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Frank moves to Belleville . He's happy becuse he get's a new chance . He'll meet X

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Where moving.
My hearts beats of happiness. We drove from Albany to New Jersey Belleville . At the hole ride i sat in the backseat just listning to some misfits and ramones. Mum hit me only twice and my dad slapped just once at our hotel room . When we came to house i smile'd becuse the house was so beautiful . It looked exactly likeaunt sara's house in Carlifornia . It was amazing .
- Don't just stand there like a retard mom said and slapped me in my back head.
- Yes mom . i said looking down hoping not the neighbors saw that.
I went up to my room it was the smallest room but still it was big. I looked around and i feelt home . I started to pack up my posters when it knocked on the door. I was suprised who that was.
Mum called on me with her Frank-I Love-You-Voice but i knew that voice was just fake .
-Yes mom i said quite .
- This Gerard and Lindsey they live in house 3 and 5 They saw us packing up and wanted to say hi . aren't they nice? she said with a smile. I knew she was faking it.
He looked at the two teens standing at the door . There was a boy maybe 16 years old and the girl 15
The boy was .. Wow ! He was nothing that frank have seen before. He had black hair and smile'd alot . He was perfectly shaped not to fit and not to skinny . he wore black jeans and a misfits t-shirt. The black hair hanged over he's face. He was sexy as hell frank thought
The girl was Beautiful . She had perfectly formed breast and her ass. Oh my lord frank thought .
She had long black hair and bang she smile'd to . But not so much as The boy
- Yeah mum ... I said quitly
- Hi i'm Gerard but you can call me whatever you want BUT gerald I hate that name . he said with a deep voice . Evan he's voce was sexy . Frank feelt he got warm
- Hi i'm Lyndsey But call me Lyn-z she said with laugh . her vocie was girlly but not uber girly.
- Erhm... Hi i'm frank..... you can call .. me erhm.. frank? i said awkwardlly
Stupid me he thought.
Gerard and lindsey or Lyn-z was laughing .
- You wanna se around Belleville ? She said with beautiful smile
-Erhm.. Yeah .. That would be... Awesome ! Frank said happy but then he remeberd about he's mom
-Mom it okey .. if i go out with lindsey and Gerard ? I said terrified.
-Of course frank but be home at 10
She was nice!.She wisperd in my ear when we were on our way out
-If your not home by 10 i'm going to kill you faggot.
I nodded .
And off i go .
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