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Our Chemically Fucked Romance

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Sad Frerard. Rated for content. Franks final thoughts to Gerard. Set in The Black Parade

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Our Chemically Fucked Romance

I watched you swallow pill after pill all the while I was taking swig after swig. The vodka burned my mouth as the alcohol slid down my throat, staining my stomach. I knew you were getting it worse. The pills already taking their toll as I watched you stumble and stagger around, occasionally falling over, waiting for me to pick you up. And every time, I did. I looked past all your imperfections as you saw past mine. We were meant for each other, but not for this. Not for the drugs or the alcohol or the venom of other peoples words. All it was doing was screwing with our heads and toying with our hearts. 

'This time will be different,' you said. 'We're gonna be okay,' you said. Look how that turned put huh. You were right. This time will be different. This has been different because you know stand in front of me with a bottle in one hand, the pill box in the other, with a sickly red substance dripping from the wound above your eye. The blood matted your face, clinging onto your ebony hair, making it stick to your pale features. 'why?' you asked me. Why? 'because I love you,' was my reply. You smiled at those last 8 letters and repeated them back. I smiled, showing my blood covered teeth, my wounds from our battle. I smiled through all the hate, fear and self loathing that had developed since that fateful day so many years ago. The day you said you couldn't take it and was lost. The day you started finding yourself at the bottom of so many bottles, both alcohol and pill alike. The day I gave up on trying to save you and started to find the bottom of this bottle as well. Now that's all we have in common. The toxins. The little things that were eating away at our stomachs, livers, hearts and brains. Although, you'll always come out worse. I only drank. You did the drugs. You found the most peculiar things and smoked them, snorted them etc. And now here we stand, across from each other, having just fought like cats and dogs over who gets the last swig of vodka. I said I should considering you had barely started your bottle and you also had the pills. You had more drugs than I did and there was no way I was going to give you 'my' vodka. I bought it, I opened it and just like that, while you were watching, I finished it. The last drops slid down my throat and I laughed at the glare you were giving me. The darkness that was clouding my thoughts started seeping into my vision and the last thing I saw was your hand reaching towards mine in a last ditch effort to hold me close one more time. Well I'm sorry but that wasn't going to happen. You were right Gerard. You were right. This time was different. This time, I would not wake. This time I succumbed to the darkness that had been creeping up on me for 5 years. And I loved it. I embraced death like we were old friends catching up on some seriously missed times. And I knew, that when I joined that parade and stood up on that float, waiting and playing, praying and singing silently, that I would see you again. Knowing you, probably soon. But then, any parade can never be complete without it's leader. So the day you join us here, is the day that The Black Parade with carry on. Because thought you're dead and gone, believe me, your memory will carry on in the lives of us, My Chemical Romance, with you Gerard Arthur Way as the conductor of this marching band. 

The Black Parade will always be the remnants of Our Chemically Fucked Romance. I love you and I'll see you soon. So long and goodnight, your best drinking buddy, Frankie. Xoxo
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