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I kiss your lips again *FRERARD*

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A short oneshot.

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Just a weird oneshot.

"You okay Frankie?" Hazel eyes. Pale perfect skin. Pink gorgeous lips. Jet black hair..
"FRANK! You there?"
"Oh.. er.. Sorry! Fuck.. Uhm, I'm fine."
"Are you high?"
"No, Gee, no! I'm absolutely fine, sober, clean, mentally healthy and whatever." I sighed.
Gerard looked at me with an I'm-not-fucking-stupid look. And he still managed to look drop dead gorgeous.
"Tell me what's wrong. You haven't been yourself for the last couple of weeks."
He stood in the middle of my room with a hand on his hip. God, could he stop looking so goddamn sexy?!
"I'm fine! And how do you know?" I snapped.
"Are you fucking kidding me? I've been your best friend for years! I know you better than yourself."
"I am fine. Okay?" I said, but I felt the tears rise in my eyes.
"I can tell you're not." Gerard said softly and sat down next to me on my bed.
"I'm okay, trust me." I said and fell back onto the bed with a small thump.
Gerard laid down next to me and sighed. "I'm serious, Frank. Tell me what's wrong so I can help you."
"No. You'll hate me if I tell you."
"Frank! I could never hate you. You're amazing, stunningly beautiful, caring, and the best friend I could ever imagine! How can you say something like that?"
I think I lost my fucking mind when he said ''stunningly beautiful''.
"Like.. Uh, beautiful?" I gulped. Gerard's cheeks turned pink and he laughed awkwardly.
"I don't know why I said that.. But yeah, you are." he said and smiled at me with rosy cheeks.
"Come here.." I whispered and reached out my arms towards him. He hugged me and laid his head on my chest. His coffee and smoke breathe tickled my nose.
"I think you're beautiful too, Gerard."
"You're just saying that because you don't want to hurt my feelings.." he sighed.
"No, Gee, no! I'm not the one who says stuff just because! You if someone should know that."
"I guess.. But I'm not."
"Yes you are, stop being silly now."
Gerard looked at me for a while, before he smashed his lips onto mine and left me in shock. He quickly pulled away. "Fuck! Shit, I'm so fucking sorry, oh my god!" he pulled away from the embrace of my arms and stood up.
"Don't be!" I said and grabbed his wrist.
"You must be disgusted. Who would want to kiss an ugly, disgusting, freaky faggot like me I mean-" he went silent when I violently pinned him to the wall and kissed him. He kissed me back and I held his wrists in a firm grip. I pulled away and looked into his gorgeous hazel eyes. "You're beautiful Gerard. Okay?"
He nodded and pulled me closer. Our lips met and he urgently licked my lower lip. I opened my mouth slightly and tasted coffee and smoke. Tongues dancing, hands trembling, loud panting. I sucked on his neck, I wanted everyone to know that he was mine. He moaned and I traced his jawline back to his mouth. He pulled me closer, chests crushed against eachother. "You're amazing." he giggled and pushed me down onto the floor and attacked my lips again. I deepened the kiss and explored every corner of his mouth as he caressed my cheeks, arms and chest.
"Fra-.. Frank?!"
I pulled away from Gerard to see my mom standing in my door.
"Wha-What are you doing? I didn't want to see that! "
Gerard got off me and laughed awkwardly as he helped me up from the floor.
"First of all, you know the brand new thing called knocking, yeah? If you knocked, you wouldn't have seen that. Second, me and Gerard just admitted our feelings toward eachother." I said and Gerard nodded in agreement.
"So.. You admitted your feelings toward eachother by violently making out on the floor?" mom asked with an amused tone.
"Pretty much, yeah." I shrugged.
"Okay.. Well, I guess I should leave you alone now. Use condoms." mom said and quickly closed the door as she walked out.
"Your mom's awesome." Gerard giggled.
"I know." I said and burst out in laughter. Gerard joined in, and eventually we laid on the floor, and laughed our asses off.
"Must be why you're so awesome then."
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