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13- Can You Be Fixed?

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Juliette comes to terms with how she feels towards Brendon though things still confuse her. Brendon starts to warm up to the idea of trusting Juliette outside.

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I walked inside, locking the door behind me and listened for any type of noise. It was silent. Where were the girls? I figured they would be talking together but I couldn't hear a thing. As I walked down the hallway I tensed, hoping they hadn't tried escaping. That would be foolish of them.

I still didn't hear anything but as I opened my bedroom door I realized why. Juliette and Anne were sleeping next to each other on the bed. Juliette was laying on her stomach, arms around the pillow her head was laying on and Anne was cuddled close to Juliette.

I quietly walked to the television and shut it off, trying not to wake either girl. They looked peaceful. I went to the kitchen after that to make some food. They had to be hungry. I had eaten with my friends but I didn't see any dirty dishes that signified them having eaten so I started cooking some pork chops. It was what Juliette had left out to de-thaw, that and more hamburger meat. I thought about taking her out with the guys... It would be kind of cool to be able to trust her outside of this place. It meant things might not have to end badly.

As the meat cooked I started making some fruit salad as well. We had apples, oranges, kiwis, melon, and watermelon for it so I figured Juliette had to like something in that mixture. Plus Anne probably would and I knew being nice to Anne was a good way to make Juliette happy.

I got out two plates and waited as the meat cooked. I made extra so that we would have some leftovers in case any of us got hungry later. It was weird how this had turned out. I'd never gotten so involved. This could really turn out to be a disaster.

I would have to make a game plan here pretty soon. I had some time but I didn't want to wait until last minute. I put a piece of meat on each plate and then some fruit, grabbing two forks and leaving the room with the plates.

When I entered my bedroom the girls were still sleeping, "Wake up!" I called cheerfully and they both jumped and looked around apprehensively. Anne jumped off of the bed when she saw me and Juliette seemed... sad to see me? "I brought my two favorite ladies some food so eat up!" I said, trying to remain cheerful as I set the plates on the bed.

Anne sat back down and they both stared at their plates in confusion as Juliette slowly sat up, groaning slightly. "What would you ladies like to drink?" I asked.

Neither of them answered me. They seemed scared. "Nothing?" I asked softly. I was trying to be nice to them!

Juliette finally spoke up, "Can I get a glass of water please?" She didn't look at me though.

I nodded, "Of course. And for you Anne?"

Anne blushed as she responded, "Orange juice please."

"Sure. Watch tv, relax." I said, leaving the room with a smile. They would eventually warm up to me. Juliette would eventually warm up to me. This was my new plan. Of course I had to go beyond gaining their trust, more importantly Juliette's trust but I would figure it out.

I brought them their drinks to see that the television was playing but they both looked a little apprehensive still. "Here you go." I said, handing Anne her drink and then Juliette hers. They both muttered 'thank yous' and I went back out to the kitchen to clean up.

(Juliettes POV)

"Why is he being nice?" Anne whispered, sounding frightened.

I shrugged, "I'm not sure." I said, feeling the same apprehension that she did. I decided to go see what he was doing though because I didn't want to just sit here.

"Are you not going to eat?" Anne asked, looking at my plate.

I shook my head, "No. If you're hungry then go for it." I told her because I could see her eyeing my food.

"Thanks." She muttered, putting my food on her plate. I had eaten a little fruit but I didn't feel like eating much at the moment. As I got off of the bed my back burned slightly from the movement but things were feeling better. It was less painful, more aching. I could handle an ache, that was no problem at all compared to how it had felt earlier.

Brendon was standing at the sink, washing some dishes. He looked quite handsome. I was horrified at the fact that I was attracted to him but I couldn't help it. Attraction wasn't something you could deny. I couldn't deny it anyway. "Hey, can I help?" I asked, clearing my throat since it was a little dry. I had left my water in the bedroom.

Brendon looked at me in surprise and dropped the pan he had been washing. "Oh, is your back feeling better?" He asked, going to a bag that was on the counter next to the sink.

"A little." I replied, awkwardly standing next to the table.

"Here. I got monopoly and a few cushions." Brendon said, pulling out a small cushion. He came over and set it on the chair for me. "Sit. It'll help make it a little less painful."

I sat down and it was true. It was cushiony and as long as I didn't lean back against the chair then it felt close to comfortable.

Brendon went back to washing the dishes but his eyes remained on me, "I was wondering something..." He said softly.

"Whats that?" I asked.

"Would you like to go out on a date with me?" He asked nervously.

"Uh, out?" I asked, confused. He would allow me to go out?

"Yeah." Brendon replied shyly. "I'd like to take you out on a date."

"Well I-uh." I was so confused at this point. But out? Out would be nice. "Sure." I stated, not wanting to turn down an opportunity to see the outside world.

Brendon smiled, "I'm so glad you accepted." He admitted and then he left the room for a second, appearing with a second bag. "I really wasn't sure what to get... I uh... I guessed so the sizes might be off which is why I grabbed a few of the same things." He said, handing me the bag.

I set it on the table and started looking through. It was clothing! I smiled as I pulled a pair of jeans out and looked at the size. They were a smaller size than what I would usually get but when I went pants shopping I usually got baggy jeans anyway so it might work.

"You can go ahead and try the clothes on." Brendon said, smiling. "I hope something works out. If not I can always go back." He said, wiping down the counter.

"Wow, well thanks." I said, confused at the very nice act and the fact that he was going to be taking me outside! It was all fairly confusing in a good way. I took the bag and went to the bathroom that was in the hallway.


Most of the clothing was loose on my body which came as a surprise. Had I lost weight from the stress of being here? It seemed realistic and I didn't notice the change but the clothing sizes led me to believe that I had. How long had I been here? Time no longer meant anything to me.

As I stared down at the clothes I thought of Ann and realized that what didn't fit me was sure to fit Anne since she was smaller. Only a few items were too tight on my body, I put them back in the bag so that I could give them to Anne. Once done I left my own clothing on the bathroom counter, figuring I could come back for it later. I had kept on a black t-shirt that loosely fit my body and a pair of light blue jeans.

As I re-entered the kitchen clutching the bag I heard Brendon whistle and I froze, the noise surprising me. It was such a normal reaction. A whistle. A chuckle. He was now laughing at how I had stopped in my tracks. The entire situation had me in shock but I quickly shook myself free from the surprised feeling and shot him a quick smile, "I -uh... These ones don't fit." I said, holding up the bag, "Do you mind if I give them to Anne?" I asked.

Brendon shrugged, "Sounds like a great idea to me." He was being so agreeable. If this is the state his friends left him in then I wanted him to spend some time with them every single day. He was almost normal.


"I'll be right back then." I said, walking past him and in to his bedroom. Anne was finishing up with her meal but she smiled at me as I entered the room. She still looked weary though. I knew she was feeling the same apprehension that I was feeling about Brendon's attitude change. He was insane. He had to be. Who kidnaps two girls and enslaves them just to.... be kind? "Hey you." I said, forcing a smile as I tried to push my thoughts away. "Food good?" I asked.

Anne nodded, wiping her mouth off. "Very. Are you sure you aren't hungry?" She asked.

I shook my head, "I"m fine. Thank you though. Here is some clothing. Hopefully it'll fit. Brendon brought it home." I told her, handing her the bag.

She gently grabbed on to it, staring at it with wide eyes. "He brought clothing to us?" She asked.

I nodded, "Yep."

She looked amazed and then I heard footsteps which stopped our conversation. Brendon wrapped his arms around my waist, startling me. He breathed in deeply, inhaling the smell of my hair, "Would you like to play now darling?" He asked.

Anne looked frightened so I smiled at her, trying to make it seem as if I enjoyed Brendon's touch. I didn't want her to say something to ruin his mood. "Anne why don't you go take a bath and then get some more sleep?" I asked. Although we had slept so much already while Brendon was gone ... I didn't know if sleep would come easily for her anytime soon.

Anne nodded, "I, um, I'll see you later?" She asked.

I nodded and she left, taking our plates with her as well as the bag.

Soon enough Brendon and I were alone in his bedroom. I preferred it this way... I just didn't like the idea that he could possibly hurt Anne. With her gone that fear was at least pushed to the back of my mind. "So, did you guys sleep the whole time I was gone?" Brendon asked, letting go of me. He closed the bedroom door and I shivered, feeling alone now that Anne was gone.

"Yeah." I told him. "Was there something that you wanted me to do?" I asked, hoping he hadn't expected me to clean something that I was unaware of.

"Nah. I was just wondering." Brendon said, sounding so casual about everything that was happening. "Would you like to play monopoly now?" He asked.

"Can we watch a movie instead?" I asked, feeling so small with the look he gave me.

"Of course baby." Brendon said, smiling. The smile was sinister. There was no masking what he was anymore. I couldn't pretend ... yet, did I want him? Yes, I did.


Brendon was snoring loudly next to me as I laid my head on his chest, listening to the noises he was making while asleep. The movie was still playing but he was out. I sighed and pretended that we were a normal couple watching a movie. It was easy to pretend when he was asleep. His handsome features looked at peace with the world and as I brushed a few stray hairs from his face he contentedly snored again.

"Oh Brendon." I sighed, tracing shapes over his bare chest. "What happened to you to make you such a monster?" And can you be fixed?
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