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A Decade Under the Influence

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I'm just writing a story about the lead singer. A very short one.

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YEah so I'm walking down the street. And this dog comes up to me. This dog looks offly familar. It looks like Frank Iero's. From MCR. I don't know if I was dreaming or what but it...ha, ha. It startes talking. I mean.. not ruff, ruff. I mean. Hey wats up!

"Hey Adam! Got a cigar!" He said to me.

"" I replied back.

"But your a smoker right?"

"Yeah but not with cigars."

"Oh. Then gimmie a ciggetate."

"I don't think Frank would like that!"

"So. Your a care free guy. You like dogs?"


"So if you give me one I'll be your dog."

I ran away. Far away. Just far enough to see Bert.

"Hey Bert!" I said.

"The names McCracken. Bert McCracken."

"Oh-kay! What are you doing?"

"Shhh! Can't you see that bird is taunting me."

"Aww. It's just a little bird." I said. I pet it and the next thing I know it shocked me and I wind up in LasVagas!

"Hey dude!" Pete Wentz says to me.

"You guys doing a concert." I asked.


"SO whats up?"

"Aww nothing. Patrick turned into a mouse and I'm trying to turn him back."

"Yeah! Try abracadabra." He said it and Patrick was a human again.

"You're a" Patrick said.

"A genius! Adam...Be one with FOB" They said like robots.

"I'd rather stay with TBS! My band not the tv station." I said while walking away.

I wound up falling off a cliff and flying right next guess it...Ray Toro.

"Hey Ray!" I yelled.

"Hey Adam!" He yelled back.

"Yeah. I um...I thought you were afraid of heights!"

"I am! Gerard got drunk and Bob pushed me off the plane!"


"Uh oh! Landing. SOrry. I have to inflate my afro."

"Umm." And before I said anything, Ray's afro inflated and pushed me right into Tyson Ritter!

"Adam! Whazzup!" He excaimed.


"Cool! I'm gonna go streak! Wanna join!"

"No thanks!" I said while running into a large white area.

"Adam! Join us!" I heard a lot of people scream.

I looked behind me only to see Franks dog, Bert, Ray, Patrick and Pete and Tyson following me. They were like possesed. They started chasing me!

Then music started. I'm watching a big movie screen.

"Gerard has got a gun.........Gerard has gotta gun." I was watching a bunch of little kids singning. "And if you shoot me with that gun! I'll shoot you too!" I heard a band and then all of a sudden Gerard pops out of the movie screen.

"Cool!" A little boy says. He's sitting next to me. I look around to see myself in a movie theater. I'm wearing 3-d glasses.

"Good. It was just a movie." I said to myself. I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.

"Hey, Hey Adam!" Gerard said. "Wanna see my gun?"

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed. and then woke up.

"Go Back to Sleep Honey." I heard someone say. I thought it was my girlfriend but I look on the other side of the bed only to see Murdoc of the Gorillaz.


"GO Back to Sleep Honey."

I laid down once again.
"AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I woke up.

"Adam. Whatz wrong?" I heard my girlfriend scream. She was hanging on to my neck.

"Bad dream. Bad dream." I said. "Sorry to wake you. Night."

"Night." That didn't sound like my girlfriend.

"I thought you were sleeping." I saw Fred.


And thats exactly how I went crazy!
I suggested to put TBS on FicWad. I wanted a story of mine on it. When I finally get to. I have know clue what to write! So thats Adams crazy story. Thanx. Bye!

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