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Chapter 50: First time’s a charm

A few hours later Donna, Donald and Tina had left. It was just Lucas, the guys and Alicia and Christa left at the party. And Lindsey, of course, but Gia didn’t even expect her to leave.

After a short chat with Lucas, Gia knew what she had to do. She wasn’t ready to part with the boy after just one day, so she had to get her dad’s permission to let Lucas stay for a little while.

The girl walked up to Gerard, knowing very well that he will say no. But Gia needed to change his mind. She won’t give up until he says yes.

Gerard was talking to Lindsey so she walked up and waited for them to finish talking. He looked at her and smiled.

“Hey birthday girl. What's up?”

“Before you say no, please hear me out. Promise you won’t interrupt”, Gia said, looking at him so seriously that his smile faded as well.

After a long pause, he answered: “Okay, I promise.”

“I want Lucas to spend the night, and –“

Gerard already went to interrupt but Lindsey stopped him.

“He lives all the way in California and I won’t be able to see him anymore, like ever again! Please dad. I’m not going to do nothing stupid and I never asked for anything and I’ve been a good girl and –“


“But, dad—“

“I said NO!”

“You’re ruining my life!”

“I don’t care.”

“Dad, he’s my only friend. Without him I’m like that one single sock that comes out of the drier even though you could’ve sworn there were two. I’ll be alone! ALL ALONE! And you don’t care?! How can you be so selfish? Don’t you love me at all? Your own daughter? How will you be able to face yourself in the morning, when every time you look the mirror you know that you are the reason for your own daughter’s misery and agony that is eating her very soul and –“


“Huh?” Gia stopped her rant, completely out of breath. She had a whole speech prepared, and now he interrupted her.

“He can stay. For one night. But that’s it. And he sleeps on the couch. No touching. Don’t even look at each other. And don’t even dare to think about breathing the same air!”

Gia smiled brightly and hugged her dad. “Yes! Thank you! I love you dad!”

Gerard was already regretting this.


Before everyone left that evening at about 7, Frank pulled Lucas to a secluded corner. Lucas, of course, was overjoyed of the opportunity to speak with this golden god and smiled brightly.

“Shh”, Frank shushed, put a finger on his lips and motioned Lucas to come closer. Obviously this was supposed to be a secret.

Lucas, being the faithful Frank-lover he was, obeyed the man and listened intently.

“Listen, you and Gia seem to be pretty close, right?” Frank whispered.

Lucas shrugged. “Yeah, she’s my best friend.”

“Right, best friend,” Frank grinned and winked at the last two words. “Look, I know Gerard doesn’t really understand… He just hates you, nothing personal. But I think it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you know what I mean.”

Lucas had no idea what he meant, but Frank didn’t bother explaining any further, he just chuckled and nudged him.

“So, take this”, Frank said and handed him something, and after shushing once more, he slipped out of the door and disappeared.

Lucas looked at the small plastic object his god had given him, and instantly blushed. A condom. Wow…

Lucas quickly put it in his pocket before Gerard caught him with it and accused him of god knows what sinful things.


That evening, at 10 o’clock, Gia and Lucas were in her room, both tired as hell. Lucas was sprawled across her new bed, fake-snoring, and Gia was putting away the clothes she got as a present. Green Day was playing in the back ground again.

“Hey, show me what Frank got you again”, Lucas suddenly said, stopping the snoring. He rolled over to lie on his stomach.

“The beanbags? They’re right there”, Gia said, pointing at the two chairs.

“I mean… the other present from Frank”, Lucas grinned, and as a response he got a shoe thrown at him. Unfortunately the shoe missed and landed on the floor right next to Jersey. Thinking it was some sort of a fetching game gone wrong, the dog lazily got up and brought the shoe back to Gia.

“So. How did you buy the necklace?” Gia asked, continuing to put away the clothes

“My Mom made me go shopping with her and I saw it in a jewelry store. I got the money by doing chores and helping this neighbor and I had some money already. I figured you might like it.”

“I do love it. It’s very pretty.”

“Hey, your dad is acting weirder than usual. What’s up with him?”

“You know he’s a bit protective. And he is going to get mad when he sees you around me. And I don't think I could hold him off if he decided to kill you. I think he just feels guilty.” Gia put away the rest of the clothes and climbed on the bed. They leaned against the headboard and instantly his hand closed around hers.

“You know, you and I are like a married couple.”

“What do you mean?”

“We sleep in the same bed, we pretty much have kids thanks to Jersey over there, we argue like an old couple. I suppose he has the right to hate me. I just don’t like him staring at me like I’m going to suddenly rape you.”

“My fear is completely justified. You are way too close with my daughter,” Gerard said from the door. Lucas immediately let go of her hand and they edged a little farther away from each other.

“How long have you been standing there?” Gia asked.

“Long enough. You, out of her bed, now”, Gerard commanded, and to avoid an argument, Lucas slipped down from the bed.

“Dad, we know how to behave”, Gia said calmly when her dad was giving Lucas ‘the look’.

“For the sake of my sanity, he’s sleeping on the couch.” After saying this, Gerard left the room but made sure to leave the door as wide open as he could.

“Which couch?” Lucas asked after Gerard had gone.

“Well, he didn’t really specify which one so… I guess that one is fine”, Gia said, pointing at the couch that she had in her room. She climbed out of the bed too and went to get sheets and a pillow for him. She set up the couch for him because he had no idea how to do it (he did manage to put the pillowcase on top of the pillow).

Before they went to bed, Lucas taught Gia how to use her new laptop. He set it up for her because technology just confused Gia. They had somehow ended up on sitting on her bed again.

“I swear, you’re the only teenager in the world who doesn’t know how to use a freakin’ computer”, Lucas said, shaking his head.

“It’s not my fault. I prefer to read than rot my brain by staring at a screen for hours.”

“Yeah, whatever. Look, here. By clicking this here twice, you get to the internet and you write the address right here on this bar.”

“What did I have to click again?”

“This right here.”

“The picture of a fox? Got it.”

“I’m installing you a program so that we can chat through a webcam.”

Gia just stared at him for a while with a blank expression. “You just said like… hundred words I didn’t understand.”

“Then you know how I feel at school”, he laughed, and the laugh was interrupted by a loud yawn. “Hey, let’s do this tomorrow before I leave.”

Gia glanced at the clock and was shocked to see that it was nearly 11 PM. Lucas would leave tomorrow at four and he had to be at his dad’s by noon.

“Yeah, we’d better get to sleep”, she said, and yawned as well. When Lucas got under her blankets and covers too, Gia smiled. “Weren’t you supposed to sleep on the couch?”

“Your dad will never find out”, Lucas scoffed and leaned on his arm, looking down at Gia who had her head on her pillow. “Hey, promise me something.”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“When you go to school, don’t replace me. I might live thousands of miles away but the role as your best friend is still all mine.”

“I promise, but only if you promise the same thing.”

“Hey, I can’t help it that people just simply swarm around me like flies, begging to be my friends”, he said, but grinned widely. “But I promise.”


And then, something just happened. Lucas was looking at her with a small smile, noticing how her cheeks got slightly red when she saw him looking. Neither of them said anything, and Gia felt her whole body tense when Lucas leaned down slowly. Neither of them was quite sure what compelled him to do that, and he had no idea where the sudden courage came from, but Gia didn’t resist it and that only encouraged him. The very second his lips touched hers, Gia felt as if she had been electrocuted.

Gia had never been kissed before, other than on the cheek. And there was that one time that Frank was a bit tipsy and very friendly and went around kissing everyone he saw. But a real kiss? Never.

But when Lucas kissed her, it left her speechless. It was only a small kiss, but it lingered even after it had stopped.

It was one of those moments when a single word could ruin everything. So neither of them dared to speak. That worked out just fine, because they didn’t know what to say anyway. It just felt somehow right. Not weird at all.

Lucas laid his head on the pillow against the pillow next to hers and they just laid there in the dark until sleep overtook them. Both of them had very good dreams that night.
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