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Alexa's Personalised Story

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Alexa's Personalised Story

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Frank’s POV…
I sat at the bar alone. I’d just broken up with my girlfriend Jamia. I’d caught her cheating on me with Matt. I thought he was my friend. I thought she loved me. I felt like a fool.
I took another sip of my beer and pulled my phone out of my pocket. Two new messages.
Frankie, it was just a mistake, you gotta understand. I’m so sorry – Jamia xx
“Eugh,” I hissed “If you were really sorry you’d have said it to my face and not just sent me a text message.”
I heard what happened. Just wanted to let you know you’re welcome to come stay with me and Lyn – Gee
I smiled. I could always count on Gerard to be there for me. But I frowned again. I knew he was only trying to be helpful but staying with Gerard and Lyn-z would just depress me further, seeing them so happy…
Suddenly I noticed two girls sitting next to me. I turned to the one sitting next to me “Hey!” I greeted. She turned to look at me and smiled “My name’s Frank, it’s great to meet you.”
“Uhh I’m Lexus.” She replied “Listen, I’m not interested. I already have a boyfriend. Why don’t you talk to my twin sister Alexa?”
She took her drink, got up and left. I moved over a seat and looked at her twin sister “Hey!” I greeted again “My name’s Frank Iero. And you are?”
“Alexa Skye.” She replied, smiling at me “It’s nice to meet you.”
I looked her up and down. She had long, straight, black and red hair, pale skin, blue eyes, very thin and a pierced lip. I liked the look of her already.
The bar tender came back with her drink and Alexa reached into her pocket. “Oh no it’s okay!” I said, pulling out my wallet “I’ll pay.”
I handed over a tenner and the bar tender walked off to get my change. Alexa blushed bright red “Let me pay you back…”
“No, it’s okay, really.” I smiled. She stood up “No, don’t go, please! I need something to distract me right now!”
“I’m just going to the bathroom.” She laughed “I’ll be back in a second.”
I knew she wasn’t lying as she’d left her drink and handbag behind. I started daydreaming about her. I loved the way she dressed. She was wearing a black leather jacket, black skinny jeans, a weird black studded tee-shirt and black high-heeled ankle boots with little studs on.
She returned and took a seat “So, what are you trying to distract yourself from?”
I laughed “You don’t waste time, do you?” She blushed “If you must know, I recently found out my girlfriend was cheating on me. With one of my best friends actually.”
“Oh that’s rough.” She replied, biting her lip “My sister Lexus caught her ex doing the same thing. But now she’s got another guy so it doesn’t matter.” She sighed heavily “It’s not fair. Me and Lexus look exactly the same but all the girls like her and not me.”
“Well I like you.” I replied a little awkwardly “Have you never had a boyfriend or something?”
“No, never.” She replied, blushing “God that makes me sound so sad.”
“No, it’s cool actually. Jamia was my first girlfriend, we’d been going out since high school. And now she’s cheated on me.” I shrugged “Not exactly the best ending relationship in the world.”
“I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.” Alexa replied, blushing bright red “If it’s any consolation, I’d never cheat on you.”
She blushed a bright red as I chuckled “Well that’s nice.” I stood up “I guess I’d better go home.”

Alexa’s POV…
As soon as Frank closed the door behind him, I jumped up out of my seat and ran out after him. I saw him walking down the street and ran after him “Frank!” I cried. He turned to look at me and waited till I was right next to him. I stood there panting for a second before finally saying “Uhh I was thinking… You don’t have to go home yet. Why don’t you come back to my place?”
“I thought you were out with your sister?”
“She won’t mind!” I grinned “She’ll think it’s good that you’re coming home with me… She… I meant… But…”
“It’s cool.” Frank laughed “Can we walk to your place from here or should we get a taxi?”
“Oh we can walk.” I said “Come on, let’s go.”
“Which way do you live?”
“The opposite way in which you’re walking.” I giggled “Come on Frankie, it’s this way.”
“Frankie?” He asked as I blushed.
“I hope you don’t mind if I call you that.”
“No, I love being called Frankie.”
“If you want you can call me Lexa.” I told him “Everyone else calls me that.”
“Cool, Lexa.” Frank grinned then he admitted “It’s probably a good thing you invited me to your place. I’m not quite ready to face Jamia.”
“I don’t blame you.” I replied “I hope this doesn’t sound rude but if she wasn’t interested anymore then she should’ve just said instead of going behind your back.”
“Oh don’t worry, I agree.” Frank said “But I really don’t see what was going wrong. I mean I loved her. Everything was going just fine. I really don’t understand…”
Suddenly we were outside my house “I told you it wasn’t far.” I laughed, unlocking the front door.
We walked into the living room together and I blushed again “Oh Frank, I’m the only one who lives here…” I told him, looking down “So well… If you wanted to stay here then… You’d be more than welcome.”
“Are you sure?” Frank asked. I nodded “Oh. Well thanks.”
I took his hand. He looked down. “I-I don’t know why I did that.” I stuttered, blushing yet again. Why do I blush so much around this guy?
Frank smiled a small but cute smile “I think I know why.” Then he leant over and kissed me gently.
When he pulled away I whispered “I think you’ll be staying here a lot longer than I thought.” We both giggled.

[A/N] - Am I the only one who thinks all my personalised stories are pretty similiar? ;/ Oh well, hope yew liked it :3
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