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Shopping time!!! Oh how I love to shop, oh how I love to bury myself alive with the post guilt of blowing all my savings on bazzilions and bazzilions of skinny jeans and band tees. Skipping along the sidewalk, alone like always, singing at the top of my lungs to what is someday gonna be my new hit single: "Oooooo skinny jeans and motherfucking band tees! They make me wanna skip with glee, so all you bitches who hate are just jealous of my skinny jeans and motherfucking band tees!!!". I am proud to say that it has no real beat or anything but maybe When I get home Pansy and I can cook up some riffs. My guitar, dear inner pervert in my hormone-crazed love deprived head.
Humming now as I wander into the crowded mall, I shake my hips slightly hoping some guy, ANY GUY will check me out. Seriously, I don't think anyone will ever look at me like that, I dont think anyone will ever hold me late at night and whisper those three famous words into my ears as I drift off to sleep, content and completely happy. I mean why could anyone ever love me? My name is Frank which doesn't exactly scream young hot and sexy, it mutters something like cool, common, unnoticeable. I'm a scrawny 17yr old, and a friendless one at that. Oh wait I forgot I am a gay friendless scrawny misfit who's only had one relationship. And a virgen. I mean seriously, what 17yr old boy is still a virgen? Ugh I'm pathetic. No wonder those "popular kids" beAt me daily for "being faggoty". No one said jocks were the sharpest knives in the hospital. Is that even the right expression? Hmmm.

Frankie boy your such a loser
ugh shut up pedophile in my head! Is it just me that has to deal with this creep 24/6? Yes 24/6 so what? Maybe he's a religious child-raper! Jeez. Pedos are people too ya know!
"Pedos are people!!!" I scream at the clearly shocked semi-attractive coffee guy. I must have subconciously drifted, as I am naturally attracted to the comforting aroma.
"umm sir would you like to order?" The man asks.
Batting my eyelashes, I respond with the classy and ever smooth "Yes I'll have the regular and your lips to top it off nicely?"
"Uhh sir here's your coffee now please leave before I call the cops."
I huff loudly and obnoxiously, just to piss off the smartly dressed business people, and then turn and leave.
After gulping down the scorching hot beverage I've come to need in order to function, I walk towards my favorite store, Stuff you Need (a/n creative name, right? I'm tired and typing this on an "iPod" so shush). My stores alone, at the back of the mall, shoved into a corner. Besides having what stuff I need, it reminds me of myself, scared and alone, shunned by the world. Except I don't sell things... Or do I?
Coke or Caine Kiddies?
ahh shut up religious pedophile that lives in my head!
Oh. Great now I speak to my little brain peope too! I'll add crazy to my list of loserish qualities.

A/N well I tried ok? I wrote more but I don't feel like typing it up. I almost killed Frankie twice already but I resisted so I'm feeling good!!
Post more later! bye
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