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Confusion & Drugs

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Confusion & Drugs

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Still in Stefans mind

I walked out of my room, where i had just experienced the worst nightmare ever. Dru followed behind me. I just wish Ashley would get back so we could carry on the way it was before. RING RING! My phone started ringing. Ugh i wonder who it could be at like 8 in the morning.
"Hello?"I asked
"Stefan?!" It was Ashley!
"Ashley! When are you coming back?"
"They are letting me out!!"
"What? How i thought you got caught taking drugs?"
"Don't worry, i'll explain when i get out, bye" All of this hasn't sunk in yet.
I'm so confused, why is Ash coming out? I hope he explains this to me because i'm very very confused. I put the phone back on the table.

Dru looked at me, i could tell what hes thinking. "ASHLEY?! Oh my god, is he coming out?" Dru asked as he started jumping up and down. "Yea" I replied. For some reason i'm not that excited, but i will probably be over the moon when Ash gets out. We also need alot of sorting out to do, and alot of my questions need to be answered. I ran back up into my room and got changed.

All i know is that, i am going out partying tonight!
"Dru? Will you come out with me tonight?" i asked as i could hear Dru running up the stairs to me. He opened the door and nodded. I felt a bit happier, knowing that Ashley is getting out and me and Dru are going partying tonight! Imagine if Ashley even gets out before we go partying wouldn't that be amazing.

After about 5 hours of chilling, getting ready to go out, tweeting we finally decided to go clubbing now. Mhhmm, I bet there will be lots of hot girls. I grabbed my jacket and keys and headed out.
"Shit, i forgot my phone one sec" i said as Dru waited outside by the car.
I quickly opened the door, grabbed my phone and got into the car. On my phone it said 1 new message from Ash i clicked the message, it said :
Hey Stef, I'm out now! Can you pick me up? x
Yay! Ashleys out, but he seriously needs to explain all this too me. I replied:
Sure, where you at? about a minute later he replied saying:
Police station, now! I nodded, and Dru looked at me like i was a fucking weirdo.

"Ashleys out! Quick go to the police station we need to pick him up!" i yelled. Dru nodded and started up the car. We got to the police station in about 10 miniutes. We saw Ashley standing there with his hands in his pockets, shivering. He looked at Dru, then his eyes rolled onto me. He opened the car door at the back and hopped in. I turned around and looked at him. He smiled at me. His face automatically lit up.
"Ashley you need to tell me-" i said "Shh, i'll tell you later, lets go partying" Ash interrupted me.

I really wanted to know what happened, but i guess he won't tell me till later. We arrived at the club 10 minutes later, it was packed through of crazy, drunk people partying their heads off. I walked in and Ash and Dru followed in behind me. Whoa this place is crazy. Looks like i will be getting heavily drunk tonight!
"I'll get us some drinks!" said Ash, Ash walked off and left me and Dru on the dance floor. I walked backwards because everyone was squashing me and i bumped into someone behind me.

"Oh shit sorry" i said as i turned around. There was this beautiful girl standing there looking at me with big blue eyes.
"Oh sorry no it was my fault" she replied, rubbing the coke of her top.
"Oh shit shit, did make u spill your drink?! I'm so sorry!" i started rubbing the coke of her top and she looked at me weird. I just noticed that i was rubbing the coke off her breasts by an accident. "Oh shit oh shit" i started having a nervous break down.

I decided to run away. What the fuck is wrong with me? I saw Ashley coming towards me with the drinks in his hand. "Hey mate, who was that girl over there?" asked Ashley.
"I don't know"....

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