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1 Month Later

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Apologies, as not a lot really happens in this chapter. Hope I've still got some readers :)

1 Month Later

Chloe sat on the edge of Gerard’s bed at his mothers house, which his room was situated in the basement. She took a drink of her vodka and lemonade glancing over at Gerard.

“All I’m saying is Chlo… We’ve been going out with each other for a month, and you’ve been to my moms house here in New Jersey, but never actually met her yet. You should meet my mom” Gerard told her, drawing in his sketch pad whilst his back was resting against the head of the bed.

“But what if she doesn’t like me Gerard” She whined to him, laying back on the bed, and running a hand over her stomach.

“She’ll love you! She wants to meet you, you know. You can’t keep coming here and sneaking in and out!” He smiled to her, pulling her hair softly.

“Pft… Okay, well, I’ll come back tomorrow and meet her. Can I see this picture of me you’ve drawn?” She asked, turning on her stomach and looking at him with big eyes.

“Meet my mom tonight and you can see it” He grinned to her mischievously.

“That’s. Blackmail” She said, through clenched teeth.

“Please” Gerard whined, pulling a face at her.

“Fine” Chloe scowled back at him.

Gerard smiled widely, and throw his sketch book to the side and stood up, pulling Chloe up with him, and he wrapped a arm around her shoulder.

“Thank you sugar” He smiled, leaning down and pecking her on the lips, before taking Chloe’s hand and leading her upstairs.

He led her through the house, and into the living room, where Chloe saw a small blonde haired lady watching the tv whilst sipping on a glass of wine. She looked harmless enough, she thought to herself.

“Mom, I’ve got someone I want you to meet” Gerard said, scratching the back of his head, now feeling slightly awkward introducing Chloe to his mom.

“Hi Mrs Way” Chloe smiled to her, and then shook her firm hand after she had walked over to them .

“Its Donna dear. Mrs Way is far to old fashioned!” Donna beamed at Chloe, letting go of her hand and looking at her son and Chloe.

“Yeah, so, this is Chloe” Gerard awkwardly spoke, and Donna continued smiling.

“We were beginning to wonder if you were real! You are stunning dear” She smiled at Chloe, pulling her over to the couch and sitting her down on it.

“Mom, your embarrassing her” Gerard sighed, feeling slightly embarrassed his self.

“Well, I’m only telling her the truth” Donna grinned.

“Thanks Donna, its kind of you to say” She blushed, pushing some hair behind her ear, and smiling to Gerard as he sat next to her on the couch.

“Do you fancy some wine?” Donna asked, standing up and looking down at them both.

“Yes please, that will be nice” Chloe smiled up to her.

“I know you’ll want some Gerard” Donna said, before walking out of the room.

“Your moms lovely Gee” Chloe grinned to him, pecking him softly on the lips.

“Wait till you meet my grandmother, its where she gets it all from” He smiled, putting a arm around her shoulder, and they sat back, relaxing on the couch.

“So, Chloe. What made you give Gerard a try?” Donna winked, walking into the living room, and handing them both their glasses of red wine.

“Err, well, we met at our friend Adams party and just hit it off. We saw each other nearly everyday for 2 weeks, and then Gerard asked if I’d go out with him after a night out with his friends” Chloe smiled, and Gerard squeezed her hip, winking at her. She wasn’t going to tell his mother how they really agreed on going out.

“How sweet. Gerard has mentioned that he might like you here for Christmas?” Donna said, and Chloe frowned to Gerard.

“I hadn’t actually asked her yet mom!” Gerard whined, scratching his jaw.

“Oh, sorry dear! I thought you’d both discussed it!” Donna said, then took a long drink of her own wine.

“Well, I was thinking seen as though you can’t go home this Christmas, you could come here?” Gerard asked, and the lit them both a cigarette, and handed one to Chloe.

“That would be lovely, thanks” She smiled to him, pecking him on the lips quickly.

“How come you can’t go home this Christmas?” Donna asked, flicking through the channels on the tv.

“Well, to be honest, I can’t really afford to. I’d have to hire a car, and then gas money there and back, I don’t earn enough to be able to do it” She told Donna, who nodded to her.

“Well, your more than welcome here. And on New Years Eve as well. We’re having a party this year Gerard” Donna told them both, and Gerard nodded.

“Cool. You up for that sugar?” He asked, brushing a strand of hair from her face, and Chloe nodded.

“It would be lovely thanks Donna!” Chloe smiled to her boyfriends mother.

“Mom! Oh, hi Chloe! I didn’t know you were here!” Mikey smiled to Chloe, walking in the room and messing up his hair.

“Hi Mikey. You alright?” Chloe asked, smiling to him as he plonked his self on the couch next to her.

“Not bad. What are you two upto tonight?” He asked, more looking at Chloe rather than Gerard.

“Erm, nothing as far as I know. Why?” Chloe asked.

“Watch horror films and drink beer?” Mikey suggested and Chloe smiled, nodding her head.

“Sounds good” Looking forward to it”

“Mikey, we could have had plans” Gerard said, through ground teeth.

“But we don’t, come on G. Lets do it” Chloe said, slapping him in the chest slightly.

“Fine… But if I had of had plans, Mikey would have been out of the plan” Gerard moaned, and then pecked Chloe on the cheek slightly.

“So, its decided, Chloe’ spending Christmas and New Year here?” Donna pipped up, sitting up from the couch.

“Yup, Chloe’s spending it here” Gerard smiled, pushing a strand of Chloe’ hair behind her ear.
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