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In Case You've Been Wondering

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Regards and concerns

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Hello all

Well I never thought I would post this, I figured I wouldn't tell anybody on here as I'm the only one who knew about it. But I got some emails and I figured that she and I both owe you guys an explanation.

xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx-Lacie might be taking a permanent hiatus from this site, her stories, just about everything in general

You're probably asking why.

Well her mother passed away. It was something vile and sickening and well, changed both our lives (out of respect, please just leave it at that). So she had to move away from our state and halfway across the country to live with her grandparents in Colorado, away from me and our circle of friends.

I know she's made personal excuses before with her stories, but this time its truly over.

I highly doubt we'll either update ever again, and I'm so so sorry about that. But its what we need to do, ficwad is the last thing on our minds.

And to be honest, I'm terrified. She's my best friend and she's hurting, and she's thousands of miles away from me, and I'm worried about her. I know I'm probably too young, but I really truly love that girl. And she's depressed and I don't know how to help her.

Sorry for leaving a sad note, but I feel like I owe you guys an apology and explanation. Thanks for your understanding.

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