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I Should Have

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"Please let me go."

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The theme song from Footloose blasts over the speakers system as I tear tickets, handing out tie died t-shirts to the freshman who have decided to come to the fair I’d worked so damn hard to make perfect. I dance around a bit, my black cowboy boots kicking up dust. Liz just laughs, dancing along to the music as well. I’m glad we were all able to pull this off.

As Frank and Devlin enter I glare at them still hating Frank very much. Although he tried to comfort me yesterday I couldn’t let him. I’m mad at him right now. He has no right to pretend like nothing ever happened.

“Have a good time,” Liz says.

Frank stops to look at me, pulling something out of his pocket. Looking down I notice a can of pepper spray. Taking it I give him a confused look.

“You shake it to activate it. Please be safe,” he says before hurrying to catch up with his girlfriend.

Liz looks over at me, as the song switches to ‘Hey Mickey,’ “What was that about?”

“Nothing, he’s just trying to piss me off,” I answer as I pocket the pepper spray.

About an hour later, Garry shows up, leaning against the ticket booth, smiling at me. His pupils are big; letting me he’s been drinking…this doesn’t mean anything good for me. I’d attempted to cover the bruises from earlier but I wasn’t extremely successful. My biggest fear is that he'll send me home with a whole new set.

“How about you get off work and we go have fun,” he says, giving Liz an pouty face.

She nods, “You two have fun.”

Garry and I play around for a while, running between stands, trying to win prizes. Neither of us having much luck we eventually give up, strolling behind the ferris wheel waiting for Frank and Devlin to show up.

As the minutes pass, I notice Garry is leading me to a darker section of the area behind the ferris wheel…a area where not too many people can see us. This makes me uncomfortable. I still don’t trust him after the events that happened yesterday. Reaching down I feel my fingers brush over the can of pepper spray…I am now thankful that Frank gave it to me.

As Garry backs me up against an electric pole I feel the urge to run away. Stay calm Amber, I remind myself.

"I'm just gonna go back to the ticket booth," I say, standing up straight trying to make myself look intimidating. I know it’s not working.

As I try and move around him Garry grabs my arm roughly, tossing me to the ground, his shadow looming over me. My breathing starts to increase, “Please Garry, let me go.”

"I don't think so."


"Because I always get what I want. And right now I want you."

Tears start to well up in my eyes. I shouldn’t have let him lead me so far off. I should have been paying attention. After the events of yesterday I should know not to be alone with him. Thanking Frank silently I reach into my pocket and extract the pepper spray. I should have shaken it before now. Garry is much faster than me, ripping my only chance of escape form my hand before I can even use it.

I make another attempt to escape. I roll up and almost make it around the side of the ferris wheel but Garry is much faster than me. He pulls me back to where we were before I got away. I trip and scrape up my knee; Garry leave me on the ground.

"Please, just let me go?" I sob.

Garry kneels down on the ground next to me, gripping my jaw tightly, “You shouldn't be playing with me the way that you are, Amber. Maybe if you would have just had sex with me in the first place I wouldn’t have to do this.”

I am crying very heavily now, near an asthma attack, close to a panic attack as well, “Let me go.”

Garry just smiles evilly at me. I have to try, just one more time. Rolling onto my side, I manage to kick Garry in the stomach, scrabbling to my feet. I can’t get footing fast enough. Garry, who I no longer consider my boyfriend, jumps at me, bringing both of us to the ground. For a few moments I claw at him hoping that if I put up enough of a fight he’ll leave me alone…this is not the case. Garry flips me over, my head hitting the ground, teeth piercing my own tongue as he situates himself between my legs. I now regret wearing a skirt.

I call out for help in hopes that someone will hear me but I know no one can…the music is too loud. As Garry presses his body to mine, I try one last time, with the only defense I’ve got left…I scream.

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