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Chapter 16

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Hangovers and kissing - a better combination!

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I had fun writing this. You'll see why if you haven't already guessed! Again please please please review and rate -- I love those things to bits and back again. Yeah, I'm also currently listening to Evanescence. Don't get me wrong - they're good, but bloody hell are some of their songs depressing. It's making my head hurt. Even more. Yeah - I've been getting like loads of migraines recently and it is making writing (or even thinking) a bitch. Hopefully this won't be too dire though.

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>Gerard's POV<

We stood there, kissing, for I don't know how long. I liked it though. Frank's lips were warm and soft - not demanding as they had been Friday night. I knew I was a fool for trusting him but there was something he was communicating to me now, though these soft, gentle kisses, that made he want to trust him. Want to give in to him. I had already admitted that I felt lust for him, now my head was whirling too - completely erasing my common sense.

My hand on his waist moved, reaching round the back of him and pulling him closer. The hand Frank had on my should shifted too - to the back of my neck. This made me feel slightly vulnerable, but I didn't mind. Despite being younger, Frank would always be the one in control. Again, I didn't mind.

Of course, it was him that broke the kiss. I stared down at him. The tattooed boy really was beautiful. His brown eyes sparkled up at me, his small mouth stretched into a full grin, the lip ring shining in the sun. I grinned when I noticed his cheeks were slightly flushed, but doubted that they could compare with the bright red mine were probably glowing. My head was spinning from the kiss, and pounding from the hangover.

"You like?" Frank murmured, his eyes on my lips.

"I did," His grin just widened and he pulled me down for another kiss. This one was rougher, but just as sweet. I opened my mouth and moaned as Frank invaded my mouth with his tongue. I allowed him to explore my mouth, occasionally tangling my tongue with his. My hands found their way around his waist again, whilst Frank cupped my face and gripped my shoulder. His breathe was hot and tasted of coffee. I dreaded to think what mine tasted of. I had spent most of last night puking my guts up and probably stunk. Oh well, it couldn't be that bad. If it was, then Frank didn't seem to mind as he was still invading my mouth with his tongue. I sighed and let myself sink into the kiss, something I had wanted to do from day one.

"Ahem!" I heard a girl clear her voice from the door. I pulled away from Frank, blushing furiously and tried to pull away. His arms just drifted down from my face and shoulders and encircled my waist, making escape impossible. Not that I minded.

We looked towards the door to see four girls standing in the entrance, giggling. The were all wearing bikinis and I looked away quickly. Seeing this I ducked my head quickly. That just encouraged their giggles. My head was killing me now.

"Having fun are we?" Lena's voice echoed across the kitchen.

"Yeah," Frank replied calmly. "But it's a two-man party which means you're not invited."

"Ooooh! Techy much?" Amy laughed as the other girls feigned horrified gasps.

"Yes - now go away."

"Fine! Be like that."

The girls turned and left the room, only pausing when Phin yelled "See you down at the pool!"

"God that was embarrassing," I muttered, finally dethatching myself from Frank.

"Was it?" He replied, looking hurt.

"Yeah - I mean... we were kissing."

Frank laughed. "God, Gerard - you are such a kid sometimes. They've seen it all before, I promise you and it's not like we were doing anything wrong."

"I s'pose."

"Anyway, I'm glad they saw us. Now they know we're together!"

"Are we?" I ask hopefully. I still wasn't sure about Frank.

"Of course!" He replied, looking hurt. "Unless you don't wanna be?" He pouted at me, looking unfairly adorable. I laughed - this was a side to Frank I certainly hadn't seen before.

"No, I wanna be. I just wasn't sure about you."

He rolled his eyes and said sarcastically; "No I was just kissing you for the hell of it!"

"Then we're together."

Frank simply said "Good," then pulled us together for another kiss. By the time he was done with me, the top of my head felt like it was about to spin off and I was slightly breathless. And of course I was still dizzy from the hangover. He smirked at me and walked away. "Come on then!"

"Where are we going?" I asked.


"What... Phin doesn't have a pool, does she?"

"Yeah - her parents are filthy rich." I scowled at that. It was so unfair - how some people were rolling in money like these guys seemed to be, whilst others had to work graveyard shifts in order to keep their kids alive. Never the less, I followed Frank down a flight of stairs until the sound of screams, splashing and music reached us.

The pool was in a massive conservatory, sunlight beating through and warming the air to a stifling temperature. The water looked divine, but the combined heat, light and noise was making my already aching head pound even harder.

Frank didn't seem to notice my discomfort as he ran down the remaining stairs, stripped down his boxers and dive bombed in. I laughed as Bob, Kyle and Jared leapt on him and held him under. The boy thrashed underwater, eventually breaking free and yelling "You are so dead!" at the three older boys. They began chasing each other round the pool, egged on my the watching girls, Lee and Andy. I headed over to where they were hovering by the edge of the pool.

"Hey Gerard!" Phin yelled and I winced as the sound echoed in my ears. "Enjoy yourself last night?"

I nodded. "Yeah - it was great," What I could remember of it was at least. "My head is killing me right now though."

"Hung over?" Phin asked sympathetically and I nodded again. "Well there's a spa and a stream room over there. The spa probably won't help much but I've always liked the stream room. Feel free to use either of them."

"Thanks," I muttered and headed in the direction she had pointed out.

"Oi! Gerard!" Lee's voice stopped me. "If you feel really bad we'll send Frank in! I'm sure he'll cheer you up!" The eighteen year old boy waggled his eyes at me suggestively. I blushed and the others laughed. Taking pity on me, Amy grabbed her boyfriend's head and dragged him under. I went into the steam room.

It was warm in there and steamy. No shit. But the moist air and quietness of the dark room did calm my head slightly. I sighed and lay down, still fully clothed on the wooden bench.

With a clearer head it was easier to think. So I thought about Frank. I still didn't trust him entirely - not when he had spent the last few weeks ignoring me. But I found that I didn't care. I wanted him so badly, especially after he had been so caring this morning. Afternoon. Whatever. I didn't want him to hurt me, but couldn't count on the fact he wouldn't. But then, you couldn't count on the fact that anyone wouldn't hurt you. Life's a bitch like that. So what was I going to do - trust Frank and risk being hurt? Or do the smart thing and reject him? The latter meant I'd have to endure seeing him kiss other people, he'd carry on sleeping around, and he'd carry on taunting me. Probably even worse because of my rejection.

Really, I had made my choice when I had allowed Frank to kiss me earlier on. Now I was caught - there was no way I'd be able to shake free of the boy's trap. I didn't want to. I wanted to be his...

I thought about kissing him that morning, how sweet he had been, how nice he had tasted. As the warm steam surrounded me, I slipped into a fantasy world consisting of myself and Frank.

>Frank's POV<

I chased Kyle, Jared and Bob round the pool for a while, before admitting I didn't really have a chance of catching them and swimming over to the girls, Andy and Lee.

"So, getting it on with Gerard are we?" Lena smirked before I had a chance to say anything.

"Something like that," I replied casually, leaning on the pool side next to Amy. "What's it to you?"

"Oh, nothing... Just wondering what's happening between 'the happy couple',"

I snorted at the sarcastic way she said last three words - Lena had always been bitter. Probably why she's the only girl in our gang still single, as hot as she was. Still, I replied to her. "What can I say? He just looked so gorgeous this morning - covered in puke!" Note the sarcasm.

"Puke?" Phin cut in, ending the argument before it started. "Where the fuck was he? I'm gonna kill him if his stained a carpet!"

"In the dining room." I shrugged. "Guess he passed out there last night. God only knows what he'd taken 'cos he was stoned out of his brains!"

"Oh God..." I heard Bob mutter.

"Was is it, babe?" Lissa asked him, her eyes full of affection.

The guy shifted uncomfortably as we all stared at him. "I kinda gave Gerard some pills and stuff last night... I was fine but I dunno how much he ended up taking."

"Greaaaat!" said Phin, sarcasm dripping from every syllable. "Well at least we know who to blame if the kid goes comatose!" You could tell from her tone though that she didn't really care. A few people sniggered and I guessed they shared her opinion. "Anyways," Phin continued. "Feedback from last night people!"

And we all started babbling about how fun it had - what we had drunk, who we had pulled, what music was good, what crazy things we'd seen people doing.

Jared recounted chatting Ben up and his shock when the jock had started coming on to him. "To be fair he was completely pissed though," he admitted. "And after I went off and found a couple of girls - so no harm done!"

"Yeah," I interrupted. "I saw you with them this morning. Only I think you counted wrong - there weren't a couple; there were five!"

"Five?!" Everyone laughed at the dude's shocked face. "Bloody hell, I must be more attractive than I thought!" Typical, shallow Jared.

The conversation went on until Phin cut in; "By the way, Frank. What do you want for your birthday? It's like, in two weeks."

"Less actually," I replied, running the options through my head. "Well... I saw a really nice guitar and pair of amps in the shop yesterday." Bloody hell - was it really only yesterday?

"Forget that," Phin replied. "Guitars and amps are waaayyy over my budget!"

"Bet you wouldn't say that if it was Andy," I grumbled.

"Last time I checked, Andy was my boyfriend. Anyway, guitar would still be over my budget."

"Damn," both me and Andy muttered, then grinned at each other. Phin punched her boyfriend lightly in the stomach and he pretended to be in pain. The girl rolled her eyes and kissed him lightly on the lips, making Andy smile.

"Anyway!" I said loudly before the short kiss can progress into something bigger. Then I began listing CDs, books, hoodies and basically everything else I wanted at that point in time. Which happened to include cheese. And Gerard. Speaking of which... "Where's Gerard?"

"In the steam room, I think," Amy replied.

"Yeah, he looked pretty rough," Lee said grinning. "I said I'd send you in to make him feel better!"

I laughed. "Then what am I still doing here?" And I pulled myself out of the pool.

"Hey Frank?" Bob's voice stopped me. "So, are you and Gerard, like boyfriends?" He was frowning.

I raised an eyebrow and repeated the question I'd already asked Lena. "Yeah. What's it to you?"

The older guy shifted uncomfortably. "Nothing." He muttered. "Just don't hurt him."

"N'aawwww," I said in a mocking baby tone. "Is Bobby worried 'bout likkle Geward?" I laughed. "Well don't" I winked at them and walked into the steam room, glad that it had a lock.

>Gerard's POV<

I didn't bother look up when I heard someone come in. It was so relaxing; just lying there in the think warm steam. Admittedly, the wooden bench wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world but I was too out of it to care.

A voice in my ear had me crashing back down to Earth. "Hello sugar - miss me?"

I smiled to myself, as for once that voice wasn't sarcastic or mocking. It was sweet and relaxed. "Yeah - I did actually," I murmur and hear Frank chuckle to himself. A moment later I feel his breathe on my face, and open my eyes to see his beautiful eyes just an inch away from mine. In a moment, I had lost myself in those chocolaty brown orbs, that glimmered at me seductively, calling me in. I was still too nervous to make the first move though, so just waited until Frank pressed his soft lips against my own. The metal of his ring was warm for once, something in the back of my head noticed.

He ran his hands down my chest. I was still wearing the same clothes I had been yesterday and they were damp from the steam and sticky from my sweat. Frank climbed on the bench so he was lying on top of me, our bodies pressing together.

The kiss became hungrier, more passionate. Our lips were moving together fiercely and before long, I felt Frank's tongue enter the equation. I opened my mouth and turned my head slightly so our lips slotted together perfectly. Our tongues roamed over each others, fighting for dominance in a battle I knew neither of us would win.

At the same time, I felt Frank's hand traveling over my stomach and waist. They were currently tugging at my shirt, pulling it up, over my head. Our lips parted for a moment before colliding again. It was only when I felt my bare torso press against Frank's did I look down at our bodies and realise he was wearing nothing but boxers. My eyes dragged over the muscles and tattoos that made his body so sensual. The fact that he was dripping wet also helped of course. I grinned, and sunk back into the kiss; this time letting my own hands do some exploring of their own.

They snaked down around the boy's muscled waist and further down still, until they were playing with the band of Frank's boxers. I hesitated there, unsure of whether Frank wanted this - whether I was going too fast. As though he could read my mind, he grabbed my hand and directed it down his boxers for me. I grinned, breaking the kiss again, and his lust filled eyes stared down into mine. They were a storm of emotions, and blazed brighter than I would have thought possible. They were spitting flames the same way they had the first night I met Frank, but now the fire burned with lust not anger.

The kiss restarted and my right hand - the one in Frank's boxers - began to move. Whilst the other clung to his lower back, pressing him to me, the other wrapped round his semi-hard member and began to move. Slowly. He groaned into my mouth and bucked into my hand, encouraging me to speed up. Frank's hands were working too - stroking and teasing my nipples in a way that was Goddamn erotic.I moaned back up at him.

The speed on my hand increased and Frank's mouth moved from my own. I moaned but quickly quit complaining when it reattached to my neck. The boy began sucking and biting at the skin there, making me shiver and arch my back in pleasure.

"Shhhh," he murmured into my neck, sending his warm breathe over my skin. I bite my lip, and focus on the pumping of my right hand. I guessed Frank was close from the way he was bucking his hips and I just increased the pace of my hand. I didn't want this to end, but at the same time, I wanted Frank to cum. To know that I was the one who caused him such undeniable pleasure.

My wish was soon rewarded. "Ohhh, fuck Gerard." He groaned and came into my hand in a sticky mess half a second later. His mouth finally moved back to my own and I sucked on the lip ring slightly, causing him to groan again. Frank's hands weren't moving anymore - they were still at my waist as we made out in the steam again. I was pleased to note that his breathe was heavier than usual. I had caused that.

Far too soon for me, he broke the kiss again. "Nooo, Frankie." I moaned, but he grinned down at me. Evilly. Uh oh. He began to grind his hips down on to mine. Bare in mind I was in skinny jeans - he was in boxers. Blood began to rush south. Mercilessly, Frank ground and bucked against me, and I was soon fully erect.

When Frank next looked down at me I was flushed and red and all but writhing from the pleasure-pain I was now experiencing. "You have no idea how hot you look right now." He whispered down to me.

"Frankie... Please..."

"Yes Gerard?" He replied, eyes still blazing. This reminds me of a dream I once had.

"Help me... I'm... Ya know..." I flushed furiously.

Frank's mouth captured my own again and he breathed into it; "I wanna hear you say it. I wanna hear you moan like a bitch Gerard."

"Jack me off," I muttered, horribly embarrassed, but my need over coming my pride.

"With pleasure." In what seemed like half a second, Frank had my jeans off and his hand round my dick. It throbbed at the touch and he began palming it - teasing me without giving me any relief.

"Frank - please! You're killing me here..."

"Aww, poor Gerard." He teased, but wrapped his hand around my member anyways and began to move it. I moaned at the slow pace and tried to buck like he had, but the slow pace proved that to be impossible.

"Fraaaaaank!" He picked up the pace and I moaned in pleasure. His other hand moved down and began to massage my balls. I nearly came there and then. The pleasure was so intense it was almost pain and my body was begging for a release.

His hands began to move fasted and I gasped. Our mouths reconnected again and I moaned how close I was into his mouth. That only slowed him down. I groaned and protested, pulling my mouth away to glare at him. Frank just grinned at me. He was always teasing me - why stop now? I gave him the best death glare I could. He rolled his eyes before invading my mouth again and speeding up the rate of his hand job.

Two things were definitely for certain. One; I had just let Frank hear me moan like a bitch. Two; he definitely gave a better hand job than I do.

We went back to just lying there, kissing, until Phin and the gang began banging on the door (which Frank had thankfully locked), telling us to 'get the fuck out of the motherfucking steam room'.

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