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Castiel's Judgment

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50 years before Meeting the winchesters,and becoming the new God Castiel,Rouge Angel of the lord Had Rebelled Before

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Uriel,Down on his Knees
Sweat and blood tripping down his forehead
A cool Breeze Drying them off
His Vessel was dying
Yet so was he

"WHY!!"Uriel cried "Why Them,Why Rebel Against God For Demons"
The Angel who stood before him laughed in Sinister Embrace
"You need not know Child" The Angel Raised his blade,The light reflecting of it was blinding.
Uriel Closed his eyes,Waiting for his death

Suddenly Uriel Heard a slice he opened his eyes,It was Castiel
The Blade was slotted between the rogue Angels eyes,within a second a burst of light exploded around the area and the body dropped from the blade.Uriel looked up at Castiel
Castiel,(who in the body of Jimmy Novak's father) with his spiked up hair and decent Trench coat,Much like the vessels descendant

Uriel spoke as Castiel put a hand out towards him
"Castiel i thank you"
"It is not of import,That Was the second Arch-Angel to lose faith and Follow Lucifer,It's Getting worse" Castiel Said with mild doubt in his voice.

Wind flew past them in a burst of speed,Out of nowhere Michael,The Angel of Destiny had appeared
He had taken the body of Andrew Winchester, John Winchester's Father
"What news do you bring Micheal?" Castiel asks
Michael Hesitates,Castiel and Uriel look at him in shock
"It's That Bad" Uriel Asks
"It Is Very Bad,God has told Joshua that we are to let these Rouges,These Traitor's to his throne pass"
Castiel looks at the bare wasteland around them,Then he looks at the Fallen Arc-Angel On the Ground its wings Char coaled into the ground.complete silence surrounded them and nothing but tainted cloud of grey and black float above them
"I sometime's wonder if our Father Cares" Castiel says angrily
"Do not lose Faith Castiel" Uriel urges
" i will not,But do not deny that you do not think that too,Uriel,We all Wonder"
Michael Looks at his vessels hands covered in blood
" i have fought thousands of demons,and lycans just for him to tell me we must do nothing" Michael cry's " if I am truly to fight Lucifer 50 years from now,Why should i make the fight harder by allowing him to Acquire our most deadly Arch-Angels from our garrison"

Castiel Brushes his hand through his hair
" I think we should go see Anna and Raphael"
"I agree" Uriel Says " i have a matter to settle for why i was almost killed for nothing"
With all 3 angels nodding to Each other
Michael Disappeared into thin air, Then Uriel
Castiel looked Again at the angel he has smited,Then with brief hesitation followed Michael and Uriel to Raphael's Keep
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