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The icing on the cake

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Just a quick frerard I wrote for my friends birthday (oneshot)

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This is just a real quick one shot I wrote for my friend for her birthday. It actually began as a drawing but once I finished the drawing I just had to write the story xD So... happy birthday Immy! This girl has helped me through so much shit and kept me moderately sane through death, disease and moving to uni... So I figured what better way to thank her than get some frerard lovin’ up here.
Hope you enjoy it Immo ;D
Ray xo

The room Frank and Gerard found themselves in had been unfamiliar up until about a week ago, but by now it was very familiar indeed, not surprising considering they hadn’t been allowed to leave it.

Their instructions were simple. Wait until ‘the day’ (and that day would apparently become obvious once it arrived) then once ‘the girl’ arrived (again, they were left wondering who ‘the girl’ was exactly) they were to bow down to her every wish and whim and be the perfect little obedient puppies until the twenty four hours of ‘the day’ was up.

The two men had then been left for the week, getting led out only to use the bathroom and to eat. They had no idea what story had been fed to their families to explain their absence but in a strange sort of way neither man really cared. It was sort of exciting, being held hostage and treated like kings at the same time. After all, they shared a king sized bed that was heavenly soft, the bathroom they were permitted to use only three times a day had a huge bathtub and a shower like a waterfall. The food they were given was so sinfully delicious both men felt as if they could gorge themselves to death on it, and all at the same time their captors wore masks and robes to hide their identity. It was like a strange sort of movie, it didn’t seem plausible that things like this really happened.

But happened it had and the two men resigned themselves to enjoying the strange experience. They supposed they should be frightened, but as they spent their days roaming about their solitary room and chatting they agreed they weren’t frightened at all. They felt safe enough here, though they wondered when ‘the day’ would arrive and what it was they would be asked to do exactly when it did.

It was exactly the seventh day of their captivity when ‘the day’ arrived. Gerard knew it instantly because instead of waking up in the heavenly soft bed as usual he was instead lying on the floor; Frank sat up next to him, already wide awake. This was an odd turn of events and Gerard sat up in confusion, wondering where the feather mattress had gone and feeling a little worried by its absence. He soon found other things to worry about though.

For a start, the whole room which had held nothing but the bed before was now full of presents. Big ones, small ones, long ones, round ones, all wrapped up individually with silver wrapping paper and purple pink ribbons. Stunned by this Gerard looked around for more interesting things and found a large, two tiered cake sat very close by. It had light blue frosting and a jam and cream centre and instantly his mouth watered. If the cake would taste half as good as the other food they’d been served it would be utterly divine.

Gerard glanced over at Frank to see what his thoughts on this twist of events was, but he quickly forgot to ask when he realised Frank was gazing at him with wide, stunned hazel eyes, in nothing but a pair of dark grey jeans with one of those purple pink ribbons for a belt.

“Frankie?” He squeaked, shocked to see his band mate half naked as he was. Frank bit his lip and met Gerard’s eyes, giggling softly before covering his mouth.


“Where’s your shirt?” Gerard asked stupidly, not sure he could handle being trapped with a half naked Frankie. He had always found the guitarist attractive and he hadn’t been with his wife for a whole week. Not to mention he hadn’t been with Frank for years and he had been trying so hard not to put himself in a situation where he’d get easily seduced by him.

“Where’s yours?” Frank retorted smoothly, clearly not bothered by the strange situation and he only smirked as Gerard slowly looked down at himself.

“Oh...” He squeaked, realising he too was shirtless. “I don’t know.” He mewled, looking to Frank for explanation but the guitarist only shrugged. Apparently someone had come in the night, stolen their bed, and given them new outfits... well, half an outfit anyway.

“Nice jeans.” Frank added, sniggering to himself and Gerard scowled down at the light blue denim, a ribbon also tied in a neat bow around his hips and making him look extraordinarily gay.

“Thanks.” He scoffed, pouting childishly and Frank crawled over when he realised he had offended the other man.

“Aww Gee,” He cooed, wrapping his arms slowly around Gerard’s neck. “I was being serious; I really like them on you. You look hot.” He purred, wriggling his way into Gerard’s lap even as the older man tried to push him off and he smirked when Gerard eventually gave up and let him settle.

“Now you’re just teasing.”

“But you love it.” Frank beamed, kissing Gerard quickly on the lips and making him blush. “What’s your tag say?” He asked casually and Gerard blinked stupidly at him.

“My tag?”

“Yeah, round your wrist.” Frank smiled, holding up his own hand to reveal the birthday style tag around his wrist that read ‘for Immy’ in swirling italics. Gerard gawped at it for a second before looking to see he also had a tag, his reading ‘open oct. 14th’.

“What the...”

“I think we’re someone’s birthday present.” Frank giggled, looking a little too happy about that Gerard thought. “That’s why we’re here.... you think we can eat that cake?”

“What?” Gerard looked at the cake a second before smacking Frank’s arm. “Frankie! Who cares about the cake!? We’re someone’s birthday present! This is so bad...”

“Why?” Frank asked curiously, still eyeing up the cake.

“Because... Because... They could be anybody! They could be a total psychopath who’ll make us kill each other.” Gerard gasped, clasping his hands over his mouth in horror as Frank crawled out of his lap and shuffled over to the cake.

“I doubt it.” Was all he had to say in response to Gerard’s fears, smiling as he rubbed a finger over the blue frosting of the cake and sucked it into his mouth. Gerard gasped and dashed over, dragging the smaller man away from the cake.

“Frankie, you can’t do that!” He squealed, looking about in horror as if the psychopath he feared was going to jump out and start hacking at them. “We have to just wait until we’re told to do stuff.” He whimpered, Frank scoffing and poking Gerard’s cheek.

“Don’t be such a nerd Gee, come on – this frosting is to die for.” He beamed, dashing back to the cake and sitting next to it, getting fingerprints all over it as he swiped up more frosting.

“Frankiee...” Gerard groaned, twisting his hands together as he looked about nervously. “Frankie don’t...”

“Come on Gee.” Frank giggled, beckoning the older man over with an innocent smile, licking away at the blue icing on his fingers and making Gerard’s stomach squirm a little at the sight. “No one said we couldn’t taste it.” Frank pointed out with a soft smirk and Gerard scuttled over uncertainly.

“We should just wait...”

“I’m only trying a little bit.” Frank purred innocently, swiping up some more frosting and holding his hand out for Gerard. The older man quirked an eyebrow at him and just shook his head with a small smirk, refusing to bow down and lick the sweet substance off Frank’s fingers. That would just give him far too many ideas.

“What? You too good to play now?” Frank asked cheekily, smearing the icing down Gerard’s chest instead, over his nipple and down his ribs.
Gerard squeaked in slight surprise and smacked Frank’s hands away, blushing deeply and looking about in fear again. When no one presented themselves he turned back to Frank with a small, playful scowl and quickly shot across from to him to smear some frosting over his own fingers before wiping it off again down Frank’s pectoral muscle.

The shorter man smirked widely at Gerard and shrugged, idly spreading some frosting down his stomach before striking again at Gerard and getting the blue substance all over his midriff. Gerard blushed but soon got into the spirit of things, swiping more frosting off the cake to attack again himself.

For the next five minutes a battle ensued, the room filled with sounds of laughter and squealing as the two men rolled about like children, smothering each other in blue icing and battling to get one another pinned beneath each other. By the time Frank finally had Gerard pinned beneath him and the older man had given up trying to reverse the situation they were both sticky with globs of blue frosting decorating their cheeks and torso’s, breathless but still giggling.

“Mm... you know something?” Frank asked deviously, Gerard looking at him with innocent eyes.


“You look really sexy right now.”

Gerard blinked stupidly at Frank’s seductive purr and gently pushed the younger man off of him, smirking a little himself though his cheeks had gone pink.

“Shut up Frankie.” He scolded lightly, sitting up against one of the walls and gazing at the guitarist as he idly licked some icing from his finger. He had to admit, Frank looked quite hot right now too, but he didn’t say that as he tried to gaze about the room and ignore the fact Frank was pressing his whole hand against the top of the cake now, covering his entire palm with frosting.

Gerard glanced over as curiosity got the better of him, wondering what his devious band mate was planning now. Frank only smirked back at him though and delicately moved his clean hand to grasp the end of the ribbon tied around his jeans and start pulling.

“Frankie don’t –!”

Too late. The pink purple ribbon slowly came undone as Frank tugged at it and within seconds the silk had unwound itself from his hips and dangled in a long stream from his fingers. He smirked as he lay it on the floor and popped the button on his jeans, Gerard now speechless as he watched.

They weren’t supposed to undo their own ribbons, he knew that much. His tag said very clearly they weren’t to be opened until the fourteenth... and even if it was the fourteenth today he had enough common sense to know whoever was receiving them as gifts were supposed to undo their ribbons.

“Frankie...” Gerard groaned, nervously biting on one thumbnail as Frank undid his zipper whilst he was at it and Gerard’s heart began to race. “What are you doing?”

“Oh come on Gee.” Frank giggled, lying back on one elbow and smirking. “This is too good of an opportunity to miss. Tell me this isn’t sexy.” He smirked, pushing his icing smeared hand into his jeans and down, down, down... leaving a trail of blue leading from his belly button into the dark denim.

“Frank!” Gerard gasped, blushing deeply and looking away for a moment before his body got the better of him and he had to look again. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen Frank masturbate before, he’d seen a hell of a lot more than that, but he just... hadn’t seen it in a long time. “Frank don’t... whoever’s coming for us could be here any minute and –”

“I know, it’s exciting isn’t it?” Frank breathed, his voice huskier now and Gerard could just about see his hand moving in his jeans, making his mouth water as he imagined all that delicious frosting smearing over his growing erection and he ached to lick it all away.

Oh God... this place was going to be the death of him, unleashing monsters he thought he had locked away.

“Frank...” He whined, his own jeans starting to grow a little tighter and Frank chuckled.

“What?” He asked innocently, stilling his hand for a moment and Gerard whimpered.

“We... We shouldn’t...”

“Yes we should. Live a little.” Frank retorted, flopping down onto his back as he gave up trying to talk with the older man and instead spread his legs and continued moving his hand inside his jeans. His erection was growing sticky with frosting, making him feel utterly filthy in the most delicious way and he made sure to gyrate his hips, knowing Gerard was still watching.

And watch Gerard did.

Frank was looking incredible with his body arched and his hand deep in his dark jeans. He wished he’d pull his length into sight but he knew he wouldn’t, not when he was deliberately teasing him.

It took Gerard about thirty seconds to finally lose his will power and he scuttled over to where Frank was lying, half hoping he wouldn’t notice and half hoping that he would. If Frank did notice then he pretended not to and so Gerard lay down slowly on his back, turning his head so that his eyes were level with Frank’s crotch and he was able to gaze at his hand moving in his jeans.

Gerard could feel his own jeans tightening and as always, whenever Frank got him hot like this, he gave up on trying to think rationally about it and instead moved his own hand down to work into his jeans. His fingers were still coated in frosting but he didn’t care, though he was good enough not to undo his ribbon... as if that would somehow help their case when whoever it was they were waiting for finally arrived and found them in a sticky, cake induced mess.

Frank slowly sat up as he drew his hand from out of his jeans, his eyes widening a little and his smirk growing as he saw Gerard gazing with half lidded eyes at him, his hands deep in his own jeans. He chuckled slightly but it was breathy, his lust heightened and his erection throbbing in the confines of the denim.

“I knew you loved it...” He purred playfully, Gerard whimpering as he moved his hand away, gasping as Frank moved to undo his ribbon.

“N – NO! Frankie you can’t!” He gasped but Frank only rolled his eyes and undid it anyway.

“But if I don’t how am I supposed to lick you clean?” He asked innocently, giggling when that shut Gerard up and he obediently lay back and let Frank undo the gift ribbon, though he left it inside Gerard’s belt loops so they could do it back up again later.

Gerard’s heart raced as Frank made quick work of his button and zipper, sliding his jeans down his thighs just enough to free his erection, smeared with a few lines of blue and Frank made a soft noise of appreciation in his throat as he lay down on his side, his body angled so his feet pointed towards Gerard’s head.

The older man got the hint and rolled onto his own side, his hands shakily touching Frank’s jeans to tug them down but he hesitated when the head of his erection got sucked into Frank’s hot mouth, making his body tense for a moment as he gasped.

“Oh fuck!” He breathed, his nails digging into Frank’s jeans as he yanked them down eagerly, whimpering with need when Frank’s erection sprang free.

“Gee...” Frank panted hotly over the head of Gerard’s erection as he grasped the base of the shaft with his hand. “Suck me too.” He pleaded softly and Gerard nodded, already on it as he sucked Frank hungrily into his mouth, wasting no time in teasing and sliding down his shaft as his eyes fluttered closed.

Frank was stunned for a second and he could only moan helplessly as his cock throbbed and jerked at the sudden heat enveloping it, Gerard’s tongue working wetly over his shaft to clean up all the frosting, sucking like it was a lollypop it tasted so good.

For a long moment Frank forgot what he was supposed to be doing, but when Gerard made an irritated noise in the back of his throat he fell back to his senses and quickly leaned forward to take the older man back into his mouth. He was rewarded with a soft noise of delight and an extra hard suck at his tip that made his hips jolt and he got to work making Gerard feel just as good.

The positioning was easier than your traditional sixty nine Frank supposed, though it was interesting to be sucking Gerard sideways, the sensation somewhat different to usual on his own length too though that made it all the more pleasurable since everything was exciting and new.

He felt Gerard throb in his mouth and he hummed softly around his shaft to send vibrations down his length, grazing his teeth tenderly over his shaft and all the time suckling eagerly to clear him of frosting. The sticky blue substance was sweet and so tasty Frank continued to lick eagerly all over Gerard’s cock even once it was all gone just in case he had missed a bit.

He moaned huskily around the throbbing organ in his mouth as Gerard did something with his tongue that made sparks shoot up his spine. He had no idea how to reciprocate so instead moved back to dig his tongue into the tiny slit on the head and gather up his pre cum, using his hand to draw the foreskin down further and rub the tip of his tongue over the fraenulum. He smirked a little when Gerard moaned around his cock and took him down further, almost breaking Frank’s concentration.

Both men shuffled closer to the other as they grew more into it, their skills coming back from all those years ago so that neither gagged or choked as they slid back and forth on the others length, swallowing each other down and thrashing their tongues to try and make the other man cum first.

It felt incredible to have Gerard in his mouth again, Frank having missed this for a while now. But though he tried his best to do all the things he knew the older man liked it was difficult to concentrate whilst all his attention was on his own cock and how amazing Gerard was making him feel. It would have been funny really how they both kept losing their concentration and momentum if it hadn’t been feeling so fucking good.

Frank tried to apply his mind to the task at hand and not the tightening sensation in his balls as he took Gerard fully into his mouth and sucked gently, hollowing his cheeks and rubbing his tongue over his vein. He shuddered in delight as vibrations went down his length when Gerard moaned, pre cum pooling on his tongue and Frank swallowed it back eagerly.

Gerard could feel that he was getting too close and he whimpered softly around the thick length filling his mouth, wanting to last longer and yet at the same time he was worried someone was going to walk in and find them; making him eager to finish up so that they could clean themselves up and try and look like they had been waiting patiently the whole time.

As Frank suckled so deliciously over his cock Gerard pushed his hand into Frank’s jeans, nudging them down further so that he could grasp his balls and roll them gently in his palm. He whined softly when Frank gasped and bucked his hips, retaliating by taking Gerard as far into his mouth as he could and grasping his ass to yank him forward at the same time, his lips touching against Gerard’s balls he managed to suck so much of him down and for a second he was blind with pleasure.

Both men began sucking and bobbing their heads with hunger, moans and gasps getting muffled by full mouths and it wasn’t long until Gerard’s approaching orgasm couldn’t be held back any longer.

Frank’s heart skipped a beat at the delicious sound of Gerard’s half moan, half growl, a familiar signal that he was about to cum and his cock began to twitch and jerk quicker, giving Frank just enough warning before he came hard into his mouth; hot, sticky cum gushed over Frank’s tongue and he mewled in delight, burying his face into Gerard’s crotch and just letting the evidence of his lovers satisfaction fill his mouth before he swallowed it all down.

Gerard had to pull off of Frank’s length as he came, panting harshly as he spilt rope after rope of cum into Frank’s mouth and moaning helplessly when the younger man slowly pulled back to suck the last few drops from his tip. By the time he had licked him clean and finally let off Gerard’s cock was hypersensitive and he gently batted Frank away from it, collapsing down onto the floor and panting for a second.

Frank mewled and nudged his hips forward a little, thrilled he had obviously made Gerard feel good but still wanting the older man to take care of him too. Gerard still had his hand wrapped around Frank’s cock and he slowly came back to his senses as he felt it throbbing against his palm.

“Hmm? Oh...” He breathed, nudging Frank back so he could settle between his legs this time, Frank lying on his back and sighing in delight when Gerard took him back into his mouth and picked up where he left off.

Frank’s hand not sticky with remnants of frosting came down to tangle deep into Gerard’s red hair, tugging gently and scratching against his scalp as he moaned freely.

Encouraged by the noises he was making Frank emit, Gerard bobbed his head quicker, sucking softly and rubbing his tongue up and down the underside of Frank’s shaft. He could tell the younger man was close and so he used the last of his energy to bring him to his peak, his free hand coming to tease his balls again and feeling them tighten in his palm.

Frank gasped and groaned loudly, arching his back and bucking his hips a little as his orgasm smacked into him, leaving him breathless as he screamed out Gerard’s name and exploded hard into his mouth. The older man didn’t miss a beat and swallowed down every drop Frank had to give as if he did this every day, gazing up at the shorter man through his eyelashes and looking wonderfully obscene with his lips stretched around his cock.

Frank groaned and tipped his head back, squeezing his eyes shut as Gerard milked him for every drop he was worth, pulling back and rubbing his lips along the tip so that the final few, weak spurts hit his lips and dripped down for his tongue to catch as he sat back and licked slowly across his lower lip.

Frank sat up weakly and beckoned Gerard closer, gripping the back of his neck as soon as he was close enough and yanking him down to kiss him deeply. He licked away the final drop of cum on Gerard’s lips and then plunged his tongue into his mouth, their two tastes mixing as their tongues danced and for a few, lung bursting seconds they ignored their need to breathe and just kissed frantically before the need for oxygen got the better of them and both men collapsed to pant harshly.

It was a good five minutes later before Frank slowly looked over at Gerard and giggled softly, doing his jeans up before rolling over to do Gerard’s for him since the older man still looked somewhat stunned. They shared exhausted, playful grins and forced themselves to sit up and sort out their ribbons. Gerard patted down his hair and licked the remaining frosting off his hand and then Frank’s torso as the shorter man did the same for him.
Then all that was left to do was sit and wait, looking as innocent as they could with their eyes still shining and the cake’s frosting a mess of hand prints. Gerard only hoped when the birthday person arrived they wouldn’t notice and he glanced at Frank with a small smirk before his attention was snapped back to the door as it was slowly pushed open.

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