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by kaydom

Juliette gets ready for her outing with Brendon. Juliette's ex-fiancee is still looking for her...

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(Pierre's POV)

"Her family hasn't heard from her. I haven't heard from her. No one has heard from her. Can't you do anything?" I yelled in the officer's face. They had been less than helpful with this entire process.

"We can file a missing persons report but she's an adult... If she's off on her own then we can't do anything." He said, sounding bored.

"She's not the type of person to just disappear." Pierre said, frustrated.

The officer shook his head and stared at Pierre, "And you're the fiancee?" He questioned for the millionth time.


"And they found her ring in the motel room?" The officer questioned Pierre but it sounded more like a statement and Pierre got what he was insinuating.

"She wasn't leaving me." Pierre said angrily.

David sighed and stepped up from behind Pierre, placing his hand on his friends arm. "We have to go man. Her mom said she heard from someone that she had been partying at some bar. We can at least check it out since they wont'." He said, gesturing towards the police man.

Pierre nodded. "Sure. We can do their jobs for them." He shot a nasty glare at the police officer as David steered him outside.

This was turning in to a nightmare for Pierre and all he could think of was the affairs he had previously had while on tour with the band. He felt he needed the physical closeness that sex offered but once he was finished it just didn't feel right. It didn't feel right because it wasn't with Juliette. The girls hung on to him though and he found himself in too deep...

But what if Juliette had been attempting to leave him? Wha t is she had successfully left him? Pierre didn't want to give up on her but he also couldn't help but imagine her off with another guy, getting payback on him. Had David told her of his affairs? Maybe Jeff? Her and Jeff were close. Pierre shook his head. They wouldn't have said something.


(Juliette's POV)

I groaned and rolled over on to my back, instantly snapping awake. I hated being in pain while so sleepy. It left me feeling strangely numb without being numb. Which didn't even make sense to me. I heard Brendon groan as well and then his arm fell over me, snaking around my waist. I sighed as I was pulled towards his warm body. "I wish to smell nothing other than you." Brendon whispered sleepily.

"Can I go now?" it sounded rude. I was just really tired, I didn't mean to be rude.

"Excuse me?" Brendon asked, sitting up.

"I-I, I'd like to shower." I said, nervous. He sounded angry.

Brendon just sighed, "Whatever." He rolled away from me and I crawled out of bed, rushing to the bathroom.

The warm water felt great as always but when I got out of the shower I wrapped a towel around myself and went in to the bedroom to find Brendon wasn't in there any longer. Where had he gone? I put off getting dressed for a moment as I left the room to look for him.


(Brendon's POV)

I had my hand over Anne's mouth, muffling her cries of terror. I was horny as hell and I knew Juliette wouldn't give me any willingly. I didn't really want to rape though and as I looked in to Anne's eyes all I felt was guilt. What the hell was going on with me?

That's when I heard knocking on the door, "Anne? Are you in there? I was wondering if you knew where Brendon was?" Juliette called, sounding worried. I didn't answer and soon enough Juliette was trying to open the door, I had locked it thankfully. "Anne?"

I groaned and decided to be upfront. Juliette would have to face this part of me, right? "Juliette I'll be with you soon. Go get dressed." I called, hoping she wouldn't put up a fight. God, was I an idiot or what? Of course she wouldn't just go away...

"Is- Is Anne in there?" Juliette asked in a small voice.

"Anne and I are a little busy." I called.

"Brendon, stop whatever you're doing to her!" Juliette called, panicked. "She's just a little girl!" Well that was one way to completely ruin my raging hard-on.

"Juliette the more you yell the worse you're going to make this!" I called back. Wait, where did that come from? Shit.

I heard Juliette slam her fists against the wall and I knew I had completely pissed her off. I looked down in to Anne's terrified face and sighed. This wasn't worth it anymore. I didn't want Anne. I wanted Juliette. I didn't want to 'take' Juliette... I wanted her to want to be with me.


(Juliette's POV)

Tears streamed down my face as I fell to the ground in front of the door. What was he doing to Anne? There wasn't a single thing I could fucking do to protect her. I was a fucking fool to think that I could help her in any way.

A sob was ripped from my throat and I closed my eyes, crying as I waited for Brendon to finish. This all felt so wrong. This was all so wrong. I didn't understand. Sometimes Brendon seemed okay but then... but then sometimes Brendon was like this.

The door flew open and I jumped in surprise as Brendon came out, closing the door behind him. "Get up." He said, angrily.

"What did you do to Anne?" I asked, horrified.

Brendon reached down, grabbing my arm. He pulled me up, "Fucking get up god damn it." He was angry with me. Lovely.

"You're not gonna change." I yelled at him, ripping my arm from his grasp, "I see who you really are and I was a fool to ever think that you could be a decent human being. I treated you the best that I could but I'm done. If you're just going to torture Anne and me until we're no longer fun for you then fuck it. I'm done." I screamed in his face, staring towards the door. I wanted to go see if Anne was okay. I wanted to but I knew I couldn't. I couldn't handle seeing her right now anyway. I stood in place, waiting for Brendon to blow up on me. I refused to make eye contact with him. I refused to make this easy for him.

Brendon grabbed me by my hair, forcing my face towards his. I winced as his lips pressed against mine roughly, "You're mine." Brendon whispered once he was done kissing me, his grip on my hair keeping me in place. "I think it's about time you start acting like it, don't you?" I didn't reply.

Brendon rolled his eyes, "Go get ready. We are going out soon." The look of disbelief on my face made him smirk, "That's right. I'm still taking you out and you'd better act like a fucking lady. Now go, get ready."

I quickly made my way to the bedroom, hoping Brendon wouldn't follow. He did. I went to the closet, grabbing some ripped blue jeans and a black tank top. Once the towel fell to the floor I started getting dressed. I walked out of the closet to find Brendon getting dressed. I paused and turned around, "Can you see any marks?" I asked quietly.

"Fuck." Brendon said, "I didn't even think of that. You can wear my hoodie to cover the marks." He told me.

I just nodded. "Are you going to put on make up?" Brendon asked, "It's in the bathroom for you." I didn't say anything, going to the bathroom. Once the door shut behind me I faced the mirror, trying to look tough. I just looked like a broken shell of a human being. Hopefully Brendon's friends wouldn't see that though.

I could always see if they would help me but honestly it was just too big of a risk. I couldn't be the reason that Brendon hurt Anne. I couldn't mess this up.

Slowly I blinked away any tears that would come due to the situation. I found I was getting better at it. How sad was that? I applied some bright green eye shadow, clear lip gloss and then dark eyeliner. That would have to do. I didn't like mascara much.

Once finished I opened the door to find Brendon sitting on the bed, waiting. He smiled upon seeing me, "Very beautiful." He muttered.

"Except for the bruises, I guess." I replied, moodily.

"Come here babe." Brendon said, ignoring my comment. I reluctantly headed towards the bed, just one look at him and I could tell what was on his mind. He had a noticable bulge in his jeans to prove this to me.

I nervously approached him and he stood, coming to me since I was going slowly. I winced as if in pain when Brendon gently kissed my neck, running his hands down to my jeans. "Would you mind being a little late for our date?" He asked, grinning.

"I-if your friends are waiting then we should go." I said, nervously.

Brendon groaned, "I want you so bad though."

I felt myself flustered as I realized I really wanted him too. He was the best sex I had ever had. That's why I didn't say anything as Brendon guided me to the bed, unbuttoning my jeans quickly. "Do you mind if I'm a little quick? I don't want them to wait for too long." Why was he even asking me? He would do what he wanted to do and we both knew that.


(Sorry this chapter kind of jumps around. Let me know what you guys think? Things will start to progress rather quickly after these next few chapters. I want some character progression to occur.)
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