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Ugh sorry

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I am a terrible terrible person but please read if you are waiting for my work

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Hey Hookers! So I'm so sorry for not updating anything in forever, I've kind of been a bit out of the swing of things lately I get times where I don't want to leave the house or interact with other people and I've been having on of those weeks I haven't actualy seen another human apart from my mother in 5 days now and I've had no inspiration to write , but I've started to shift out of this mood now and I should be writing again very soon however there is some important info and sort of a time table that i hope will make me updates more frequant

Aokigahara will be updated twice a week Mondays and Thursdays
The Home once a week on Saturdays (though may not be tommorow)
My Raggedy Doctor probaly once every two weeks at the weekend though you may see random updates on that

However guys The Watchmen will be put on hold untill I have finished Aokigahara (witch I'm thinking will have around 5-6 more chapters) so you wont be seeing the super team around for a while

Also Incase any of you are interested I will be posting up a fic I wrote a long time ago its Mikey X and OC and its called Fallen

So sorry for being a pain in the bum but I'm sort of back now! if your craving something to read my friend StaticGhost or Annie writes on here so go check her out!
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