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Tierney's Personalised Story

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Tierney's Personalised Story

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Mikey's POV...
"Mikey," Gerard called me over "We've got a meet and greet now. So would you quit straightening your hair?"
I groaned but continued to straighten my hair. It's not as if Gerard would understand, his hair just kind of does what he askes it to. While I have to spend hours forcing it into place. And even if Gerard is having a bad hair day, girls still swoon at the sight of him. Is it my fault if I feel invisible next to my own brother? It's even worse when Frank's around too. So yeah, I spend ages on my hair.
"Mikey!" Gerard called again "The fans will be here in five minutes!"
"Then I have five extra minutes to get ready, right?" I asked, rolling my eyes.
Gerard mumbled something that sounded like "Typical Mikey..." Though he's not one to talk! He always spends the most amount of time getting ready what with his girly make-up and what not.
After giving my hair a last spray with my hairspray can I pulled a face at my reflection and went to join the rest of my band.
"Took you long enough!" Gerard moaned, rolling his eyes at me. We both do this. Habit "How long can it take to do your hair?"
"As long as I wanna take." I said sulkily. I love my brother but sometimes he really gets on my nerves.
Suddenly our band manager Brian walked in followed by our security guard Worm. Following them was a small crowd of girls, all wearing My Chemical Romance tee-shirts and clutching small pieces of paper that they wanted us to sign.
"Here are the fans." Brian said unethusiastically "So... Yeah..." He grabbed his phone and wandered back out of the room.
Worm leaned against the wall playing 'Angry Birds' on his iPhone. He couldn't leave like Brian in case one of the fans went insane on us.
The first fans to approach me were two small girls about twelve years old. They both had black straight black hair with black eye-liner and a black MCR tee-shirt with black skinny jeans "Could you sign these please?" One girl asked as they both shoved their concert tickets under my noses.
"Uhh yeah..." I said taking the ticket off the girl who had asked the question "What are your names?"
"I'm Molly." The girl said, grinning "And this is Mandy."
Molly and Mandy. And they both looked the same "Are you twins?" I asked.
Molly looked confused "No, we're best friends. How could you think we're twins? We're nothing alike!"
I looked at them. They looked exactly the same to me! "Oh sorry..."
Molly continued to talk while Mandy remained silent "We just wanted to say that we think you're awesome. We've seen you live five times, we've been a fan since the start." I rolled my eyes at this blatent lie but she didnt' seem to notice as she continued to prattle on.
This went on for a while until the final fan approached me. She smiled nervously "I didn't bring anything for you to sign," She confessed "And I forgot to bring my camera for a picture. I was just hoping to tell you that I love you guys and I can't wait to see the show."
I looked her up and down. She appeared to be about 21 with black and blue hair in a 'Hayley Williams' style. Her eyes were a beautiful blue grey with small brown specs in them. She was the most amazing, beautiful person I'd ever met.
I smiled at her "What's your name?"
"Tierney Sullivan," She replied "Are you guys gonna play To The End tonight? It's my favourite song."
"Oh yeah we are." I told her "I'll get Gerard to dedicate the song to you, right?"
"Would you honestly do that?" Tierney asked with a small grin.
I nodded and blushed "A-Are you gonna come back and see us after the show? Tell us how we were?" I wiggled my nose, hitching my glasses further up my face.
Tierney cocked her head to one side and smiled "Do you want me to come back?"
I thought about this and nodded "You're not like the other fans." I muttered quietly so they wouldn't hear me. Molly and Mandy were talking to Gerard and Mandy actually dared to open her mouth to talk to him.
Tierny smiled at me "And you're not like the other band members." She said quietly, so they wouldn't hear her.
"How so?"
"I'm not telling you!" Tierney giggled "Maybe I'll tell you after the show. See you then!"
And just like that, she was gone. And throughout the entire show I couldn't stop thinking about her.

Tierney's POV...
Mikey was honest about what he said. Gerard Way held his microphone up to his face and announced "The next song we're about to play is called To The End. We would like to dedicate this for a huge fan, Tierney Sullivan because this is her favourite song."
"Oh my god, that's me!" I screamed. Some fans turned to me and smiled, others turned to me and pulled a face as if to say 'Yeah right!'
But it didn't matter. What mattered was that Mikey wanted me to come backstage after the show. And he'd seemed quite shy about it. I couldn't wait to go and tell him how much I'd enjoyed the show. I wasn't really that fussed about seeing Ray, Bob, Frank or even Gerard. I just wanted to see Mikey.
After the show and then the encore, I went back round to the back of the venue. I showed my backstage pass to the security guard who narrowed his eyes at me "Didn't you come in here before the show?"
"Yeah but Mikey asked me to come back." I told him truthfully.
The security guard raised his eye-brows but let me backstage. I walked quickly down the corridors, trying to find my way to where I'd met My Chemical Romance. On the way to them I bumped into the support band 'The Connection' who had all been drinking to celebrate their first major show.
The lead singer smiled at me "Are you lost?" She asked. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail but it was like an afro and it bounced as she talked.
I shook my head "I know where I'm going."
The bassist smiled at me "Why not come hang round with us for a bit?"
"Shut up Joe!" The lead singer sniggered "Ignore him, he was born a dick."
"Yeah..." I mumbled, edging past them. The singer was amazing but the band weren't actually very good even so.
I found my way back to the room and I was greeted by Mikey smiling eagerly at me "I wasn't sure you'd come back." He said "But you did. What did you think of the show?"
"It was amazing!" I told him with a grin "Thanks for dedicating that song to me!" I said to Gerard.
He looked at me "Oh! You were the girl I was dedicating that song to." He winked at me "Mikey said you were someone special so I had no choice."
I noticed Mikey blush bright red while I giggled "I'm someone special, am I?" I asked him quietly with a small grin.
He took my arm "Could we go outside please?" And he began pulling me outside without giving me a chance to answer.
Once we were outside he didn't say anything for a while. Finally I pointed out "You never answered my question."
"Well I don't really know you." Mikey mumbled "But... I'd like to get to know you." Then he wrapped his arms round my waist, pulling me closer before kissing me gently on the lips.

[A/N] - I'm kinda happy with Mikey's POV but not so much Tierney's but still hope yew like it :') I might upload another one of how things are one year later :3
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