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Victoria's Personalised Story

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Victoria's Personalised Story

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-10-18 - Updated: 2011-10-18 - 1268 words

[A/N] - I think this is the first personalised story that I am actually happy with :3 Hope yew like it!

Ray’s POV…
“That was a great show!” Gerard cried happily as we made our way off the stage. We’d just finished our encore and all of us were feeling pretty happy “I think that deserves a celebration.”
“Gerard…” Mikey said with a warning tone in his voice.
Gerard held his hands up “I’ll only have one glass! Then I’ll stop, okay?”
We all rolled our eyes at the promise we’d all heard so many times before. Gerard got us all a beer and we started drinking to celebrate the show.
I flicked on the TV and set Guitar Hero up. I handed Bob one of the guitars and for half-an-hour we were distracted by the game.
Mikey came walking in “Have you guys seen Gerard?”
“No, we thought he was with you and Frank.” Bob shrugged.
Mikey sat down “No, Frank’s gone to bed because he’s starting to feel ill and I was on the phone to Alicia. I can’t find Gerard anywhere.”
I pressed pause on the game “I guess we’d better go find him. I don’t think he’s only had ‘one beer’ like he promised.”
“Well done Captain-State-The-Obvious.” Mikey snapped, getting up and storming out.
I rose my eye-brows “Jeez, he’s in a bad mood.”
“He’s just worried about Gerard, that’s all.” Bob said quickly “Come on, we’d better go find him.”
I stood up and wandered outside. I didn’t walk far before I heard someone puking and someone saying “Uhh excuse me?”
I ran towards the noise at the edge of the building. I looked round the corner and found Gerard puking… All over a beautiful girl with dyed brown hair and big blue eyes.
I groaned “Gerard, whatever happened to just one beer?”
“I only had one beer!” Gerard lied “I just… I don’t feel so good…”
“I’m so sorry,” I apologised to the fan “Would you like to come backstage and clean up?”
“If you don’t mind.” She said quietly, edging away from Gerard and closer to me.
I held out my hand to her “Oh my name’s Ray.”
“Yeah, I know.” She said, smiling “My name’s Victoria Whitten.”
“That’s cool. Well come on then.”
I grabbed Gerard’s arm and started pulling him back to the bus, Victoria following us. It didn’t take us too long to trudge back to the bus “Hey Mikey!” I yelled “Mikey!”
He came running off the tour bus. I practically threw Gerard at him “He’s been sick.” I said “All over this girl. I’m going to take her to clean up.”
“I’ll take Gerard to bed.” Mikey muttered, helping Gerard onto the bus “Thanks Ray, I’ll tell Bob we’ve found him.”
“Alright.” I replied, taking Victoria’s hand “Come with me.”
She smiled again as we walked over to the venue together. She has a really pretty smile. “Yet again, I’m really sorry about Gerard.”
“It’s okay we’ve all been there before.” Victoria giggled “Honestly, it’s fine. No need to apologise.”
“I should’ve been keeping an eye on him!” I cried, not quite sure why I was telling her all this “He promised he’d only have one drink and we all knew he wouldn’t but no one stayed with him. Why didn’t I stay with him?”
“I-I don’t know.” Victoria replied, looking slightly worried.
I sighed “Sorry, I didn’t mean to tell you all that.”
I stopped outside the girls bathroom “I’ll wait out here for you. Do you have a ride home?”
“Uhh no, that’s why I’m still hanging around.” She blushed “My Mom said she’d give me a lift home but she’s not answering her phone, my friends have gone home and I don’t have any money.”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll figure something out.” I replied “Go and clean yourself up and then we’ll think about this.”
“Alright. Thanks Ray.” She walked into the bathroom while I stood outside and waited for her.
What was wrong with me? She could only be seventeen! I was way too old for her. But she was still so pretty…
She came out of the bathroom looking cleaner “Thanks for letting me backstage to clean up.”
“Oh no, it’s fine, it was the least I could do.” I smiled “Now come on, we’d better figure out a way to get you home.”
I took her hand and we walked out of the building. I managed to track down our band manager Brian “Can I borrow your car please? I gotta take this girl home.”
“I could do it…” Brian said.
But I shook my head “No, it’s okay, I wanna do it. Just give me your car keys.”
Brian didn’t look too happy about it but he handed over his keys and we went to the car. I slipped into the driver’s seat and Victoria got into the passenger’s seat. “Thanks so much for this.”
“Oh it’s no trouble.” I told her “So where do you live?”
She told me her address, I started the car and we drove off.
We drove along in silence for about ten minutes before Victoria finally spoke “Ray… You know I said my friends just ditched me here?”
“Well I kinda lied about that.” Victoria muttered “I also lied about my Mom and not having any money. I just… I wanted to spend more time with you.”
“With me?” I asked “Really?”
“Yeah, you’ve always been my favourite member.” Victoria told me “And you were being so nice to me. I thought there was maybe a chance that…”
“That what?”
“That you’d really like me.” Victoria suddenly burst into tears.
I pulled over the car and turned to look at her “Well I do really like you.” I told her “But I’m so much older than you.”
“I don’t want us to date!” She said quickly “But couldn’t you just… Couldn’t you just…”
“Couldn’t I just what?”
“This.” She muttered before leaning over and kissing me gently.
And I kissed her back.

Victoria’s POV…
Ray pulled up outside my house “You’re gonna be okay right?” Ray asked, looking concerned “You won’t get into any trouble or anything?”
“No, it’ll be fine.” I muttered, not liking the way he was looking at me. As if I was a pathetic little child and he was my teacher or something.
He reached over and patted my arm “It was greet meeting you.”
I was about to get out of the car when suddenly he grabbed my arm “Wait! Do you want my autograph?”
“Oh, yeah, sure…”
He took a piece of paper, signed it and handed it over to me. He took quite a while to sign one small slip of paper but I didn’t pay much attention to it. “Bye Ray,” I said “I hope you come back to this town soon. I’d love to see you live again.”
“Oh trust me, I’m sure we will.” Ray smiled “Bye Victoria.”
I got out the car and Ray drove off. I looked down at the piece of paper. Ray had signed his name but he’d also left a phone number… His phone number…
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