him from the oncoming cold the winter was threatening. Over the top of that was a holey yet still useful cagoule. It was several sizes too big, and made him look pretty fat and out-of-tone, but at least then it didn't attract unwanted attention. I mean, a guy like him, small and weak with shoulder lenght hair, still soft, and no stubble and deep brown eyes would reguarly get raped. It had happened before, more times than Frank would like to admit. He let his eyes scan his surroundings - he'd been so tired the night before he'd simply slept where he landed.

It was a park, he knew that much. His face was pressed down against the wood of a bench, like he'd just collapsed onto it. Knowing Frank, he had. Frank checked the gloomy, overcast sky. Snow was coming this winter, it had been predicted to be harsh - Frank knew when he watched the weather channel in a TV shop. The man owning it had said "Hey, if you're not buying, get out!". Frank despised these people the most - people who couldn't spare two seconds for those in need. Ahead of him, perched on a slight incline, was a kids park. One of the mothers kept glaring at him. He'd have spat at her if he'd have gotten a chance, but nasty men don't get nice things. Instead, he sat himself up and looked around. It looked about mid-day. This was bad. It meant that he'd lost half a day of money - not that he ever got much anyway.

His dry lips saw reason to buy water but as Frank lowered his hand to grip his little bag of change he panicked in its absence. Of course, it had been stolen. Frank let himself slump backwards in a hopeless manner, putting his head in his hands and groaning loudly. Some days, he'd never felt anger like it. This was one of those days. With one last shudder, he stood. He ignored the glaring woman, the screaming kids, the scary-looking sky and relieved his bladder behind a tree yet still in plain sight of the kids playground. If life was going to screw him over at least he was having the last laugh, he thought, as he pulled up his torn denim jeans and walked away into the distance. He didn't know exactly what the day had in store for him, but if it was anything like the others then it wouldn't be good.
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