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Rantings of a Teenage Goof

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Max's thoughts on Goofy's adventures.

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Rantings of a Teenage Goof
Author's Notes: I miss Disney Afternoon, and really wish Max would be in KHIII even though I really doubt it. Maybe a Powerline summon? Maybe? Please? Correct me on any canon problems; it's been four years since I last played KHI and I can't find an online script -- if anyone has one, I'd love 'em forever.
WARNING: This story has spoilers for the fate of the Disney cast at the end of KHII.


You put on your most serious face and pat me on the shoulder.

"Maxxie, there comes a time when a Goof's gotta do what a Goof's gotta do," you say, and I finally look up from the book I've been reading to impress Roxanne. Okay, so, I bite -- what does a Goof have to do, exactly?

You tell me about something called a Keyblade, and how you're off to save the world -- worlds, whatever. And while a part of me thinks that the King's confused you again, another part of me goes cold, because there's dangerous stuff out there and I don't know what I'll do if you get hurt.

"Dad, you can't just --" I begin, but I know that you'll never listen to an argument like that because you think you can do anything and sometimes I even think you really, really can. So I try again: "Hey, let me come!"

Because really, if you the dorky dad goes out and saves the world, what does that say about me, the son? Obviously, I have to be cooler than you, my dad, and to do that I need to get out of this Castle and get a life. Even Huey, Dewey, and Louie get to go out and do their slightly weird store thing and they're just little kids.

"No, son, I think ya need to stay here an' hold down the fort," You say, all serious and fatherly like. Which is funny, because half the time I can't even tell who's the parent in this relationship, anyway. "You stay here and help th' Queen. She'll need a good, strong boy like you, Maxxie."

Great. Lovely. Cue seething and pouting and general fit throwing for a few weeks and lots of whining to Peej, right up until the time you leave. And then it's just silence and worrying and okay maybe a little more whining to -- at? -- Peej.

A year, more than a year. You're gone for a whole year, a year for me worrying and wandering around here and being semi-adopted by the Queen out of pity; and there's lots of pity, and Roxanne thinks I'm a pathetic loser now because I'm always moping because you had to run off and go on this crazy world-saving mission. The one time you do come back I'm gone on a field trip, of all things, with Professor Von Drake. So that's another few months I didn't get to see you until finally, finally you came home.

Of course, no one thought to tell me when the ship landed and everyone greeted the Queen, so I just about jumped out of my skin when you were waiting in my room, when I got back from skateboarding. I think they heard me screaming (with joy and frustration) clearly in other worlds.

But hey, maybe I shouldn't yell at you so much because I have my dad back now and that's gotta be good for something, right? I love you, too, Dad. \par
It's okay really, Dad, the gang's all together again, you don't have to cry -- aww, that's not a tissue, that's my sweatshirt! Gross!

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