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Music Boxes

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"At leas she'll be home on Wednesday."

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Mikey and Gerard somehow managed to sneak in to see Amber on the second day she was in the mental hospital. Gerard told me that she looked like a zombie, just sitting there staring off into space. I hate what they’re doing to her. I hope she’s better by the time she comes home.

Today is the fourth day she is there and I’m dying inside. Fridays are always the worst cause they seem to drag on and on. I’m really glad that the counselor hasn’t called Mikey and I down again. We really don’t need it.

News reporters hang out around Amber’s house hoping to see her. It’s annoying but no matter how many times you ask them they don’t go away. I think they’re convinced she’ll come outside. No one has told them she isn’t home.

There is a party on Saturday but I don’t go. Instead I sit on the roof of my house watching the stars. Mikey stumbles home around one completely drunk. Mikey is drunk a lot lately. I think it’s his way of dealing with everything that is going on. I wish I could help but I feel like maybe he just needs to work things out on his own.

On Sunday I go into the city in search of some new Converse. The sole of my left shoe has finally worn out after three years. Amber will be happy to see I’ve bought new shoes. She was always on me about the old ratty ones.

After an hour of searching I find some red ones and buy them. Red is Amber’s favorite color. I also buy a pair of black Converse to replace the ones that fell apart. Along with the shoes I buy a belt and another hoodie even though I know I don’t need it.

Gerard, whose school is twenty minutes from the shopping center, meets me for lunch. We sit in the food court and eat. Normally Gerard looks tired but I’ve never seen it this bad.

“Hey, everything alright man?” I ask once our food is thrown away and we are walking around.

“I’m just tired. I’ve been trying to keep Mikey from drinking and stop Amber’s mom from worrying too much. Moms the only one I don’t have to worry about. School is eating into everything so sleep is kinda a luxury right now,” Gerard explains.

“Understood. You know she’s gonna be alright though. I mean Amber has come this far,” I say.

“You didn’t see her dude. She was just there, like an empty shell. That’s what anti-depressants do. I was afraid they’d put her on them. I’m kind of hoping they will lower the dosage.”

I nod as if I understand even though I don’t. Gerard takes pills to help with depression so he knows about this stuff. I have no clue what Amber will be like when she comes home. Really I don’t think it will be that bad. No doctor in their right mind would let someone be an empty shell unless it was for their own good. I don’t think Amber is that messed up.

“At least she’ll be home on Wednesday,” I answer trying to think on the bright side. I only have four more days, counting today, till I can see Amber again. I really am having a hard time waiting.

“Yeah, I just hope she’s better,” Gerard says before stopping at a little store that sells music boxes.

We each buy one for Amber. Gerard’s is blue and white with a snowflake that spins around playing the tune Winter Wonderland. It’s pretty. I buy one with a turtle that plays something I’ve never heard before but it sound nice. Amber will like it.

Around one Gerard leaves. Figuring I might as well head back I get in my car and drive, my music turned up way to loud. I don’t even care. Sometimes it’s better to let the music drown everything out. As the song ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ comes on I smile. Amber sang this for the talent show last year. I wonder if she’ll ever sing again. I hope so; she’s got a beautiful voice.

Humming along I try and not go over the speed limit even though I’d like to. Driving slowly has never been something I liked very much. As I drive I think of Amber. She means so much to me. I just hope she’ll be alive enough to be excited to see me.

Note: I collect boxes. They're just the decorative ones that open and close, sometimes they've got stuff in them. Random fact, anyway, hope you enjoy this chapter. :) Oh, remember to leave it...for Frank haha.
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