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Chapter 2

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A thin smile finds its way to Rogue's lips and softly she replies "I'm fine."

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Rubbing at her eyes Rogue laughs bitterly as she recalls the day she realized the images she'd been plagued with were none other than Magneto's memories.

She felt hollow inside and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and burrow under her covers; cry out in frustration. It wasn't in the cards.

When she'd finally left the confines of the bathroom she found herself faced with a rather distressed Storm. It was the last thing she needed. Teachers were a nasty business; they always asked questions, far too many questions.

Worry etching itself across Storm's face the elder woman's brows knit together as she asked "are you ok Marie?"

Rogue bit her bottom lip thinking how she should answer. 'How do you tell an X-man that you've got their archrival's memories lodged in your brain?'

She sighed dropping her gaze from Storm's, 'you don't.' nodding mechanically she mumbled "just a little tired." She tried her best to give a sense of finality that she would rather not talk about anything; Storm seemed to have missed the hint.

Forcing a smile Storm hesitantly placed a hand to Rogue's shoulder "are you sure you don't want to talk about it sweetie?"

Rogue feels a swell of anger fill her body and she jerks away from the hand that was meant to be comforting. Before she can even process why she is suddenly so angry her eyes narrow on their own accord to mere slits and she's growling out in response "I said I'm fine!"

Cheeks flushing Rogue blinks in confusion 'where did that come from?'

Storm straightens up trying to mask the look of shock that flashed across her face at Rogue's brash display. Flustered she stumbles over which words to use before settling on "perhaps you should go up to your room." As an afterthought she adds "Jean mentioned the prolonged exposure to Logan might have you acting…aggressive."

And the anger is rearing its ugly head once more, only this time it's worse.

"Yeah, and what do you know?"

Storm flinches at the stinging venom the words were spoken snarled with.

"Marie, I've already spoken with the Professor, you're excused from classes for the remainder of the week."

Eyes narrowing Rogue pushes past Storm in a huff; anger is radiating off her in waves and she's not sure where it's coming from, but she doesn't care, she just needs to get out of here. Far away from Storm, and those dreaded prying questions.

Stalking off down the hallway Rogue pauses when Storm calls out "Marie, we're only trying to help."

Turning around Rogue forces out a laugh, it comes out choked and somewhat mockingly. Sneer firmly in place she bites out "so far you've all done a bang-up job."

She leaves after that, unaware of the single tear making its way down Storm's cheek as she wrestles with her hold on composure.

When Rogue reaches her bedroom she no longer feels angry. In fact, she feels more like herself than she has in days.

Toeing off her shoes Rogue crawls into bed pulling the blankets tightly around her, attempting to make her very own cocoon to drift away in.

She knows she should apologize to storm; the way she snapped at her had been wrong. Rude, was putting it nice, she'd been downright disgraceful towards her teacher.

Storm's warning comes to mind:

'…the prolonged exposure to Logan might have you acting…aggressive.'

Perhaps it wasn't her fault.

Rolling to lay on her back a small frown graces Rogue's lips. Why weren't Logan's memories floating around with Magneto's and Cody's?

Then again between memories of Auschwitz and Logan's foul temper maybe it was best not to question the absence of another's memories from her mind.

Eyes closing Rogue exhaled softly trying to clear her mind hoping that maybe tonight would be night-memory free.

Its pitch black and absolutely freezing, even with the wetsuit on; however I barely register the numbing cold. My mind is focused on one thing, one person. Shaw.

Must kill Shaw.

Hands extended out in front of me I try to command the anchor to my will and stop Shaw from escaping once more. I couldn't let him get away, not this time.

My vision begins to blur around the edges, I feel very lightheaded and if the bubbles rising around me are any indication of my oxygen levels then I'd guess my lungs were nearing empty.

I should stop flailing and resurface to replenish my lungs, but I haven't completed my task yet. Shaw is still very much alive.

Arms are suddenly wrapped around me tightly attempting to yank me upward to the surface. I begin to struggle, instinct taking over, my first notion is to resist this stranger's grasp on me.

Then I hear it; a voice.

'Friend you are going to die if you do not calm down.'

I still instantly because the voice sounded so close; almost internal.

My head breaks through the water and I cough trying to inhale. Bobbing there in the middle of the ocean I look at –my savior—no, the fool who jumped in after me.

"How did you do that?'

Blue eyes blaze intensely as they lock on to mine.

"You have your tricks I have mine."

I quirk an eyebrow 'tricks, what does he know?'

"I'm like you, just calm your mind."

'It's almost as if he can read my mind…'

My eyes widen as his words register. "I thought I was alone," I whisper looking to him for confirmation.

"You're not alone…you are not alone…Erik."

I nod slightly looking at this man before me. A man who jumped in to save me; a man whose name I don't even know.

The voice is back this time with a hint of amusement.

'Charles. My name is Charles.'

Rogue woke shivering in bed gasping slightly. It took her a few seconds to relax and once she did she noticed Kitty perched on the edge of her bed a curious look on her face.

Tugging the blankets to wrap around her shoulders Rogue fixed Kitty with a look of annoyance.

"Are you ok?"

No, my mind is filled with Magneto's memories, I snapped at Storm today, I think I just met a younger version of the Professor, and if I'm meant to relive Magneto's entire existence I might just lose my own mind!

A thin smile finds its way to Rogue's lips and softly she replies "I'm fine."
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