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Jasmine's Personalised Story

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Jasmine's Personalised Story.

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As I was applying some red nail polish I got a text off Gerard. I’ve gotta tell you something. Come to my house at 7 – G xx
I replied saying yeah sure but I didn’t ask any questions. I’ve only been dating Gerard seven months but I know that when he says he’ll tell me something at seven, he means at seven. He gets irritated if you ask questions beforehand.
I looked at the time. Six o clock. This gave me an hour to get ready.
“Jasmine!” I heard my Mom yell from downstairs “Jasmine, could you come here please?”
I groaned and got up. I’m twenty-one and still living with my parents. Yeah, it sucks.
I walked into the kitchen where my Mom was unpacking the groceries. I didn’t offer to help her and this didn’t surprise her “Could you babysit your little brother tonight? I’m going out.”
“Well, I’m going out too.” I told her “I’m going to Gerard’s at seven.”
“Can’t you see him another time? This is kind of important.”
“No, Mom, he said he’s got something important to tell me.”
My Mom groaned, frustrated “Look, I’m not going out till half seven. Go over, find out what he wants to tell you and then come straight back home. Alright?”
It wasn’t alright for a second but I couldn’t be bothered to argue. I simply nodded and went back upstairs, cursing under my breath.
Once upstairs I started getting ready. My nails were dry now so I didn’t have to fuss about them. I grabbed a brush and started brushing my long, straight, dark brown hair. It didn’t take too long to brush out so I quickly applied my eye-liner and opened my wardrobe to pick out an outfit.
In the end I chose my Iron Maiden tee-shirt, black skinny jeans and black converse. I grabbed my Bullet For My Valentine hoodie because it was kinda cold outside. I took one last look in the mirror. Then I suddenly realised I wasn’t wearing my silver heart shaped necklace. I grabbed my jewellery box and pulled it out. I always wear it, it’s like my good luck charm. It belonged to my Grandmother. She gave it to me when I was seven just before she passed away. I’ve worn it every day since.
I was still too early to go over to Gerard’s so I went downstairs and into the living room. My Dad was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper and my little brother Alex was playing with his train set on the carpet. Mom was still in the kitchen. I sat next to my Dad on the sofa.
He smiled at me for a second before returning his attention to his newspaper. I wish the same could be said for my annoying little brother. He threw a train at my head “I don’t want Jazz babysitting me tonight.” He pouted.
I pulled a face “Well I don’t wanna babysit for you tonight but I’m being forced into it.”
“Jasmine!” My Dad snapped “How old are you again?”
“He started it.” I muttered childishly.
He shook his head and continued to read his paper. I stood up “I’m going over to Gerard’s.” I announced. I knew I was still too early but I didn’t care.
Alex grinned “Good! And stay there!”
I ignored him and stormed out of the house. It didn’t matter that none of them liked me… Because Gerard loved me.
He didn’t live too far away from me so I arrived there at about quarter to seven. I dithered at the end of the drive, not sure whether to wait or to just go knock on the door. I stood around for about five minutes before I decided it was too cold to hang around any longer. Shivering, I walked up the drive and knocked three times on the door.
I waited. There was no answer so I knocked again. “One second!” I heard Gerard call.
I waited another five minutes before finally Gerard appeared at the door “You’re early.” He said without smiling.
I smiled at him “Only by five minutes.”
“Well, come inside…” He replied, stepping out of the way so I could come inside.
I stepped inside and he shut the door. “So what did you wanna tell me?” I asked him.
He took my hand “Come with me.” He pulled me up the stairs and into his room. He sat on his bed so I sat next to him.
We sat in an awkward silence for a few moments before I asked “Well?” I knew how annoyed my Mom would be if I wasn’t home by half seven.
Gerard ran his fingers through his raven black hair. Something he does when he’s nervous. “You’re gonna think I’m crazy.”
“I would never think that.”
“You’ll hate me.”
“No, I love you!” I told him “I’d never hate you.”
“Don’t be scared,” He whispered “But… Have you noticed that I act kind of weird?”
“Not really.” I told him, a little confused “What do you mean by weird?”
“That I never seem to eat around you.” Gerard said “No matter what time at night you text or call me, I’m always available. How I hate hanging around in the sun.”
“I never really thought it weird.” I admitted “It just… I…”
“Well, the reason for all this,” Gerard told me “Is that… I’m a vampire.”
I blinked at him. We were both silent while I processed this. “You’re joking, right?” I asked “This is some kind of prank, right?”
“No, it’s not.” Gerard said, looking slightly irritated “Doesn’t it all make sense?”
We were both silent again until I managed to ask “So you’re a murderer?”
“I guess you could say that.” Gerard took my hand “You hate me, don’t you?”
I glanced at my watch. Twenty-five past seven! I stood up “Gerard, I need time to process this. I gotta go babysit my little brother anyway…”
Gerard didn’t say anything, just looked at me while I made a dash for the front door. I sprinted home and dashed inside at half-past seven on the dot.
But was my Mom happy? No, I still got a lecture before her and Dad finally went out.
Alex sat cross-legged on the living room carpet while I sprawled out on the sofa trying to catch my breath. “What did Gee tell you?”
“How many times do I have to tell you not to call him Gee?” I snapped. I didn’t like my little brother giving my boyfriend a nickname “And it’s none of your business.”
“Did he break up with you?”
“I think it’s your bedtime!” I replied “Come on, go up to bed now.”
I supervised him while he brushed his teeth and got into his pyjamas. Once he was in bed, I didn’t read him a goodnight story or kiss him goodnight. I did mutter “Night Alex.”
In reply he mumbled “Night Jazzy.”
I flicked off his light, left his door half open (He’s afraid of the dark but he’ll never admit this) and went back downstairs. I sat back on the sofa, thinking about what Gerard had told me. ‘I’m a vampire…’
He’d killed people. My boyfriend, the guy I thought was perfect, was killing people. How had I not noticed him acting so strange? Shit, what if he killed me now? For running out.
He probably thought I hated him. He probably thought I was making up excuses just to get away from him. This wasn’t true for a second but I could see why he might think that.
I lay back against the sofa and started crying. No matter what Gerard was, I still loved him. I wasn’t afraid of him. He’d never hurt me. Would he?
Suddenly I heard footsteps upstairs. I jumped up off the sofa. “Alex, get back into bed!” I called up the stairs.
Alex sleepily replied “I am in bed Stupid.”
Had someone broken into the house? All I wanted to do was run and hide but I couldn’t leave my little brother up there alone. I tip-toed into the kitchen, opened one of the cupboards and pulled out the rolling pin. I held it in both hands as I walked as silently down the corridor as I could manage. Holding my breath, I started up the stairs. With every step my heart pounded.
Once at the top of the stairs, I went straight to Alex’s room. I pushed it open gently. He was lying on his back, fast asleep. I backed away and pushed open my own bedroom door… And screamed.
“Hey!” Gerard whispered “Hey, please don’t be scared!”
I laughed shakily “I thought you were a burglar!”
“Shut up!” Alex yelled from his bedroom, causing me to laugh again.
Gerard ran his fingers through his hair “I can’t seem to help scaring you recently.”
“You don’t scare me.” I told him “You wouldn’t hurt me.”
“But you ran out earlier…”
“I told you, I had to get back! I have to babysit my loser brother.”
“So you don’t hate me?”
“No, of course not!” I smiled “I could never hate you. I love you.”
“Well that’s good.” Gerard grinned, putting his arms round me “Because I love you too.”
I leaned my head on his chest, smiling, knowing he’d love me no matter what.

[A/N] - I am sorry this is so crap, I wrote it at like 1AM-2AM Tuesday Morning because I couldn't sleep because I had been sleeping all day Monday due to the fact that I had puked my guts out all of Sunday night :') Once I've written the other personalised stories, I'll probably re-write yours and make it way better ;/
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