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Neon trees inspired fluffy Frerard oneshot

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Gerard had been waiting at the club for around an hour now and there was still no sign of Frank, he had hoped tonight would be the night that he would confess his feelings to his best friend but with Frank being typically late Gerard had started to talk himself out of it he downed the rest of his drink and ordered another before getting his phone out he had a new message from Frank ‘I’m on my way, wont be long just got a little caught up sorry’
Gerard quickly typed back that it was fine, he could never be mad at Frank it was in his genes to be late Gerard remembered their first day of high school together Gerard had never seen him before he came rushing in in the middle of class flustered and blushing, he had been beautiful then while Gerard had been podgy and dorky, Frank had sat next to him that day with every other seat in the class full they had gotten on Frank was the first friend Gerard had made apart from his little brother and since they had been best friends. Gerard smiled and took a sip of his drink happy memories calming his nerves.

A few minutes later Frank appeared on the other side of the club his hair wet from the rain outside and his black shirt clinging to him Gerard waved and Frank made his way through the people dancing he pulled Gerard into a bone crunching hug sending electric down his spine Frank pulled away and held Gerard at an arms length “You’ve lost weight again”
He stated Gerard blushed tucking a piece of his raven hair behind his ear “You look great, you always do!”
Frank assured grinning butterflies rose in Gerard’s stomach as he went a deeper shade of crimson “Do-do you want a drink?”
Gerard offered his eyes hopeful Frank nodded “Uh yeah just a beer thanks, so uh what’s the emergency meeting about? Not about to confess you un-dying love to me are you?”
Frank laughed causing Gerard to spit out his drink “Oh shit, sorry ah”
Frank cocked an eyebrow as Gerard attempted to wipe away some of the beer now covering Frank’s face “Gee?”
“I’m sorry, I really, really like you Frank, and I always have”
Gerard cringed as his friend began to laugh “Jesus Gee I know, I’ve known since I met you when we were 12, I knew when you asked Stacy out for me when we were 14 I knew when you refused to kiss me in truth and dares when we were 16 and I know now”
Gerard swallowed suddenly feeling very vulnerable Frank had known all this time, but he was still friends with him? “I love you Gee”
Frank’s mouth twitched into an awkward smile “You are a beautiful amazing talented person-,”
“But you just want to stay friends”
Gerard finished bowing his head “What? No you idiot didn’t you hear me? I love you I always have and I always will, I guess I was always to much of a pussy to make a move, I mean how fucking awkward would it be for me to chat you up?”
Gerard looked up his hazel eyes wide he scanned his friend’s face for any signs of sarcasm finding none he let a small smile rise to his lips “I-I love you too”
Gerard mumbled his mouth like sand paper “Can I kiss you Gee?”
Gerard blushed nodding and Frank placed a tiny kiss on Gerard’s lips finally.

A/N so this is super short and super random but I was listening to Neon trees and this fic just popped into my head hope you enjoyed it and it wasn’t overly shitty, concrit is really welcome, in fact its encouraged! Love love you all xxx Annie
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