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It was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing; it was a lie when they smiled and said you won't feel a thing.

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So, two characters are introduced! the rest of you will be written in the next couple chapters! Enjoy!

I woke up at 6:30 on the dot, and began jumping up and down, shaking Nicole awake. She started to get mad, but then it dawned on her what day it was. Unfortunately, it was Friday, so that meant the dreaded Rebecca Black song. As soon as she started singing “Friday, Friday”, my hand covered her mouth in a flash.
“Not today!” I play growled, and as a result, she LICKED my hand. “EEEEWWW! Now I’m going to get AIDs, Herpes, and gonaciphilitis,” I screamed, “get me some disinfectant! No, a doctor!” I started laughing.
“That’s right, so you better go get checked!” she winked at me.
“Ughhh.” I groaned.
We hurriedly grabbed our bags and ran out the door, only to look down and realize we weren’t even dressed yet. Laughing like stark raving lunatics, we managed to get upstairs and throw on some clothes before actually starting the trip. As soon as Nicole pulled onto the highway, I knew what was going to happen. She went straight for the golden arches for breakfast and wouldn’t even stop at Starbuck’s, so I had to deal with the gross coffee from McDonald’s. I don’t know why she does, but she absolutely hates coffee! I sometimes wonder how we’re friends. I would kill for coffee, and she would just laugh at the body count and call me retarded. Shaking the thoughts out of my head, I turned on the Tom Tom so we wouldn’t get lost. After going through all four of My Chem’s CD’s, we decided to just talk for a while, since we were only 45 minutes away from Atlanta.
“I can’t believe this is actually happening. We get to meet THE Gerard freakin’ Way! And Mikey, Frank and Ray! I’m not dead am I?” Nicole mused.
“No, we’re both very much alive believe it or not! I’m just glad that the makeup will cover all this.” I gestured to my bruises.
Nicole rolled her eyes and continued driving. “Yeah I know. Bruises that the band doesn’t even care about. Just saying. If they really care, they’ll ask when we meet them.” She scoffed.
“Whatever dude.” I let it go, figuring she was in one of her moods again. I swear she has split personalities!
As the trip continued, she grew more and more hostile. “Why do you want to listen to that song? It’s so stupid.” Or “Geeze you can’t possibly be that hot!” So I finally just gave up and looked out the window. Then I couldn’t take it anymore.
“What is wrong with you!? You’re being a straight up witch with a capital B to me and I haven’t done a thing to you! What exactly have I DONE to you ice princess?” I half yelled.
“I don’t know what on earth you’re talking about.” She sniffed.
“Yeah-but you just- I ugh whatever.” I gave up and realized we only had one more turn to make and immediately got excited. Check in wasn’t until 12, so we had thirty minutes to kill. We decided to go to the Taco Bell next door and pig out to our little heart’s content. Once we ordered, we sat back and waited for our food and who should walk in but TYLER PERRY. We looked at each other and slowly began to smile.
“Excuse me sir, but are you Tyler Perry?” I tentatively asked.
“SHHH! You’ll ruin it for me! But yes, yes I am” he replied nonchalantly.
“Can you PLEASE autograph my erm…napkin?” I laughed at Nicole’s question, but he agreed to! I was in total shock, especially when he wrote it out on two napkins and gave one to me.
After we ate, we checked in and went upstairs. Twentieth floor, heck yes! We walked in and gaped in amazement. It was so elegantly furnished and even had two bedrooms and a kitchen! And a balcony! We were in awe, but snapped out of it so we could unpack and take power naps until three, which is when we’ll start to get ready.
After we woke up, we ran for the shower. I got there first, but Nicole insisted on using it first. Not wanting another fight, I gave up. Ten minutes ticked by, then twenty, and then thirty. She takes the longest showers ever! I thought to myself. I chose my outfit while waiting. I narrowed it down between two t-shirts. My shirt that says “Na Na Na” all over it, and the one with the Danger Days spider on it. Either way I was wearing my converse and khaki shorts with whatever shirt I chose. As soon as Nicole stepped out of the bathroom, I bombarded her with the question. Finally, she said the “Na Na Na” one since it “made my eyes stand out”. I grabbed my stuff and hopped in the shower since it was already 3:45, and we needed to leave by 4:30 to beat traffic. I hurried and managed to make it a fifteen minute shower, ripped through my hair with a brush, managed to blow dry and straighten it, and put on makeup. All of this was accomplished in thirty minutes, and I was pretty darn proud of myself. We put our tickets in our back pockets, and the VIP passes around our neck, and ran to the elevator. We made it to the car and sped out of the lot, making it to the coliseum by 5.

We got in line, and met two new people: Arianne Webb and Sam Davies. Ari, as she liked to be called, was so pretty! Her hair was waist length; layered black with the underneath dyed a white/blonde colour. The layers are very choppy and have a full fringe that almost completely covers her eyes. I don’t know why she’d want to cover up her eyes! They’re such a beautiful shade of amber! I look at her numerous piercings with a small pang of jealousy...she had a Monroe, tragus, helix, rook, AND industrial. I self-consciously played with my lip ring with my tongue.
Sam was average height, with stunning eyes that changed from hazel to almost an onyx black! They must change with the lighting. Her hair was very pretty; dark brown with NATURAL red highlights! How I envied her. I love red hair! Nicole teases me about having a red fetish, but I just really like red hair! I noted that only her ears were pierced…her parents are either pretty conservative, or she’s scared of needles. I’m guessing the latter. They both had on MCR shirts, of course! Sam’s was the one with all four of their faces in their killjoy personas, and Ari’s was the same as mine!
“So is this your first concert, Leash?” Ari asked, already coming up with a nickname for me.
“Actually, yeah, it’s mine and Nicole’s first concert.” I replied, trying to pull an anti-social Nicole into the conversation.
“They’re amazing in concert.” Sam said quietly. I was beginning to sense a blooming friendship between the three of us.
“Annelise, let’s go and leave these losers alone. They’re wasting my time. And you’re getting on my nerves!” Nicole snapped.
“Excuse me? Did you just say what I THINK you said?” Sam demanded, shocking me.
“Sure did. Loser. Emo freak.” She taunted, resulting in Ari and Sam looking dumbstruck.
Before they had time to react, the doors opened, and it was time to go in.
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