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Allison's Personalised Story

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Allison's Personalised Story

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Gerard’s POV…
“Happy Birthday!” They cried as I flicked on the light switch.
On the inside I groaned but on the outside I smiled and said “Oh my god, you guys went to all this trouble?” I blushed. I totally sounded like a girl.
My best friend Frank ran over to me “Are you surprised?” He asked. I nodded, trying to look surprised and enthusiastic at the same time “Sweet!” He grabbed my hand “Come on, come and have some fun!”
He pulled me into the crowd of people. I was surrounded by people calling “Happy Birthday Gee!” but once all this was over, I was practically ignored.
This wasn’t exactly my dream party. Loud disco music and a lot of people dancing on a large dance floor. I walked up to the bar “Get me a beer please.” I said, sighing heavily.
A voice next to me suddenly said “You look like you’re having a great time birthday boy.”
I turned to see who was talking to me. A young woman with black hair and red streaks, pale skin, pale blue eyes and glasses. She was wearing an All Time Low t-shirt, purple skinny jeans, yellow wristbands and purple converse.
“I wasn’t really hoping to have a surprise party.” I admitted “Of course I knew Frank was planning one but I guess I thought I’d be in the mood…” I stopped myself “I’m sorry, who are you?”
“Oh, sorry, my name’s Allison.” She said, blushing a light shade of pink “I’m a friend of Frank’s I kind of pestered him into letting me come.”
“Why?” I laughed “This isn’t my scene and it doesn’t really look like yours.”
“Well Frank never shuts up about you so I thought I’d come and meet you.” She grinned “How old do you turn today?”
“Twenty-one.” I admitted “How old are you?”
“Nineteen.” She replied as I got my beer “Do you maybe wanna go outside for a bit?”
I looked around. Frank was dancing with some girl around his age. I was safe for now “Yeah, sure. Before Frank notices.”
We walked outside together and shivered in the cold air “I didn’t realise how cold it was here.” Allison giggled “Freezing compared to in there.”
“I know right.” I held my head back and looked up at the sky “So how do you know Frankie?”
“We go to the same college.” She told me “We’re in the same math class. What about you?”
“He made friends with my little brother Mikey,” I explained “And we became best friends.”
“That’s really sweet.” She said.
We both stood in the awkward silence for a while until she randomly asked “So, are you in a relationship?”
“Uhh no.” I replied.
She looked away “Sorry, I dunno why I asked that…”
“No, no, it’s alright…” I laughed “What about you?”
“What about me?”
“Well, are you in a relationship?”
“No.” She muttered “I was but I caught him cheating on me so it kinda ended there…”
“Same thing happened to me this time last year.” I replied “Came home early on my birthday to find my girlfriend having sex with some other guy. Probably why I’m not so keen on my birthday this year either.”
“You shouldn’t let that stop you from having a good time tonight.” She said “You can’t let her run your life forever.”
I didn’t say anything.

Allison’s POV…
I couldn’t stop looking at him. He’s so cute! “So uhh…” I said, not sure what to say “Have you been in a relationship since her?”
“Umm no, I haven’t.” He replied “I didn’t really want to. I’ve been waiting.”
“For what?”
“Someone I really like.” He laughed “But they haven’t come along yet.”
I blushed. I had been waiting too. And I thought I’d just found him.
I swallowed and said “Maybe we should go back inside. Frank will start looking for us in a bit.”
“Exactly. He’ll start looking for us ‘in a bit’.” Gerard said “So let’s stay out here a bit longer. You’re easier to talk to than most of the people in there.”
I blushed again and said “Oh why thank you!”
He laughed “So what are you hoping to be when you leave college?”
“Promise you won’t laugh at me?”
“I promise.”
“I was hoping to be a bass player in a band.” I confessed “What about you?”
“Artist.” He told me “I designed a cartoon for Cartoon Network but it was never aired. It was too similar to some other show they already have or whatever.”
“Well from what I hear from Frank, you’re a brilliant artist.” I told him “Maybe some other channel will air it?”
“Not sure I wanna slave over my programme anymore.” He said “I think I wanna be in a band too you know. But I’d be a singer.”
“Yeah Frank says you’re a great singer!” He glanced at me “Frank talks about you an awful lot…”
He laughed again and turned to face me properly “I really don’t wanna be at this party.” He told me “Can we get outta here please?”
“Oh,” I thought about it “Where would you wanna go?”
“Back to my place!” He smiled “Come on, let’s get a taxi.”
“A-Are you sure?” I asked, looking back at the door “I mean, if Frank finds out…”
“Frank won’t find out!” He said, taking my hand “Come on, it’ll be fine…”
I looked down at our clasped hands and smiled. I already knew that I really liked him so I nodded “Sure, but if Frank finds out then I’m pinning the blame on you.”
Gerard laughed “Noted.”
He pulled out his phone and called a taxi. It didn’t take too long to arrive and we jumped into the backseat “Uhh I’ll pay…” I blushed.
He shook his head “Nah, it’s okay. I’ve got enough from my birthday.”
“Oh… Well… Thanks…”
“No problem.”
The taxi driver pulled up outside a flat “It’s not much,” Gerard said, clearly embarrassed “But… Yeah, it’s not much.”
I laughed “It’s just fine Gee.”
“Gee?” He asked. I blushed but he smiled “That’s so sweet.”
He unlocked his front door and let us both inside.

Gerard’s POV…
We sat down on my sofa “Frank’s gonna kill us when he finds out.” I laughed “But I reckon it’ll be worth it.”
Allison smiled “Yeah.”
We both just looked at each other for a long moment. Our heads leaned closer when suddenly I pulled away and asked “So, do you want a drink?”
“Uhh yeah sure. White wine?”
I went into the kitchen, got her some white wine and a beer for me. “You’re okay right?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.” She replied with a small smile, taking a sip “How long have you been living here?”
“About a year.” I told her. I put my beer down and she put her wine down.
We were both silent again when suddenly she said “Gerard, there was a reason I wanted to meet you tonight…”
“Oh yeah? What was the reason?”
“Frank showed me pictures and videos and stuff of you…” She whispered “I thought you were really cute. And the way he went on about you all the time made me think you were pretty awesome. I really wanted you to like me.”
“That’s really sweet.” I replied quietly before leaning over to kiss her.
After a few moments we pulled away “I love you!” I whispered, hugging her to my chest.
“I love you too!” Allison muttered, putting her arms back round me “Even if we have only just met.”
“I don’t care.” I replied “I’ve never felt this way about anyone.”
“I feel the same way.”
“Do you maybe wanna… Stay here the night?” I smiled suggestively.
Allison blushed and nodded with a small smile on her face.

[A/N] – I don’t do sex scenes so that’s the end of your FanFic :3 I hope yew liked it :)
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