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Until We Die.

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A sad oneshot.

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"Gerard!! Our new neighbours are here!" Gerard's mom, Donna, called to the young boy with raven black hair and hazel eyes. "Yay!! Come on Mikey, let's go and meet them!" he laughed, and dragged his younger brother out from the house. Mikey cheered and followed his big brother to meet their new neighbours. A little boy with short black hair sat on the patio and played with the bracelets on his tiny arm. "Who are you?" Gerard asked him, and the other boy looked at him with big brown eyes. "I'm Frank. Who are you?"
"I'm Gerard, and this is my brother Mikey. I like your bracelets!" Gerard said and smiled at Frank, who smiled back at him. "Thanks! You can have one if you want to." Frank offered and jumped down from the patio, and reached out a purple bead bracelet. "Take this one, I have two of them."
"Really? Wow, thanks!" Gerard said and put the bracelet around his right wrist. "I like your hair." Frank said and smiled shyly at Gerard. Gerard looked at him and his cheeks turned bright red. "Thanks.. No one has said that to me before." he said and fingered on his new bracelet. "You look kinda like prince Eric in Ariel." Frank said and flashed Gerard a big smile. Gerard smiled back and wondered why this boy was so kind to him. He never had any close friends, because everyone thought that he was weird. And maybe he wasn't like the other boys at school who wrestled eachother during the breaks, or played soccer and other sports. Gerard liked to draw, and he listened to music a lot too.
"Can I see your room?" Frank asked and snapped Gerard out of his thoughts.
"Yeah, of course! Come on." Gerard said and told the smaller boy to follow him inside. They said hello to Donna, who cooked dinner, and then made their way up the stairs to Gerard's room. Gerard opened the door and sat down on his un made bed. Frank looked around in awe, almost drooling over the sight of band posters and Gerard's drawings. "I love your room." he finally said and smiled his biggest smile to Gerard. "Thanks." Gerard said and blushed again.

The boys met each other every day, and eventually became best friends. Without each other, they were like Spongebob without Patrick, peanut butter without jelly, like hot chocolate without chocolate. Gerard never took off his purple bead bracelet, and Frank never took off his.


"Frankie to prince Eric!" Frank yelled from his window, and smiled when Gerard opened his. "It's only 9.30 y'know." Gerard laughed and sat down on the window sill. "Yeah, but I want to talk to my best friend." Frank said and grinned at Gerard. "I know.. Or is it the fact that I am goddamn sexy and you just can't keep your eyes off me?" Gerard laughed and winked at Frank who had turned bright red. "Maybe.." he said and laughed nervously as he looked down at his purple bead bracelet. He'd worn it everyday since that day 5 years ago, and so had Gerard. "You're too sweet Frankie!!" Gerard cooed. "I'll be over at yours in a minute!"
Frank smiled as he watched Gerard disappear from his window, just to run out from his house, and then enter Frank's. Gerard ran up the stairs to Frank's room and entered it, panting for his life. "Record! Only 11 seconds!" Frank laughed and closed his Window
"I am the best! World champion Gerard Way!" Gerard screamed and threw himself onto Frank's bed. Frank laughed, as he always did around his best friend, and sat down next to him. "I think it's cute how you still call me prince Eric." Gerard laughed and looked at his best friend who played with his lip ring. "I know right? I'm so adorable, like a little puppy." Frank said and tried his best to look like a puppy. Gerard pulled Frank down so he laid on Gerard's chest, and patted the shorter boy's mini mohawk. "There there puppy Frankie." Gerard giggled, and Frank closed his eyes. They laid there for a while, Gerard resting his hand on Frank's shoulder, and Frank lying on Gerard's chest. "You'll be my best friend until I die.." Frank said before he fell asleep, and eventually, Gerard fell asleep to the sound of Frank's soft snoring.

Frank slowly opened his eyes and noticed a pair of hazel eyes that looked at him curiously. "Morning, sleeping beauty." Gerard laughed. "You look so relaxed when you sleep, as if you had nothing to worry about."
"I don't think I do either.. Apart from that science exam next week." Frank laughed and sat up.
"You actually have something to worry about.." Gerard hissed, and Frank gulped. "What?"
"That I'm going to tickle you to death!!" Gerard screamed and placed himself on top of Frank, and poked his chest. "STOP! STOP IT! SERIOUSLY GEE, STOP IT!" Frank laughed and tried to twist beneath Gerard. But Gerard was taller and heavier than Frank, so he couldn't move an inch. "You're laughing, and I won't stop if you're laughing!" Gerard giggled and kept poking Frank's chest. "Stop." Frank pouted and grabbed Gerard's wrist. "Aww, how can I resist that pout?" Gerard sighed and got off Frank. "Thank you." Frank said, still pouting. "Please, just promise me something.." "Anything, Frank." "Uhm, thanks Gee. If I wear my bracelet until I die, you will too right?"
"Of course! I'll wear it 'til I die." Gerard promised and smiled at Frank.


Gerard looked at his purple bead bracelet. It was 3 years ago, exactly 3 years, since Frank left him. Left earth. 3 years since his best friend died.
Gerard wanted them to bury Frank with his bracelet, and he was sure that it was what Frank wanted too. And so they did.
''Until I die.''
A tear escaped from the corner of Gerard's eye as he remembered.

[/Gerard and Frank sat on the bench outside the mall, exhausted after a warm day of walking around in black jeans. "You know.. It was a terrible decision to wear black today." Frank laughed and smiled at his best friend. "Yeah, never again" Gerard smiled, "what to do now then?"

"Hm.. Can we go watch a movie?" Frank asked with a grin.
"Yeah, sure."
Frank and Gerard headed off to the movies, friendly shoving eachother on the way.
[/As the movie rolled on the screen, Frank buried his face in Gerard's neck. They decided to watch a horror movie, and that wasn't a very good idea. "Why, Gerard? You know I hate guts and blood.." Frank whimpered, and Gerard giggled. "Sorry Frankie."

"I'm out of here." Frank sighed and dragged Gerard out from the movie salon. "Awh, I liked that movie!" Gerard whined, and recieved a playful shove from Frank. They started to walk down the street when they heard screams and gunshots. Frank grabbed Gerard's arm and pulled him close. "What's going on?"
"I-I don't know Frankie, I don't know.."
They heard several gunshots, and Gerard felt Frank's grip around his arm get weak. He looked at his best friend whose eyes were wide open. "Frank? Frank?!" Gerard yelled and grabbed Frank's head with his hands. Frank's eyes flickered close, and then he opened them again. Two crimson red circles formed on Frank's blue shirt, and tears rolled down his cheeks. Frank fell to the ground and Gerard crouched next to him. "Frankie!! Talk to me! W-we'll get you to the hospital, you'll be fine.." Gerard said, but his voice cracked at the last words. "I-I.. Until I die.. Gee. I-I lo-love you, you'll b-be f-fine, I-I.." Frank mumbled, and stoke Gerard's cheek. Gerard's vision was blurry from tears when he saw his best friend close his eyes with a smile playing on his lips. "Don't leave me.. Don't leave me, Frankie! Don't leave me!! Stay with me, you'll be fine!" Gerard sobbed and stroke black locks of hair from Frank's face with shaking hands.

The tears started to come more violently, and Gerard planted a bouquet of flowers on Frank's grave.

Frank Anthony Thomas Iero Jr, beloved son and friend
1981 - 1997

"Until I die, Frankie." he smiled, and felt the salty taste from the tears in his mouth. He placed a kiss on the cold gravestone, and walked away.
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