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12- Group Date?

by kaydom

Brendon goes out with his friends and finds himself debating the idea of introducing Juliette to them...

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Brendon had been sitting next to me on the bed watching me eat. We hadn't been talking to each other and the television was the only noise in the room.

Finally Brendon spoke, "I'm going out with some friends tonight." He said softly.

I didn't respond, eating some apple sauce. It was Cinnamon-y. "Do you think you'll be okay?" Brendon asked, "It will only be for a few hours." He added.

"I'll be fine without you." I said, softly.

Why try to please him if he just planned on killing me either way? Everything seemed pointless.

"Anne will be here to get you anything you need." Brendon said, getting off of the bed. "Are you done eating?"

I nodded and looked away from him.

He grabbed my tray and left the room. I sighed loudly. In a situation like this I should be terrified... I should hate Brendon... So why was I confused about how to feel?

Brendon reappeared and smiled when he saw me staring at him. "Would you like to play a game when I come back?" He asked cheerfully.

I stiffened. Game? A game sounded bad. It sounded torturous. "What game?" I asked, whispering it out in terror.

"Eh, anything. I can pick up any game you want. We could do a board game, card game, whatever you can think of." He said cheerfully.

I sighed in relief. He meant an actual game. "I like Monopoly." I said.

Brendon nodded, "Then I will bring Monopoly home." He said, smiling at me. "But I'm gonna get ready to leave. Need anything before I leave?" He asked.

I shook my head and turned towards the television thinking of possibly escaping while he was gone. Would we have a better chance? It was so far away though. I knew that from the car ride here. He seemed to sense what I was thinking about because he paused on his way to the closet and added, "Don't do anything stupid Juliette. Anne will be the one to pay because I won't hurt you." He warned.

I nodded and felt reality crash in on me. I couldn't try anything because that left the option of failing and I wouldn't make Anne suffer for my mistakes. Brendon knew how to keep hope dim.

I continued to watch television and ended up situating myself back on my stomach since that was most comfortable. Brendon finished getting ready and gave me a kiss on the forehead before leaving, "Be good." He said, smiling at me.


"Juliette?" Anne asked quietly, waking me up. I had dozed off a little bit since I couldn't find anything good on television and I was quite exhausted. Sleeping on my stomach was easy since that was usually how I liked to sleep anyway but it was hard not to toss and turn.

"Whats wrong?" I asked, looking around the room. I didn't see Brendon anywhere. He must still be gone.

"I'm just a little scared. I was wondering if it was okay if I came in here with you while he's gone." Anne said quietly, looking terrified.

I nodded and smiled, "Sure, come lay down." I said softly, scooting over to give her some room.

"Thanks Juliette." Anne whispered and I felt the bed sink next to me and then she pulled some blankets over herself.

She was so sweet. I wish Brendon would let her go but I didn't see that being possible. I didn't see either of us getting let go honestly. I wished but... knew it wouldn't happen.



"We haven't seen you in a long time man. Way to disappear." Spencer said.

Ryan nodded and Jon was busy checking out some girl across the room. I shrugged, "I've been a little busy."

" A girl?" Jon asked, snapping back to attention.

I nodded, "Yeah there is a girl that I'm interested in but she's playing hard to get." I said, running my fingers through my hair.

"Why don't you take her out?" Ryan asked.

"She doesn't like going out much." I said softly. I wouldn't ever be able to fully explain Juliette to them, not after what I had done to her.

"Oh come on!" Spencer urged me. "We could all get together and have a group date. I'm sure she'd love it. All girls love going out with the right setting... A nice dinner would probably impress her." He said. My friends were always supportive when it came to romance. Unfortunately they didn't get my dilemma but maybe I could bring Juliette out to meet them? I would have to be absolutely sure that she wouldn't make a scene or any allegations though... Maybe it could work. Possibly.

"You think she'd like that?" I asked, thinking about it. "I'm not sure. That would be a lot of people."

"I know." Ryan said, "But she will get to meet all of us... We will be able to meet her and there will be other girls around to make it less awkward for her."

Jon nodded.

I felt myself start to cave to the idea. "Okay but remember guys... I really like this girl. Don't scare her away." I joked. The sad part was I think she'd be less scared of them than of me. I was the one scaring her and I couldn't change what I had done.

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