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I Want To Save You

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She has a secret, can she keep it?

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"I'll never tell your secret." It all started with that promise.

Two years later and I still hadn't spoken a word regarding the secret I had stumbled upon on a cold chilly night. Everything that happened that night led up to me dying but he didn't let me. He didn't let me die.

I would be lying to myself if I said I didn't think about him every single night. Those deep brown eyes. He looked sad. Why was he sad? I knew why he was sad. I knew what fate had sentenced him to. It wasn't fair. Life was never fair. I knew that, he knew that. Why had he saved me?

"I'll never let you die." I kept going over the words he had whispered before disappearing. He took the mysterious thing a little too seriously. What was wrong with giving just a little information? I mean, come on... Please don't leave me hanging?

For two years I had been searching for him. My searches were never long, never more than longing glances down dark alley ways. I'd strayed out after night fell, looking for danger. Would he be there if I stumbled in to a situation I couldn't handle? The idea gave me a rush. It was a foolish idea and I knew it. I understood. I wasn't stupid but I couldn't help it. He promised not to let me die. I promised to keep his secret. I had kept my part of the deal, why hadn't he? Every single night that he left me hanging something inside of me died. I was starting to wonder how much longer I'd be able to hold on to the memory I had of him. Would it just disappear?

My secret desire to die had reflected in his eyes and in that moment I had discovered his secret, why hadn't he killed me? Every breath I took made his life more of a challenge. There was always a possibility that the secret would slip from my lips. The threat in my mind tried to make it's way to his mind but unfortunately I wasn't supernaturally inclined. Things like that didn't happen in real life. I couldn't send any messages without phone, internet, or paper.

"And I hope you keep quiet so that no one will know that it's because of you that I'm dead to the world." I whispered, taking another shot of whiskey. The warmth I felt wasn't enough. I was sick of staying home alone, singing along to love songs. I knew that none of them would come true. I wasn't the princess type and my prince charming was probably too intellectually declined to figure out how to read the map leading him to my home.

"What was that honey?" An intoxicated man sitting on the stool next to me slurred out, leering at me.

I shrugged, "That was the end of nothing." I said, planning to drown the thoughts of him away with each shot of liquor.

"Can I buy you a drink?" He asked, staring at my chest openly.

I rolled my eyes and fingered the empty glass sitting in front of me, "Sure." Why not? Free alcohol. There's no downside to that.

The man raised his shaking hand to call the bartender back over. I told him what I wanted and he immediately started preparing my drink for me, placing a cherry on top. I stared at the man beside me. He had long brown hair and a defined face. He would have been handsome if he had decided to stop staring at me so crudely. What was his problem? He was drunk. I was going to be drunk soon. Oh god, I was going to be just like him in just a few more drinks...

"Thank you." I mumbled, sipping the drink.

"It was my pleasure." He said, sounding slightly sober. That didn't last long though. He took another gulp of alcohol and leaned closer to me, "You smell nice." He informed me.

"I decided to shower tonight." I said, rolling my eyes. I hated when men flirted with me. It wasn't as flattering as it should have seemed. Instead I just saw where there eyes were really looking, not at my words. They were complimenting what they saw and what they saw... wasn't me.

I felt as if my body was nothing more than a shell, hiding what I truly was.

He pulled away, taking another drink of his beverage. Did I catch a look of disgust on his face? Good.

"I'm William." He said. Not good enough evidently. I should have tried for something a little less tasteful.

"That's nice." It really wasn't. I didn't care what his name was. It meant nothing to me.

I started sucking on the cherry from my drink, sucking the alcohol from it. Soon enough I was chewing it up, still feeling William's eyes on me. Could nothing deflect his attention from me? I finished my drink. William ordered another one for me. I hesitated, staring down at the drink. Did I want to do this? What did he expect from me? I wanted to drink away my sorrow, not find something to be equally miserable about.

Two drinks turned in to three and soon enough I was working on my seventh. My vision blurred. The bartender shook his head, "I think you're done."

"She's not." William assured him. When did he start sounding more sober than I felt?

The bartender hesitated but decided not to contradict William as he poured me yet another drink. My hand shook as I attempted to lift the glass. William sighed and steadied my hand with his own. The glass touched my lips, the liquid pouring down my thought. I got a sudden flash of red and blinked in disgust, spitting the drink out. What the hell? I looked down to see that I was staring in to a glass of whiskey. Nothing unnatural about it. What was wrong with me? Maybe I was done... "I don't feel very well." I mumbled.

I felt William's hands touch me and soon enough he was helping me step away from the bar stool. Where were we going? "Where-?" I started attempting to ask but William pressed his pale finger tips against my lips.

"Shh, we are almost free of this place." Well he didn't sound drunk but he didn't exactly talk like a normal person either...

I let him escort me from the bar, out of sight from all of the people. I felt as if my guts were in a vice grip, being squeezed tightly. My hands started shaking a little more. Where were we going? I just left a bar with a stranger. Was I stupid?

"Stop." I commanded, trying to pull away from the stranger. His grip was strong. He looked so small. How was he so strong? "Hey, stop." I tried talking to him. He looked uninterested. "Don't you hear me? I'm not going anywhere with you." I told him, getting aggravated.

"It's unfortunate that you think you can call the shots right now." William said, shaking his head as if I were crazy.

"Let go of me." I cried out as agonizing pain made it's way up my arm. William had bent it at an odd angle, trying to get me to cooperate. He evidently didn't know my low pain threshold. Pain wasn't going to help anything. I would just freak out more. Tears came to my eyes, threatening to leak. Instead I jerked my arm out of his hold. The sickening crack that came surprised us both.

"You stupid..." He stopped himself, grabbing hold of my other arm instead. I refused to resist this time and was now settling for openly crying. My arm hurt so badly. I had never encountered such pain. Every time William jerked me forward I cried out in pain, the movement causing more pain in my injured arm.

Suddenly I was tossed in to the back of a vehicle. William slammed the door behind me. The vehicle started moving and my head felt like it was about to explode. I was so confused, "Vampires..." I whispered, clutching the words close to my lips as I thought of the man in my dreams. If I was about to die I wanted my last thought to be of him.

The car stopped abruptly, "What did you say little girl?" I found that wording quite strange. William didn't look much older than me, if older at all.

"Nothing." I mumbled, shaking my head.

"What of vampires?" He asked, eyes glistening.

My own eyes lit up as I thought of striking fear in the man. "Vampires are... real." I whispered, hoping to leave him with nightmares in the wake of my death of creatures most did not think real.

As soon as the words left my lips I gasped. I had broken my promise.

Moments later the windshield of William's car broke and I heard a scream in the distance.


(Should I continue this?)
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