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I need characters

by Staticghost 13 reviews

In other words auditions for a vampire fic

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I'm pretty sure you all know the drill here since ficwad has like olot of auditions held for stories and I also know how many vampire fics there are out there but my latest obsession is True Bloods and Ive always wanted to write a vamp! fic cause c'mon everyone loves vampires, but I figured to make this a little more interesting not everyone will be a vampire, because there is more than one type of creature of the night so for the first part of your audition I want to know wether you are a;

Vampire,deamon, ghost or mermaid: (if you pick mermaid you wont always be swimming around with a tale because the chances are you would never get laid and then you would get all pissy and your libido would get high and that dosent make a very fun character, so mermaids are only mermaids in water also if you have another idea of a monster just plonk that down in here)

Okay so the next part of the audition I'm pretty sure is alot of people favourite part because you get to choose witch guy you want to date... however heres the down side Mikey is unavailable simple because I want him for myself :/

Guy you want to date:( or y'no if you want someone from another band if from real life heres the plave to put him)

Now onto the generic infomation about youself!


Now please fill those parts in with detail ... not your name and age though I don't want to know how many seconds old you are or the latin for every letter of your name

Now this part i want so much fudging detail ficwad is gonna cut off your review for it being to long... does ficwad even do that? Pfft i dunno

Back story:

Please include there how/why/when you became a monster... unless your human then i don't need to know about your parents having sex and i'm sure you don't want to describe that either.... unless you do but thats pretty fucked up... who am i to say whats fucked up I freaking love Waycest... so go picture your parents heaving naked bodies all you want.... yep nice image I placed there for ya there I'm gonna go wash my brain

Moving on to something a little less scaring

Music taste:

and finaly anything else that i somehow have forgotten or any requests for the story.... I'm not sure what you would request since I havent't started writing and you know nothing about the story or the characters I'm picking... but I'm open for sugestions anyway and any creative names you have dancing around your mind, well put them down here too!

Anything else:
Story name:

So there we go the fudging longest audition sheet known to ficwad I'll proberly leave this open for a while as I'm not quite ready to write I'm still in mid plan, feel free to audition as many times as you like and if you have any brothers male friends pets you want to include pop them in an audition too!

Also if you want revenge on someone you would never have the guts to get in real life and you want them to be a victim in this... I'm down with that! Three cheers for sweet revenge right? just pop down there infomation... well i wouldn't use there real names and shit cause that would always end badly... and make sure you have said you want them to be a victim!

See you all soon my little ducklings! now off to work creating characters I'm far to lazzy to make myself!

love you more than rainbow drops and jelly tots! ~Annie
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