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Emily's Personalised Story

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Emily's Personalised Story

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Emily’s POV…
I walked past a girl with long waist-length blonde hair “Freak.” She hissed under her breath at me “You ain’t gonna last long here.”
I continued walking, not looking back. It was my first day at a new school and I didn’t want to start anything even if it wasn’t my fault. I’d just moved here to America from England yesterday. I continued walking through a sea of hateful comments “What a loser.” “Geek.” “What on earth is she wearing?”
I looked down. I wasn’t wearing anything exceptionally weird. Just black skinny jeans, an Avenged Sevenfold tee-shirt and black converse. “Hey, are you okay?” A voice suddenly asked to the left of me.
I turned to see who was talking to me. Someone about the same height as me with brown hair and glasses stood opposite me. I nodded then sighed and shook my head “I’m new here.” I said quickly “You don’t know where Room 24 is, do you?”
“Oh is that your home room?” I looked at him confused “You know the place where you go for registration and stuff?”
“You mean like a form?” It was his turn to look confused so I just nodded “Yeah, my home room.”
“It’s the same home room as mine.” He said “Do you wanna walk with me?”
I nodded “Yeah, sure.”
We started walking “Oh my name’s Mikey Way by the way. What’s yours?”
“Emily Toye.” I replied “I’m fourteen.”
“Me too.” Mikey nodded. He stood outside Room 24 “Are you ready to go in?”
“Am I meant to prepare or something?”
“Well I already heard all the stuff people were saying to you. They say the same kinda stuff to me. So it’ll probably be even worse when we go in now.”
“It doesn’t matter.” I said with a shrug “Because we’re friends, right?”
To my relief he nodded at me with a smile “Let’s go in then now.”

Gerard’s POV…
At ten past three I got a text message off my little brother Mikey Frank + Em are coming over xx
I stared at the message. I knew who Frank was of course but who was Em? I shrugged it off deciding that I’d meet her in a few minutes anyway. I lay back and continued watching whatever was on TV, sighing heavily. Now that I wasn’t in school anymore I was quite bored. I’d applied for Art College but I was still waiting for a reply.
Suddenly the door opened interrupting me from my thoughts. Mikey walked into the living room “Gerard, would you sit up?”
“Who are you, my mother?” I asked.
Frank walked in behind him, followed by a girl about the same height as Mikey. She had long brown hair, silver-blue eyes, pale skin and no make-up on. That’s what I thought was interesting about her. She was one of those girls who was beautiful but didn’t wear make-up.
I instantly sat up “So Mikey, who’s your new friend?” I asked.
Mikey looked at her and said “Oh this is Emily. She moved here yesterday from England.”
“Hi!” Emily said with a small wave “You’re Gerard, right?”
I nodded, suddenly shy. Frank came and sat next to me “What are you watching?”
“I wasn’t really watching it.” I blushed, flicking the remote “I was kind of day-dreaming with this in the background…”
“Can we watch a vampire movie?” Mikey asked, glancing at me.
I smiled at him “Yeah, sounds good…” I said meaningfully.
Frank looked at me. He knew what we were getting at but he looked worried. I just smiled at him “Mikey, why don’t you pick a movie? Emily do you wanna come sit over here?”
“Oh, yeah, sure.” Emily blushed, walking quickly to sit by me.

Emily’s POV…
Mikey picked out a DVD and shoved it into the DVD player. I sat back in between Gerard and Mikey who kept glancing at each other. It wasn’t exactly annoying but I did want to know what was going on. Frank was sitting next to Gerard and he kept turning to look at Gerard, biting his lip. So Frank clearly knew.
The film soon finished with none of us saying a word to each other, just glancing. Frank stood up and asked “So Mikey, you said you had something to show me?”
“Oh yeah, I did…” Mikey replied, getting up too “It’s in my room. We’ll see you two in a bit.”
“See you.” Gerard said with a small wave.
When both boys were gone I turned to face Gerard. We were both silent. I was about to ask ‘What was all the glancing about?’ when suddenly Gerard asked “So, why’d you move here?”
“Dad… Got a job over here…” I mumbled “My parents, they just got divorced. My Mom was so judgemental so I decided to move in with my Dad.”
“Don’t you miss your Mom?”
“I don’t think I’ve been apart from her long enough yet.” I told him with a shrug “I mean I only saw her yesterday.”
“I miss my Mom sometimes.” Gerard suddenly said “And my Dad.”
I was confused “So who looks after you and Mikey?”
“I do.” He replied “We don’t exactly need looking after; we’re old enough to look after ourselves.”
“During the movie,” I suddenly blurted out “You and Mikey kept glancing at each other. And Frank looked worried. What’s going on?”
“You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.” Gerard muttered.
I raised my eye-brows “Try me.”
“Alright.” Gerard said, smirking at me “If you must know, Mikey wanted me to tell you this and Frank didn’t want me to which is why he was worried. The truth is, Mikey and I are vampires.”
I stared at him. For a start I didn’t believe him because vampires don’t even exist. And he’d said it so matter-of-factly. As if he tells people this all the time.
I shook my head “You’re insane!” I said, standing up “You’re completely insane.”
“Emily, don’t leave.” Gerard said “Come on, sit back down.”
“No, you’re insane!” I cried, pulling away from him and to the front door.
But as I reached for the front door handle, Mikey jumped in the way “We can’t let you leave Emily.”
“Look, this is just stupid.” I said “I get it, right? Make a joke on the new girl and shit. But I’m not laughing so just let me out.”
“It’s not a joke.” Mikey told me “We’re vampires. And we can’t let you leave.”
“Look, just-“
“Em,” Frank said, coming down the stairs “They can’t let you leave, not yet.”
“What the hell is going on?” I asked as they cornered me.
Gerard took my hand “Guys, we’re scaring her.” He said quietly “You two go into the living room. Me and Emily will go upstairs.”

Gerard’s POV…
I took Emily upstairs to my bedroom. She looked around “Take a seat on my bed.” I said “If you want.”
She sat down obediently “What are you guys talking about?”
I sat down next to her “Well we’ve told you something majorly important that you can’t tell anybody. So we just need to know that you won’t tell anybody.”
“I-I promise not to tell anyone…”
“No, it’s not good enough.” I told her “We can’t trust anybody Em, Mikey and I are terrified that someone will find out. So I’m sorry about this.”
I placed my hands on her head “Close your eyes.” She closed them and I closed my eyes.
She gasped “Just stay still, this’ll be over in a second.” I whispered.
Her life flashed before me. Her parents’ divorce, the death of her little brother, when she was raped…
I pulled away “You were raped?”
“I don’t wanna talk about it!” She gasped, edging away from me. She burst into tears “I don’t wanna talk about it!”
“You don’t have to talk about it.” I said “I’ve already seen everything that happened.”
“I am so ashamed.”
“Of what?” I moved closer to her “This isn’t anything to be ashamed of. You did nothing wrong, there was nothing you could do.”
I wrapped my arms round her “Did you tell the police?”
“No, I was too ashamed.”
“So he’s still out there?” I asked. She nodded. I made up my mind that one day I’d go to England, track him down and kill him on the spot.
“Emily?” I asked. She looked up at me “I’d do anything for you.”
“But you’ve only just met me.” She whispered “How can you say that?”
“Yeah but I know everything about you.” I told her with a small smile “Remember?” I leaned closer “And don’t you wanna get to know me?”
“Well… Yeah…” I cut her off by kissing her gently.
A moment later she pulled away. I smiled at her “So get to know me.”

[A/N] – I know this isn’t exactly what you wanted but I’m not too good at the supernatural stuff :D So… This happened…
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