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dangerous blades

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7:00 AM. It's a new day. I get out of bed and turn of my alarm and stretch. I feel like a rag doll. . I get out of bed and take a shower, doing my normal routine of getting ready for school. Today's not normal though. I can tell when my twelve year old sister, Max, doesn't do her normal bug eyes at me and mom and dad aren't downstairs yet.

We leave the house and stand by the bus stop. I sit down and soon after a blonde haired woman come to sit next to me. I glance over and she's staring at me. I stare back, but I can't see her eyes, her sunglasses are in the way. She takes my hand, this mysterious woman and puts it on her cheek. I stop breathing.

I feel shivers going down my spine as I tried to speak. I couldn't talk or move my mouth. Then to my complete surprise, Max takes a hold of my book bag and tugs me along with her on the bus. "Come on, we're going to be late for school," she says quietly, still holding my bag in her hand.

The blonde hair woman stands up and waves at me, then turns and walks away. She stays in my mind.

As I sit back and sigh, Max looks at me and punches my arm.

"What is with you and fantasy women anyway and besides she's a jerk anyway" Max said.

I looked at my sister as I pat her on the head.

"You’re too young to know the life of teenager love or how I like to say cybernetic love,” I said.

My sister looked at me with her arms ready as she punched me in the arm again as I groaned even louder.

"Ow! Max! Cut it out!!!!" I said.

Max sticked out her tongue, as I got more and more frustrated with her. As she crossed her arms and looked out the window.

(Sighs) "What is that you want to know Max"? I said with disappointment.

Max then hugged me tight so tight it's like I want to push her away

"I just don't want that jerk messing around with my brother, besides she picks on me, you know that cause you seen her do it right brother?" Max said.

Max then looked at me as if I wasn't paying attention to her, As I was daydreaming of that woman with those long legs, As Max punched me again as I gauntly stared right back at her. As her arms crossed again.

"Right?" Max said a 2nd time.

I looked at her with disbelief

"Yeah whatever" I said to her.

So as we got to the Jr High. I seen my #1 best friend Anna as she waited for me getting off the bus. So as I got off Anna hugged me but even tighter then my sister max as Anna sobs

"Where have you been all my life" Anna said.

I looked at her, as I caressed her head.

"Don't cry Anna, I'll always be here in this Jr High School" I said.

Anna cries as she stomps in frustration.

"But I want you in High School with me please, you have to be in my class please I'm begging you" Anna said.

Max looked at her as she walked towards the school. As I looked back at my sister.

"Please Max, Don't leave me here with her" I said.

Max looked at me as she looked at the sky.

"Your on your own brother, So until u lose all your so called lame friends, Stay away from me till I see the real brother you are" She said as She crossed her arms and walked into the school.

So now as Anna kept grabbing my legs and hugging them tight so I couldn't move, I knew this adventure was going to be...

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