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The Boy And The Three-Tailed Beast

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My lil bro decided to write a story, I asked if he wanted it on here and he said it was cool.

Category: Naruto - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Kakashi,Orochimaru - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2011-10-18 - Updated: 2011-10-19 - 402 words

Chapter One - Cause Of The Hatred

I was once a boy from the Sound Village. My name was Hozi Hatake. When he was two years old me, his father Kakashi Chidori Hatake, and his mother Tendai Hatake went on a picnic. I was staring into space when he saw a dark mass in the shape of a snake in the distance. Kakashi asked “Hozi, what is it?”. I did not know how to explain it in a way that would make sense or at my own age.
Then when I was five, Kakashi went to get some food from another nearby village. My village was scarce on food. While he was gone in the woods on the path to the home village, Me and Tendai stayed home. At seven o-clock at night, the snake-man came to the house, unseen. I was in my room asleep with the TV still on. He suddenly woke jumping in fear and curiosity. When I rushed to the living room, I saw that his mother had been attacked.
“MOTHER!!!”, I yelled. Then the snake-man dropped down from the ceiling and puts a seal on my heart, to make sure that I cannot go past sharingan level 3. Then as Tendai lay struggling, one of the snake-mans experiments says to her, “If you ever want to live to see your son alive again…”. “Don’t you dare”, a voice comes and interrupts him. I all look and see that it is Kakashi. “Well, long time no see, Orochimaru.” (the snake-man). “Kakashi, why am I not surprised?” he said, “Come to defend your family I see?”. Orochimaru stands puzzling like, looking at Kakashi just standing there. He looks back and saw that Kakashi was behind him. Kakashi punches him and throws him into the forest. Then while Kakashi leaves again, Orochimaru made a clone of himself and set out the house where the others are, leaving the clone in the woods waiting for Kakashi.
The experiment told Tendai again, “Now, tell me, Whe…”, “Where is Jeshi Hyuga?” Orochimaru interrupted. And Kakashi finally grew to be self aware, and the rushes to the house. When he got there he saw that he was too late. But before he did, Tendai said, “please don’t hurt them.” “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about them… it would be better if they worry about you.” then he killed her. Or so we thought.
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