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Something that happened that I need to get out

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I actually feel completely worthless

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so I'm not sure who is exactly going to bother reading this but this is just a quick vent

I've had it.

I know me and my mum were never on good terms, she didn't like me much and the feeling was mutual.

But today

exactly 15 minutes ago

she broke a wooden spoon on my arm and its bleeding now, and told me that she hopes that I die

even though we had multiple fights before it was never that bad, and I just can't stop fucking crying

Tomorrow I had to go to my bbest friends house to do a HUGE project
and she actually had to go to this TGIT and the deadline for the money was today, but she didn't pay because she wants to do the project with me tomorrow

and shes going to freak when I tell her my bitch of a mum is not letting me go
and she is calling the school tomorrow to tell them to drop the project


And now all she is doing now is walking around calling me names and keep repeating that she hopes that I die...

It's gotten to the point were I actually feel like doing it
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