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My Way Home Is Through You.

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Okay I have no idea how to describe this one shot without spoiling it for you. But I can say that I haven't seen anything like it around here. So plz read and review so I can find out your thought...

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Tears of sadness overcame me as I stood on the edge of the waterfront. I didn’t hurt anymore. All of a sudden the pain I had felt for such a long time was gone. I couldn’t understand it, I couldn’t remember how I had ended up like this, standing on the waters edge. My tangled hair blew across my face as the sea breeze picked up, swirling around me, making my clothes blow around. That’s when I noticed it. I was standing in nothing but a white dress, so plain yet it hugged me just right. I couldn’t remember ever putting it on. I felt my face crease up into a frown as I fingered the smooth material. How and why was I here? All I remember previously was hurting so much, like I was dying and now I was here with no pain at all, numb almost. The sun tried to break through the think clouds, shining down on me as I looked up at it. I looked down at the ground before holding up my hands, the sunlight made them seem very pale, deathly. I looked at my hair which was very long, longer than I remembered it. The last time it had been like this was… well it must have been like this all the time otherwise I wouldn’t have it.
I felt the water swash around my feet, it was warm which didn’t add up considering I lived in New Jersey where the water was freezing. But almost as quickly as I felt the warm from the water I felt nothing. Nothing at all.

“Lost are we?” ,a voice broke the silence I seemed to have been in. I looked at him. The man stood in a black suit, his hair done well and had big chocolate brown eyes. I didn’t know him from Adam and yet here he was talking to me.
I found myself nodding a little unsurely.
“I- I think so… I don’t know. I just don’t remember how I got here.”, I told him honestly.
He laughed quietly, making my brow crease.
“You never do remember how you get here. You just arrive. Like many many before you. You all ask the same question and I nearly always give the same answer.”, he told me with a smile.
As if this was at all funny!
“I don’t understand! What do you mean?!… more importantly! Who are you?!”
He looked at me thoughtfully.
“I have many names… but you can call me Brendon. And you‘re Skylar.”
I blinked at him. How the hell did he know that?!
“I know that because it’s my job to know it.”
I stared at him dumbfounded, he just read my thoughts!
“Why am I here Brendon?”
“Because you died Skylar.”
My eyes grew wide. He can’t be serious. He couldn’t be.
“No I didn’t! Stop being crazy! How can I be dead?!”, I protested.
“Because your life ended and this is what happens when you die. You come here, to me. And I help you pass on.”
I shook my head violently. This couldn’t be happening.
“Prove it!”, I told him, almost angrily.
He sighed.

“Okay then. Your name is Skylar Way. You were born on the 26th of April 1980 in Newark. You’re mother and father moved to Jersey City when you were 2 so you don’t remember much of it. You had a good upbringing and you’re mother and father were happy until you hit 10 when your mother ran off with another man. Your father, Thomas looked after you on his own. You went to Belleville high school and there you met a man named Mikey Way. You became really good friends. Through him you met his older brother Gerard. You didn’t get along with him at the beginning but soon you learnt that you had more in common than you thought.
The year Gerard left school and went to art school in New York you started dating him. You spent most of your holidays and the occasional weekend there. When you left school you moved up to New York where you went to University and started a degree in History. When Gerard left art school he proposed and you got married on the 6th July 1999 when you were 19. You had a incredibly happy marriage and had a little girl about 2 years in. You called her Madeline… How am I doing so far?”
I stared at him, my eyes wide. I couldn’t say anything so he went on.

“About 8 years into your marriage you found out that Gerard had stage 4 pancreatic cancer days before you realised you were pregnant with your second child. He died when he was 30. You were so overcome with grief that you miscarried and you never married again… Your daughter-”

“Shut up shut up shut up!”, I screamed, my hand now over my ears. Tears were now streaming down my face as everything came back to me, “Please stop.”
I couldn’t stop the tears. I believed him. I couldn’t deny some of the things he said. No one knew about my life as well as he just said it.
“You believe me now?”, he asked. I knew he could read my thoughts but he wanted to hear me say it.
“Yes I do.”, I whispered. Wiping the tears away from my face. Hearing all of that at once was almost too much. I couldn’t have heard anymore of that. I could remember everything now. How much I loved Gerard… my daughter growing up into a woman. She married and had kids of her own and the only memory she had of her father was him holding her at her 5th birthday party. That was it. Nothing else.
Brendon was right. I never married again… I tried dating but I never let go of Gerard. I couldn’t. I felt like he was still part of me. I would never stop loving him. I remember getting older but as I became elderly everything started to go a little fuzzy. I looked up at Brendon and walked towards him a little.
“What happened to me?”, I asked him quietly.
He smiled softly, looking at me sympathetically.
“This is what you need to know to move on into the next world. Take my hand.”, he held out his hand for me to take. I took it willingly.

Seconds later we stood in from of an old building. It looked very inviting with it’s painted white wooden exterior. I glanced over at the sign it read: Ballantine House Nursing Home. I looked at Brendon who squeezed my hand lightly.
Seconds later we were in a room. A room that had been packed away. I stared at the bed that contained a body and that body wasn’t alive. I looked down at it and realised what I saw. It was older but I knew. It was me. An incredibly aged me but it was still me.
“You were 89. You had dementia, that’s why you couldn’t remember much as you went through your life in the later stages.”
I nodded, speechless.
“You died in your sleep.”, he comforted me a little.
“I believe you.”, was all I could say. I looked down at this version of me’s hand and saw that I was wearing my engagement and wedding bands. It brought tears to my eyes.
“When you die you become the version of you that was the happiest. In your case it was when you married Gerard. You married Gerard in a very simple wedding on a beach so here you are in a white dress with no shoes.”
I glanced down at my own hand and found that I too was wearing the same wedding rings. I smiled through more tears.
“I need to be happy to pass over?”, I asked Brendon who nodded and let go of my other hand.
“Does that mean I’m going to pass over now?”, was my second question.
“Not quite, there is one more thing you need before you can truly pass over.”, he said quietly.
“What?”, I asked, turning to find that he was gone. Oh great did that mean I was stuck here?! And even if it doesn’t I wouldn’t get the chance to say thank you.

“Sky?”, a voice made me jump. I knew that voice anywhere. I couldn’t bring myself to look behind me, to the source of the voice. But I took a deep breath and turned.
There in front of me stood my husband Gerard in all his black hair and gorgeous hazel eyes glory. He was in a white shirt and white pants- the ones he had worn to our wedding. I found my breath caught in my throat. Did I even need to breathe?!
“G-Gee?”, my bottom lip trembled as more tears threatened to flow.
“Oh no baby don’t cry! Come to me!”, he said softly. His voice was just as soothing as I remembered it, “I’m here baby.”, he soothed, stroking my long hair.
I clung to him, I couldn’t believe he was here. I had wanted him back since the day he left.
“I don’t understand. Why are you here?”, I asked quietly, a little bewildered.
He laughed softly.
“Did you listen to nothing he said? He said that we move on when we’re making to being as happy as we were at that one time in our lifetime. I, like you, was most happy at my wedding. So that’s why I’m dressed like this. But there was one thing missing.”
I looked up at him, as though to tell him to go on.
“I didn’t have you with me. I needed you with me to pass on.”, he told me with a smile.
“You mean…”, I began before he nodded.
“I watched over you all that time, waiting until I could be with you again. I never stopped loving you.”
I felt tears fall from my eyes, trickling down my cheeks as I continued to hug Gerard tight.
“I knew I wasn’t going crazy when I felt like you were with me. I never stopped loving you either.”, I smiled through my tears at him.
He smiled back lovingly as he wiped the tears from my face.
“But we’re together now and I’ll never ever leave you again. That’s all that matters.”, he told me with a smile.
“I love you Gerard Way.”, I kissed him softly.
“And I love you Skylar Way.”, he said as he kissed me back, “Are you ready to start our forever?”
I nodded, taking his hand.

And that’s when I knew I had found my home again. Right with Gerard. His hand in mine. Ready to pass over, to start our forever.

So Guys, like I said above: tell me what you think! R&R!! I was very proud about how this turned out! :D
Hollie xoxo
P.s I keep fixing mistakes I find XD
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