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(a bit of a filler, kind of. Also kind of crappy :/)

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“Holy shit.” Stefan Abingdon sighed as he walked in through the front door to his apartment. Quickly, he chucked his keys onto the coffee table that graced the middle of his front room and then flopped backwards onto the sofa, scaring away his roommate, Ashley’s, snow white kitten.

“Oi, watch it!” Ashley said with a smile as he walked through the door, narrowly avoiding his startled feline friend.
“Don’t start, I’ve had the most stressful day ever.” Stefan admitted as Ashley came and sat down next to him with a beer bottle in his hand.
“What’s wrong? Carnaby Street shopping getting too stressful for widdle steffy-weffy?” Ashley asked sarcastically.
“Ha, you’re so fucking funny. Nah.” Stefan replied.
“Seriously, then. What’s happened?”

Stefan waited for a moment before actually replying – it was still a bit of a shock as to what exactly had happened just an hour or so before. First thing he knew, he was tapping an oyster card to a tube station ticket barrier. After that, he’d just walked into a girl and ruined an almost brand-new, £600 phone, and he was in some serious shit.

“Well, I was walking through the tube station minding my own business... when some girl walks into me, well, I walked into her... and I ended up breaking her phone and I’m pretty sure she thinks I was chatting her up.” Stefan started, and Ashley laughed.
“I’m sorry, what?” Ashley asked, and Stefan shook his head.
“Don’t even ask, man.”

“Elissa?” asked a voice from the living room of the Huntingdon house.
“Mm?” Elissa replied, still not very talkative.
“Your father has been going crazy. He’s in his office, I think it might be an idea to go and tell him you’re not dead.” Said an all-too familiar voice to Elissa – their housekeeper, Sharon, walked into the room and handed Elissa a cup of coffee and a rich-tea biscuit.
“He’s going to kill me.” Elissa sighed, causing a disapproving look from Sharon.
“You better go and talk to him then... and maybe take this coffee as well.”

Elissa slowly walked through to her dad’s office quarters before tapping gently on the door. No reply. She quickly tapped again, but this time a little harder whilst holding her breath just incase she’d pissed her dad off any more than he probably already was.

“Oh, what is it? Is that Sharon? Or is the daughter I thought I had but haven’t heard from for the past couple of hours?” Said a voice from inside the door, causing Elissa to sigh.
“Daddy, I’m sorry.” She mumbled as she slowly made her way into the room and then sat down on one of the leather sofas.
“You better be. I was worried sick, Elissa Huntingdon.” Her dad replied in a stern tone.
“I would have rung but my phone broke because someone walked into me and then I couldn’t find any change and I lost my tube ticket... and I know I was supposed to be home a couple hours ago but the cash machine then also broke and I didn’t have ID so I couldn’t get money out at the bank, in the end I had to go into work and get money from there.” Elissa stated, only to then be ‘shh-ed’ by her father.
“It’s not good enough, Elle. Anyway, how did your phone break?” He asked.
“I just said... Somebody walked into me in the tube station. He’s offered to pay for it if insurance won’t, so I have his number here...” Elissa said, before quickly pulling the small slip of paper from her purse.
“So it was a he?” Elissa’s father asked. Elissa nodded, before suddenly realising how bad that probably looked. “Right, Elle. I do not want you to call this number. You have no idea who he is, and you don’t know if he is even sincere about paying for your phone. For all we know, he just wants to sleep with you and take our money.”
“Sorry, dad.” Elissa sighed before placing the coffee cup onto his desk and then leaving the room.

Elissa sighed as she entered her bedroom – she should have known that her dad would have reacted in that way. He always had whenever she wanted to do something with a boy that wasn’t a family friend or had an equal value of money to theirs. He was a hypocrite – anybody of a lower class than them was to be labelled a gold digger. Elissa was certain that Stefan was being genuine – in fact, she would put money to it. Elissa was the least known of the Hungtingdon family, she would only really be recognised by family and friends, plus other ‘socialite’ families hailing from Chelsea.

She looked down at her phone quickly before sighing for the billionth time that evening. In a quick motion, she picked up her cracked phone and then started to gently type on the screen, making sure that she didn’t mess it up anymore than it already was. She soon noticed that some letters and numbers on her phone didn’t work, but luckily she still had auto-correct installed and therefore managed to make sure her first text to Stefan wouldn’t leave him thinking that she was illiterate. With a single touch, it was sent.
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