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Take my fucking hand Part 2

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A/N Okay guys i've not completely finished this chapter but i decided i owe it to you guys to update, so yeah... Enjoy it and I'll see you at the end

Party's P.O.V

I was amazed at Lady Madness, she literally just brought up the dead! Wow, I mean just..Woah...

"Wow! How the hell did you do that?!" I exclaimed

"Demonstrate now, explanations later, Ok?" She told me. I gave her a nod in response.

"Okay, so who's up next?" Jet said, clapping my hands once and rubing them together. Poison and Radical raised their hands together and walked to the center of the room, just like Lady had done before. Radical whispered something unaudible to Poison, making her nod her head.

Radical and Poison held each others hand and closed their eyes, concentration written all over their faces. Before we knew it all of us were being lifted into the air, Telekinisis I knew it! We were all moved around one by one, doing flips and cartwheels in the air, I had to admit it was really fun, well, until Radical sneezed breaking the concentration between her and Poison. We all fell on to the sofa upside down, thank god Poison put it there.

"OMG AGAIN AGAIN!!" Kobra shouted, the little 5 year old inside of him bursting to get out. I love that kid, seriously. Poison laughed as Radical lifted him into the air again and dropped him back on the sofa. He landed with a thump, making everybody in the room erupt in laughter. Bullet hid behind Jet knowing she would have to go next.

"Aww, Come on Bullet, pleeeease!" I heard Toxic beg. She shook her head as a response and went back to hiding behind Jet
"BULLET! BULLET! BULLET! BULLET!" We all started chanting for her. After abour 5 minutes she finally gave in and made her way into the middle of the room.
"Does somebody have anything I could use like a raygun or something?" She quietly asked. Kobra threw her his Raygun, in which she caught with great ease. I would have dropped it if Kobra had thrown it at me like that. She felt up the raygun (A/N omg that sounds so wrong!) before zoning out. Her eyes turned different colours, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Green,Orange.
She eventually zoned back in. Horror staining her eyes.

"Bullet, Bullet? Are you okay? What did you see Bullet? Tell me please!" Jet got up and caught her as she collapsed, exaughstion taking over.
"Who's Frank? And why was he being taken?" She managed to get out. Mine, Jets and Kobras eyes widened, whilst Radical, Lady and Poison gave her a confused look. Suddenly Toxic ran out of the room, chanting "Shit, Shit, Shit" over and over again. What the fuck?

Ghouls P.O.V

" are you getting yourself out of this one then?" Radioactive asked, I looked at her strangely, she must have been really high on pills to not remember. Fucking BL/I.
"Like I said before, I don't know but we gotta make it quick when we do,"
"Wait, you said "we", I'm coming with you?" She looked up to me looking hopefully, her pupils still unevenly dialated from all the drugs.
"Of course you are! You don't think I would just leave you and all the other captured killjoys here,would you? I need to find a way to contact the others that way, we can meet them or they can get us out!" She smiled at me and stood up. "What are you doing?" I asked her as she dragged me up to my feet aswell.
"You said you were going to help me and all the other captured killjoys, why not meet them first?" She took off around the corner, signalling me to follow her. Damn she was fast!

~Le Time Lapse~

She lead me into a crystal white room, surprise surprise, in which was occupied by 3 girls each sitting on a bed. As if they could sense our presence they all stood up and looked at us simultaneously.

"Who is this? Is he here to give us our pills?" One said, looking at me, checking for the pill bottles.
"It's okay Imploder, this is Fun Ghoul, he's going to help us escape the BL/I" Radioactive boldly told them moving towards me.
"Oh, Wait isnt he one of the faulous killjoys?" Another said
"Yes, I am. The BL/I captured me a couple days ago, so I'm here, I promise to help you escape though, are you the only four here?" I explained
"Umm, I think they have more of us in the testing facilities, but they are somewhere in zone 6" The youngest of the 3 said quietly.
"And which zone are we in?"
"8" They all said together
"Okay, firstly we need to find a way to contact the other fabulous killjoys" I mentioned

They four girls looked horrified. Their eyes connected to the door behind me. I knew from an instant who it was.
"Well, Well, Well, look whos playing hero again" Were the last words I heard before faint screams and saw nothing but black. Here we go again.

Just finished editing the last part so yeah
-Tia xo
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