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Chapter 5 (can't think of a title)

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Kissing. Interruption's. Blushing. Flashback.

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Chapter 5
Sorry, sorry, sorry. I know this took a while I hope it’s worth the wait. Enjoy.
~Transmission Exploder xoxo

Gerard’s P.O.V

I felt myself kissing back when I got over the shock of what was happening. But after a couple of seconds he pulled back his eyes wide. What the fuck just happened?
‘I... I’m s-sorry Gee. I don’t know why I did that. I’m such an idiot.’ Wait does he regret doing it or does he think I didn’t want it? Before I could ask he ran out the door and I heard the front door slam.
I was frozen thoughts still processing what was happening and why he reacted the way he did. Zoe came into Frank’s room. ‘What just happened? Where did Frank go? Did I just hear the front door?’
‘He... He k-kissed me. Then he ran. It’s like he regretted doing it.’
‘Well of course he regrets it!’ I look at her hurt. ‘I mean he thinks you don’t like him the same way that he likes you. He probably feels like an idiot for making the mistake of letting you know how he feels. He also probably thinks that you hate him for doing what he did.’
‘But I don’t!’
‘I know that and you know that. But he doesn’t. Come on we better try to find him. He is drunk and upset who knows what could happen.’ I nodded and we ran out of Frank’s house. I knew it would be my fault if something happened.

Frank’s P.O.V

He hates me. I know he does. I kept running until I knew I was far enough that they wouldn’t be able to find me. Would they even be looking? They probably don’t care enough to. I managed to find a play park and I’m currently sitting in some tube kids would normally crawl through. At least I’m out of sight from people here. I thought back to the kiss, yes it was stupid of me to do, but it was still good. He kissed back for a second as well. Probably out of instinct but it was so amazing. At least I won’t have the urge to kiss him again. Well I mean I will but he probably won’t want anything more to do with me so he won’t be near me and I won’t notice it.

With that I drifted off to sleep.

Gerard’s P.O.V

We walked back into Frank’s house. We looked for ages but we decided to wait for him to come back or call the police if he didn’t. I shivered at the thought. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I knew he was safe so I sat on the sofa staring at the wall and listening to Zoe’s soft snoring.


Frank and I were sitting out in his garden, we were only five.
‘Hey Gee?’ Frank asked while grabbing my hand.
‘Yeah Fwankie?’
‘What does Gay mean?’ I had heard this word before but I didn’t know.
‘I don’t know Fwankie why?’
‘At the park earlier some big boys were pushing around another boy around calling him a gay faggot.’
‘Well that doesn’t sound fweindly! Did you ask your mummy?’
He nodded ‘she told me I would find out with age and to not call any one it.’
‘Oh ok.’ I paused and looked around. ‘Hey Fwank look!’ I said pointing to a pretty flower. ‘A wed wose!’
‘It’s so pretty Gee one second.’ He stood up and picked it from the bush. It was the only one on there. He handed it to me ‘love you Gee.’ He giggled.
‘Love you too Fwankie.’

End of flashback.

Oh how ignorant we used to be. I remembered this day so well. I looked at the clock which read 10 am. Frank still isn’t home. What if something has happened!

Frank’s P.O.V

I woke up in an unfamiliar place. What the fuck had happened last night? Then it all came back to me. The drinking, the cutting, the arguing and Gerard.
Fuck. Shit. Stupid motherfucker. I crawled out of the tunnel I was in and headed home.

When I was halfway home I realised that maybe they were waiting for me to come back. I can’t face them. I really can’t
I walked up the steps to my front door. I decided to blame my actions on the alcohol if he hates me for what I did. I’m pretty sure he does.

I opened the door and heard movements from the living room.
‘Frankie?’ Gerard’s soft voice asked. Well he didn’t sound angry. He wouldn’t call me Frankie if he was angry.
‘Yeah... It’s me.’ I replied shakily.
He ran out of the living room towards me and wrapped his arms around me. I flailed my arms for a bit surprised at his actions then returned the hug.
‘We were so worried about you. We spent forever looking for you!’ He did care.
‘I’m sorry but I needed to get away.’ I mumbled. He pulled away from the hug and was looking into my eyes. I felt the urge to kiss him again but that wouldn’t be wise.
‘It’s ok. As long as you’re safe.’ He smiled and put a hand gently on my cheek. He leaned forward hesitantly. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest. He must of realised I wanted it because he gently pushed his lips against mine I kissed him back. Then I deepened the kiss. He ran his tongue across my bottom lip and I let him explore my mouth.
‘Uh am I interrupting something?’ how long had she been standing there?
‘Yes’ we said in unison and started laughing.
‘Ok well I’m going to go see... Uh... Someone. Glad you’re safe Frank but I got to go see you guys later.’ She said whilst blushing. I’m going to have to interrogate her about that later.

I dragged Gerard to the sofa after we heard the door slam shut. We sat in silence and it became very awkward. I turned to look at him and found he was staring at me. He had his thinking expression on his face.
‘You know it’s rude to stare right?’ I said and giggled. He smirked. Oh my. My knees went weak at the sight.
‘I don’t care.’ He stated simply. ‘You are hot so I will stare.’ I could feel my face turning red.
‘You look shattered.’ I gasped finally realising the bags under his eyes. ‘How much sleep did you get last night?’
‘Oh... I didn’t sleep.’ He said it like it didn’t even matter. I felt guilty I knew it was my fault. I grabbed his hand and dragged him to my room.
We both got comfortable and I gently pecked his lips.

I heard Gerard’s soft snoring and after a while I drifted off as well.

A/N. YES! My first chapter over 1,000 words! –le dances- Right I’m sorry it took forever to update I had already written it I just needed to type it. I have also written chapters 6 & 7 and hopefully I will put them up soon but I’m not promising anything.
~Transmission Exploder xoxo
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