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Hester's Personalised Story

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Hester's Personalised Story

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[A/N] – Hey Hester, I didn’t know what you meant by supernatural so I wrote this :D I hope you like it!

“We’ll be home tomorrow at around one in the afternoon, okay?” My Dad said, placing his hands on my shoulder “You won’t invite anyone over, will you?”
“Of course not Daddy,” I replied, tucking my hair behind my ears “It’ll just be me.”
This was a lie. I can’t stand being at home by myself for a start. And besides, Mikey wanted to come over and I would never say no to Mikey.
My Mom walked into the room stinking of perfume “She’ll be fine Andrew, stop fussing!”
“Well she’s a daddy’s girl,” Dad smiled at me “So of course I’m going to worry.”
I squirmed feeling a little guilty. I didn’t exactly like being called a daddy’s girl now that I was fifteen. I didn’t even look like a little girl. My hair is long and brown with a full fringe, slightly tanned skin, green eyes and I’m pretty skinny. I love wearing skinny dresses but if Dad had his way I’d still be dressing in my Mini mouse dress from thirteen years ago…
Dad ruffled my hair (which irritated me) and walked out the door. Mom glanced at me before sighing heavily and saying “Don’t do anything stupid while we’re gone.”
I rolled my eyes at her typical comment as she ran out the door. I don’t like it that Dad treats me like a baby but at least he’s sweet to me. Mom practically ignores me and doesn’t seem to like me at all.
I watched the door slam shut and heard the lock click. I pounced at the door mat and fished out the key from underneath. When Mikey arrived I’d unlock the door.
As I walked back into the living room I pulled out my phone to text Mikey – They’re gone. You can come over now – H xxx
In a matter of seconds my boyfriend Mikey was already knocking on my door. Grinning, I jumped up from the sofa and ran to the door. I heard Mikey calling through the door “Hurry up, it’s fucking raining!”
I shoved the key in and opened the door. Mikey opened the door and stepped inside, dripping wet with his clothes plastered to his skin. He shut the door quietly and I re-locked it. “How’d you get here so quickly?” I asked, grinning at him.
He took my hand “I was waiting round the corner. Didn’t wanna waste a single second by being without you.”
“I just hope my parents don’t come back now!” I laughed “Or they’ll kill me!”
“I brought over Paranormal Activity for us to watch.” Mikey said, leaning his head closer to mine “And if you get scared, I’ll look after you.”
He leaned over and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. After a few moments he pulled away and said “Come on, let’s go watch this then!”
He went to walk off but I grabbed his arm “Come on then, carry me!”
Mikey laughed and lifted me up bridal style. He carried me carefully into the living room before dropping me onto the sofa. We both burst out laughing and Mikey kissed me again.
We sat around talking for a while. I told Mikey about my singing lessons, the new dress my Dad brought me and the latest episode of Vampire Diaries. Mikey told me a story about his Brother and a spider, his bass lessons and how much he’d missed me since last week.
But then Mikey stood up “Let’s watch this DVD then!”
“Are you sure about this?” I asked worriedly “I mean we’re sleeping here by ourselves tonight…”
“Yeah, so? Me and Gerard are usually left alone at home.” Mikey reminded me sadly.
I felt bad “I know but Mikey you know that I’m a wimp.”
“Like I said, I’ll look after you!” Mikey grinned at me “And I’m here to comfort you if you have any nightmares.”
Like I said, I could never say no to Mikey. So although I thought this was a terrible idea I gave in and said we should watch it.
Mikey slotted the DVD into the DVD player, grabbed the remote and jumped back onto the sofa. Mikey put one arm round me and I rested my head on his chest. “I still think this is a bad idea…” I mumbled.
Mikey ran his fingers up and down my arm “It’s a good idea, honestly. It’s not even scary, it’s a fifteen. And you’re fifteen, right?”
I sighed and tried to relax ‘Why have you gotta be such a baby?’ I asked myself ‘Loads of fifteen year old girls watch horror movies with their boyfriends. It’s not like you’re trying to contact dead spirits, is it?’
“See look, this isn’t scary.” Mikey asked when the door moved by itself and then moved into its original position.
I laughed, hoping that this was how the movie was going to continue. Pathetically un-scary. “You’re right, it’s kinda stupid…”
But the movie continued and the very ending really scared me. “Hey, you’re not really scared are you? Come on, let’s go upstairs for a bit. You’ll probably relax after a while.”
He took me hand and we walked upstairs together. “I love you Hester.” Mikey whispered, wrapping his arms round me “You know that, right?”
“I love you too Mikey.” I muttered, leaning my head into his neck “You know that I’m not ready though, right?”
“So you keep reminding me.” Mikey laughed, kissing the top of my head “You’re so beautiful.”
“And you so need your eyes checked out.”
“Wanna get into bed?” Mikey asked “You look exhausted.”
“Alright, go into the bathroom and get changed then!” I giggled.
Mikey winked at me, grabbed his bag and left the room. I opened my wardrobe and pulled out my pyjamas. The one’s with toast on saying “I feel toasty!”
Suddenly a heard a rather quiet but undeniable crash downstairs “Mikey!” I cried “Mikey!”
He came running in shirtless with only his skinny jeans on “What’s wrong Sweetie?”
“I heard something downstairs!”
“Honey,” Mikey grinned, walking over to me. He put his fingers through my hair “You’re just paranoid from watching that movie. I didn’t hear anything.”
“No really, I heard a crash downstairs…” I said, trailing off at the end of my sentence.
Mikey kissed me warmly before whispering “I’m going to finish getting changed. Shout me if you hear anything else and I’ll go downstairs to check, alright?”
“Alright…” I sighed “I’ll be waiting!” I said with a wink.
Mikey chuckled and walked back into the bathroom.
I sat down on the bed, straining to hear something downstairs. There was silence for a while before I heard the tiny pitter-patter of feet. I just assumed it was Mikey and didn’t think anything of it. But then I heard really loud television static. “Mikey!” I screamed “Mikey!” Surely he’d heard that?
Mikey ran into the room “Okay, even I hear that! I’m going to go downstairs and look, alright?”
“Promise you’ll come back upstairs?” I asked, my eyes filling with tears. Why had we watched that movie?
Mikey took a deep breath and started down the stairs. I looked at him for a while before sighing and following him down the stairs “I can’t let you go down alone.”
We walked down the stairs together and into the living room. The TV was silver and black with static and the light hanging from the ceiling was swinging back and forth “Mikey…” I whispered “Mikey, this is really scary.”
“I know.” Mikey replied, switching the TV off at the plug “What do you wanna do Sweetie?”
“I wanna get out of here!” I cried, tears suddenly falling from my eyes and rolling down my cheeks “I am so terrified!”
“Look,” Mikey whispered, resting his hands on my cheeks “We’re going to be fine. It’s probably the electrics acting all funny.”
“The light is swinging back and forth!”
“It’s probably the wind!” Mikey said, pointing at the windows “Look, this window is open. I’ll shut it now.”
“It wasn’t open!” I cried “I know I shut all the windows before my parents went out, I didn’t open it.”
“You’re just getting paranoid because you’re scared.” Mikey told me, shutting the window “Come on, we’ll go upstairs now and we’ll go to sleep. In the morning we’ll both laugh for being so stupid. I’ll tease you for being a wimp and you’ll get all soppy and continue to thank me for being so brave and looking after you.”
I didn’t believe him but I nodded and let him take me upstairs. He pulled back the duvet and I climbed into bed. Mikey flicked the light off and climbed into bed next to me. He wrapped his arms round me “Hear that?” Mikey asked “Complete silence. There’s nothing downstairs.”
We lay in each other’s arms for about fifteen minutes. Mikey was murmuring soft things to me to try and calm me down. Suddenly there was a loud clatter from downstairs. “Mikey, what was that?” I asked, the tears re-appearing in my eyes.
Mikey sat up “Look, just stay here. I’ll go downstairs and see what it was.”
“No, don’t leave me here by myself!” I cried “I’ll come down too.”
Mikey flicked the light back on and we walked downstairs together. “I think it came from the kitchen…” Mikey whispered, clutching my hand “Are you sure about this Sweetie?”
“Well I can’t send you in there alone.” I mumbled, squeezing his hand.
Mikey pushed open the door and quickly flicked on the light. There were pots and pans all over the floor. “Someone’s knocked them off the stand!” I told him, pointing to wear the pots and pans were kept.
Suddenly there was a loud scream from the living room. I threw my arms around Mikey “Oh my god Mikey, we’ve gotta get outta here!”
“Maybe we should go check…”
“No, please, Mikey, can we just go now?” I asked “Can we go stay at your house, please? I’m scared, can we just go?”
“Hey, hey, if it’ll make you feel better then okay we’ll go to my house!” Mikey said “Come on; let’s go get our stuff and we’ll get out of here.”
We walked back upstairs and Mikey returned to the bathroom to get his stuff. I grabbed a bag and started hurriedly packing when suddenly I felt something around my ankle. I looked down to see what it was but there was nothing there. All of a sudden I was knocked off my feet. I screamed as I felt something tighten around my ankles and they started pulling me. They pulled me away from my bedroom, down the hallway and down the stairs. “Mikey!” I cried.
He came running out the bathroom and saw me “Hester?” He asked “Hester, what the hell?”
He grabbed my wrists and yanked me back up “You’re okay, you’re okay…”
But in the back of my mind I knew that we wouldn’t make it to morning.

[A/N] – This is the story I didn’t like too much but I thought I’d upload it for yew in case yew did like it :3 Sorry if you didn’t
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