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Under a black velvet sky

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Fallen and crumpled on the ground Laila must find a new way of life (fic you audition for)

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Laila landed a few feet away from the cliff edge she jumped back as a few rocks fell down into the sea below a few centimetres off her calculations and she too would have been down there swimming with the sirens that twisted and turned through the choppy waves like snakes. Now on Earth Laila could feel her naked body against the harsh winds and felt herself blush the embarrassment was a new sensation and without her wings to protect her she felt more than a little bit vulnerable. A tear slid down one of her ivory cheeks as she crumbled to the ground the dirt and gravel grazing her bare skin she hid her head in her hands and cried silently as the salty air stung the long scar on her spine she sat like this for over an hour legs pulled up to her chest and her long dark hair draping over her tear stained face the wind continued to batter her naked skin and the cold nipped her now blue toes she was getting hungry and a burning feeling had risen to her chest she let out a desperate moan but it was quickly carried away by the brutal wind “Hello”
A male voice was suddenly near and Laila shot her head up her green eyes quickly finding a young male human she hugged her knees to her chest tighter very aware of her exposed body the man must have been in his early twenties his ash hair hung limply around his tanned face and his blue eyes were full of worry she licked her chapped lips as his sent carried along into her nostrils a gurgle rumbled through her stomach and saliva formed in the back of her mouth the human frowned looking down at the odd girl “Are you okay?”
Laila squeezed her eyes shut trying to ignore the burning at the back of her throat “No”
She practically breathed the man bent down straining to hear the girl “How did you get here?”
He asked hot breath intoxicating on Laila’s face she grabbed the man’s collar and pulled him close the man looked shocked but made no efforts to move away, he couldn’t with them touching Laila had a strong influence over his thought pattern, she leaned in as if to kiss the man but instead two small fangs pricked the skin covering the vein on his neck and Laila drank from the quivering man not stopping until he was near to completely drained licking her lips she pulled away the burning in her chest gone replaced by a fire in her belly she quickly stripped the man of his shirt and jeans and pulled them onto her own body the material felt funny against her skin and rubbed in places but it was better than no clothes with this new rush of energy and security Laila set off in what she hoped was the right direction to civilisation.

lalalala change or place point of view etcetera

Emily drifted over the man’s bed she had been trapped in this house for years now and she had watched the man grow from a troublesome toddler to a moody teenager and finally into a handsome gentleman, she had become obsessed with the man watching over him every night and waiting for him in the day when he was out at work she wished more than anything that he could see her but he was oblivious to her existence like everyone else, or everyone but Frankie who paid visits from time to time offering her little company and refuge from the ache inside her chest. Emily looked now to the sleeping figure next to her love her black hair spread angelically around her head and her pale skin almost glowed in the moon light she was very beautiful and Emily could see why the man had fallen in love with her, she had a sharp tongue and spoke her mind often hurting the others around her, but the man stared with adoring eyes at the woman tending to her every need Emily sighed and moved towards the window the open curtains let the full moon shine through onto the sleeping couple she stared at the man his curly hair could have acted as a pillow itself Emily smiled as she looked at the man’s kind face her jaw tightened as she noticed it change hair grew long and thick covering his face and his jaw grew angular and sharp his eyes snapped open as he grew into a beast his afro spreading across his body like fur and his limbs became muscular and grotesque he howled as his pyjamas shredded waking up the sleeping girl next to him she screamed seeing her boyfriend in this beastlike form but Emily stood calmly by the window used to this transformation. The man pounced on his girlfriend and ripped her apart with his teeth the girl screamed loosing a limb as the man took another bight from her this time ripping a chunk from her neck his canine teeth were red with blood and bits of flesh were ledged between them the girl had stopped struggling now and her glassy eyes rolled back in her head her deformed body lay limp and lifeless however than man continued to feast off of her remains howling and barking as he did so Emily looked away and out of the window at the night, below her a party of drunk teens passed by all unaware of the horrible murder taking place a few metres away.

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