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Don't Blame Yourself

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She needs me.

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By the time I realize I’d forgotten Amber’s turtle it’s too late to turn around. Mom will bring it to me tomorrow if she remembers. The second I see Amber I jump onto the bed curling up with her hoping my presence brings her some comfort. I guess it does in some way because she falls asleep soon after I arrive.

Amber’s sleep isn’t very peaceful and I end up getting hit a few times. It’s nothing too painful. I want to comfort her but I don’t know how other than to hold her to me, gently stroking her hair. So that is exactly what I do.

Around three in the morning Amber’s mom gets a call from Donna. After a few minutes she stands, coming over to the bed. I open my eyes and look at her wondering what’s wrong.

“I’m going to go home…there’s a situation with Mikey and Donna would like my help. Thank you for helping her Frank,” Amber’s mother explains before leaving me.

Alone with Amber in the hospital room I let myself fall asleep. I don’t dream much, and I find myself waking up every hour to make sure Amber is still breathing and that she isn’t in the middle of a nightmare. Around seven I give up on falling back to sleep. Instead I flip on the television.

Amber’s story is on the news but I only watch it for a second incase she’s awake. Also I don’t care to see the police images. It’s not really something I’d like to watch anyway. Eventually I find the channel that plays cartoons. For a few hours I watch this.

Jonny comes by, pulling up a chair next to the bed. He looks pretty tired and I wonder if he got any more sleep than I did.

“Is she gonna be alright?” Jonny questions, his shaggy brown hair hanging in his face.

“Physically she’ll get better but I don’t know how long it’ll take her to heal emotionally,” I answer. “I’m sacred.”

“So is everyone else, Mikey went a little crazy last night, started throwing anything he could get his hands on. Eventually he just wore himself out. Frank, don’t blame this on yourself,” Jonny says.

“I shouldn’t have been so stubborn. I could have stopped this. I should have staid with her,” I say upset for being so stupid. I could have stopped this from happening if I’d not been so dumb.

“Stop Frank, you’ll only make things worse by thinking like that. Amber doesn’t need you placing the blame on youself. She needs you to be there for her to help her heal,” Jonny explains before getting up.

“Do you want me to bring you anything before I leave?” he asks half in the door and half out.

“No, hey Jonny, tell my mom I’m not coming home until they release her from the hospital,” I say before laying back down and un-muting the television.

For a while I just sit there and watch cartoons, trying to reason with myself. I can’t help Amber if I’m constantly blaming things on myself. Right now the thing that comes first in my life is Amber. If she’s okay than everything else will be alright.

Note: Sorry it's so short. I promise more will happen in the next chapter.
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