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so long and goodnight

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Tears flood the scene..... Frikey or frerard........

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sorry it's been a while, i've had alot on my mind.... but here it is
hope it's okay... enjoy please r&r it really would help and i'd really appriciate it
never let them take you alive...... sophie x

Franks p.o.v
Today was the day. The tears streamed down my face as i pulled on my black skinnies. I had to look good for him. I slipped on my black shirt, slowley did the buttons up and put on my red tie. After sorting out my make up, i grabbed the red rose on my desk and peice of folded up paper and put it in my pocket.
As i reached the bottom of the stairs i was greeted by a hug from the one of my best buds.
"are you sure your ready for this dude?" Ray asked me as i cried into his shoulder. I lifted up my head and took a step back to sit on the steps.
"no. but i'm gonna do this for him." i said as i put on my old, black doc martins. I checked myself in the mirror and put on the chain braclet that he wore to match match my chain necklace.
Once i was content with my look i headed out the door.
"The guys are waiting in the car" Ray said as i locked up the apartment. Once outside, i headed to the car and sat in the front. Bob was driving and the others were in the back.
The drive was quiet. I looked out the window as we drove. The weather seemed to be in the same mood i was in. The sky was grey, gloomy and depressing. Rain began to fall matching the tears falling from my emotionless eyes.
When we arrived at the church, Donna was already there. She opened the door and pulled me into a hug.
"I'm so sorry baby, this shouldn't of happened" she said as i began to sob.
"It's all my fault, i...i....i shouldn't of let him go out, it shouldn't of been my birthday, maybe i shouldn't of even been born"
"Frankie baby...." he said childishly
"yesh darling?!"
"I'm just popping out to get something to finish of your birthday surprise..."
I looked at him and pouted, he just giggled. God he was adorable.
"okay, don't be too long, I'll miss you"
"aww, i love you Frankie"
"I love you too"
He ran over to me and attatched his lips to mine. Our hands entwined as the kis became more paaionate. He detatched his lips from mine and kissed the tip of my nose. The scent of coffee and skittles from his breath tickled my nose as he giggled.
"We'll have to wait till later for more i'm afraid." he smirked
"But you love it, right i best get going, Love you"
"hurry up, I love you too baby"
He smiled as he walked out the door.
As time passed by i started to get worried. 'don't worry he'll be fine,stop worrying' i thought to myself.
To calm me down i grabbed my guitar that the group had brought me a few birthdays ago, and started to play some songs that i'd learnt and some random chords that composed into a little tune.
After what seemed like forever, a knock on the door brought my playing to a hault. I put my guitar down and headed for the door. Maybe he'd forgot his keys when he left. As i opened the door my heart skipped a beat.
"Are you Frank Iero sir?" An police officer asked me
"I am, what's going on?" My voice trembled as i spoke.
"I'm afraid that your boyfriend has been involved in a n accident, he was hit by car and i'm sorry to say that he didn't make it"
"NO!!" I screamed my heart sank and i dropped to the floor.
"your boyfriends brother asked me to give you this and said that he'll be here soon" I took the shiny object from his hand and said thank you as best i could and he walked out nodding his head.
I opened my hand to observe the object. It was my baby's chain. I brought it him for our anniversary and he brought me the matching necklace.
I cried harder and screamed into my hands. He's gone, my baby's gone and he's never coming home.
-end of flashback-
"it's all my fault" i said again as i cried into Donnas shoulder.
"Frank listen to me, you were the best boyfriend he could ever ask for,He wasn't happy when you wern't around. You completed him!" she said carmly
"he completed me too. I don't know what i'm gonna do without him" i sobbed even harder.
"Nothing stupid. He wouldn't of wanted you too. Keep his memory living on through you" I nodded as she wiped away the tears. I had 5 minutes to prepare before the funeral. I took out my speech and read it through.
The time had come and we all entered the church. I sat at the front with the group and Donna. My parents didn't come. I hadn't seen or spoke to them in 4 years. They didn't approve of my sexuality and disowned me.
After playing some of his favourite songs that we had picked out, Donna said her speech. After letting the tears stream down from the words she spoke, my turn had come to speak.
I walked over to the microphone and took out the peice of paper from my pocket. I looked out towards the people and then to Donna who nodded her head. I cleared my throat and began to speak:
'These past weeks have been extremly hard without him. When he was taken away from us i felt as though my world had stopped. I miss waking up to see his smiling face next to me. I miss the times we'd cuddle up on the couch and watch horror movies, and when i got scared he'd put his arms around m and i woyld feel like nothing in the world could touch or hurt me. The sound of when we would jam on our instruments together still echo through our now quiet apartment.
He'd been taken away from us so soon. I often feel as though we shouldn't of met, then he'd still be here, but the past 6 years we'd been together were the best time of my life. I owuldn't change it for the world. He completed me, made me who i am today. He made my life worth while. I owe my life to him. A ll these tears i cry are the words i cannot speak the emotions i cannot express.
I know i will be with him one day. He will always be with me, He is my shinging star. As i was told. his memory will live on. I will make it live on through me. My heart will forever be his and his will be mine. No amount of words will be enough, but for now,
So long and goodnight Mikey, I love you not matter what....
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