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Loose Propsal

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Ren is ready to propse to Ariel let's see how it goes and will he make it one she will never forget.. From remake or 2011 verison!

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Footloose! This is based on the 2011 version!!

Ren Mccormack smiled to himself as he looked at the small diamond ring he held in his hands. Tonight he was going to propose to his girlfriend, of four years, Ariel Moore. The small town of Bomont gained their right to dance four years ago thanks to him. Ariel and him officially started dating after prom and went to the same college with Rusty and Willard after senior year. This was their last year of school and they couldn't be happier.

Ren then checked his watch combed his hair and grabbed the ring case before heading to pick up Ariel at her dorm room. He got to the room that her and Rusty shared knocked on the door and took a huge breath for good luck before hearing the door open and seeing Ariel standing there with a big smile.

"Oh hey" She says motioning him to come in as he enters the room

"Just had to grab a jacket" Ariel says returning from her bedroom

"You look so beautiful" He says staring at her for a bit while she blushes and laughs replying back

"You don't look half bad too" She jokes laughing as they step out into the hallway and she closes her door.

"So where are we going" Ariel asks as they get into the car

"It's a surprise"

"So you aren't going to tell me" She pouts

"Isn't that what makes it fun" He laughs as the leave the campus

First he took her to their favorite dance club where they met up with Rusty and Willard which to her was a surprise. Then he took her to a nice fancy restaurant just the two of them and he could tell she thought it was sweet and romantic. Finally he took her to the place where they shared their first kiss on his car surrounded by the tall grass all those years ago. As he knelt down on one knee she just looked shocked

"Ariel, I have known you for four years and these four years have been the best years of my life. I thought that nobody could ever replace the room in my heart after my mother she still has her place but now you have one as well. You taught me so many things and lessons about love, life and god and I thank you for that. I love you so much and it would do me great honor of one day being able to be called you husband to be by your side all the time and never leave you Ariel Moore will you marry me"

By this time she was crying a little bit before walking over towards him nodding her head and kissing him passionately while smiling before pulling away as she leans her head on his shoulder and they look off into the sunset on his car.

"I love you Ariel Moore" He says whispering into her ear as he kisses her forehead softly

"I love you too Ren Mccormack and I think Ariel Mccornmack has a nice ring to it" She says leaning her head back onto his shoulder as they enjoy the peacefulness of the sunset and each other for the rest of the night
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