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It's all about you, it always was.

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"It was always about you, Ryan. Everything always was about you."

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'Dear Ryan,
I don't really know how to start this ok? I've written this about a thousand times. I can tell from the papers on the floor. I'm just going to come out and say it. I miss you. Ok? I miss everything we used to do. Hey remember the day we met? Well I do. I was walking in the park just thinking. I never told you Ryan, but I was going to drown myself in the pond. Then I saw you. You came over and started talking to me, offered me a cigarette, and when I refused and said smoking was disgusting and a huge turn-off you threw the pack away, and never touched a cigarette again. We just kept talking and talking and talking for hours. I gave you my number and you gave me yours and we texted all night long. Do you remember that? What about our first kiss? When we were sitting in your room listening to blink-182 songs and we were just randomly talking and I admitted I had never kissed anyone. We kissed and I spent the night. How about when we had our first fight? You screamed, I cried. Damn, I can't even remember what it was about, but it got us both pretty upset. Then I pointed out how stupid we both sounded and we talked it out and it turned out to be a whole misunderstanding. We laughed and smiled and then we both cried. But it was always about you, Ryan. Everything was always about you. How about the first time we did it? How you kept saying you loved me over and over and over and over. Then came the part where I cried for hours straight because you didn't call me back, you never texted me. You were completely ignoring me. When you finaly called me you told me that you joined a band and you are on tour. You said you missed me and to wait for you. I did wait for you. Well guess what Ryan, I've been waiting for a three years now, and I just thought I should tell you that, yes I miss you, and yes I'm moving on. I met this really nice guy named Gerard. Yeah Gerard Way. My Chemical Romance Gerard Way. Yeah we met, we kissed, we fucked, and we have a baby. So write me back, don't write me back I don't care. I just wanted to let you know that you're missing out on alot.
Love, wait can't say that now can I? Ok so
Later, Alex.'
I read the note with trembling fingers. Did she really throw her life away on Gerard? I couldn't stand this anymore. I dialed her number and it rang about three times before she answered.
"Hello?" She asked, she was tired. I looked over at the clock, it read 2:14 AM.
"Alex?" I said nearly in tears.
"Whose that?" I heard a male voice in the backround. Gerard probably.
"No one babe go back to sleep." She said. I couldn't help but think that that should be me laying in bed next to her.
"Ryan listen I can't talk I'm tired and I-" She tried to get the words out as fast as possible.
"I got your letter and I miss you too. Please come back to me. Come home." I blinked back tears. I couldn't let her hear me cry.
"Oh. Listen Ryan, I did miss you, but me and Gerard have a kid. I'm not going to abandon my last chance at a happy life just because you want me back. I wanted too long waiting for you. I'm sorry, but no I'm not. I am home. Here with Gerard and Sage. This is where I belong." Last chance at a happy life, she's 17 she'll have tons of chances.
"Can we please talk?" I begged I needed to tell her everything.
"Fine, but tomorrow I'm tired and Sage just started crying. Goodbye." And then she hung up the phone.

new story yay! sorry guys i have a really active mind and i'm gonna be starting new stories before i finish old ones but DONT WORRY! i WONT forget about all my other stories. so r&r and I might add another chapter i think i might just make this like a one-shot. so love you all bye:)
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