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Tell Me Baby

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Tell me baby, what's your story? Hazel shares a little with her aunt, finds out news, and the title is Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Hazel's POV
When I woke up, James was looking at all my drawings.
"Grrpphmmhhgg" I stretched and fell out of my bed.
"Wow, nice way to wake up."
"What time is it? Or better yet, what day is it?"
I can never tell the time, I gave up on having a clock and I never let light into my ‘cave’ so I only rely on my phone.
James laughed "It’s still Monday and it’s about 8:30"
"Ugh" I stood up and walked over to him,
"Why are you looking at those anyways, they’re horrible!"
"You are over reacting..again. Like always."
"No I’m serious those are shittty drawings."
"Hey, a positive word came out of you, I’m shocked!"
"Shut it!"
My aunt wandered down to my cave. Guess I forgot to lock the door.
"Hey sleepy head, hey Jay Jay!"
Have I mentioned I love my aunt?
"Hey Auntie B."
"Hey Nay Nay!"
"So Hazel, you said you had some stuff to tell me?"
"Yeah, I guess I should tell you too James, I mean I didn’t even get to tell you.."
We all sat on my bed as I told them what happened to me and at this point I was in tears.
"He kicked me Auntie, repeatedly. I heard the teacher come in and that’s when the kicking stopped."
"Where did he kick you, Hazel?" My aunt compassionate and serious.
"My ribs. At least 15 times."
She grabbed me into a hug to calm me down. James was beginning to tear too. If only I had told him earlier, he would of done something for me, I know he would have.
After about 20 minutes my aunt looked at me.
"Hazel, I want you to show me, lift your shirt."
I did as I was told and closed my eyes, I didn’t want to see the look on their faces. I could just feel my aunt wince.
I put my shirt back down and continued to look down.
"H-Hazel…" She and James grabbed me into a hug.
About a half hour later, my aunt was making a phone call. So it was me and James alone again. The way we like it.
"James, I don’t want you to leave tonight..please stay?"
"Of course Hazel, I wouldn’t leave you. Especially like this."
"Thank you James. For everything. For being here for me."
"24/7 Hazel, I’m here. Always."
My aunt came back downstairs to find us watching our favorite movie, which was The Wizard Of Oz.
"Hazel, can I talk to you for a minute?"
"Sure Auntie B"
"Be right back James, pause it! I don’t want to miss Lion’s entrance!"
We walk upstairs to bright kitchen.
"Agh, Auntie B can you turn down the light a little bit?"
"Thank you."
"So Hazel, I just talked to your mother and grandmother."
"Your mom or mom’s mom?"
"My mom."
"Okay. So wh- what did you talk about?"
I’m not terribly fond of my mother.. She was always in denial of my father and my mother’s mom, same with her. I don’t like her.
"We talked about what happened with you today."
"Why mom doesn’t care, she always loved Damien, she probably said ‘oh not my precious Damien’ because everything I do isn’t true in her eyes."
I started to feel the anger boil in me.
"Honey, calm down. She believed you. For once."
I was shocked. I can always believe my aunt, she was never the lying type.
“Wow. S- so what? They want me back home? Because I am not moving back with fucking John!”
John is my father. I cringe at the word ‘father’, I never really had one. He didn’t skip out but I never considered him a father.
"No not at all Hazel, we all agreed it’s best if you move to your grandmother’s in New Jersey."
I didn’t know what to feel. I was shocked, angry, sad, nervous, but somewhat happy.
"W-why? Am I too much? NO. NO! I CAN’T LEAVE! I CAN’T LEAVE JAMES OR YOU!"
I started crying and I ran upstairs to the bathroom.
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