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When Muffin's Attack

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Well, it's school and suddenly, out of the blue...

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It was almost a normal day, just like the ones that came before it. A day like the ones that always happen in my high school.
We were sitting at a table in the hall, me and my friends that is. It was a normal-ish thing for us to be arguing about the plural of Thesaurus.
"I think it's thesaurus." Mikey, my brother says.
"No, it's thesaurees." Ray says, head nodding, 'fro bobbing.
"Maybe it's thesauruses." I say, pulling my bottle red hair out of my eyes.
"Nope. It's sooo thesauri." Frank announces.
I look around the hall, seeing if there's anyone randomly walking around to vouch for my version of the plural of thesaurus. Then I notice it. Or them. there are a lot of them, all in a line.
"Uh, guys..." I say, pointing to the little army(Well, battalion really) of muffins lining the hallway.
"Whoa." Thy say upon noticing the muffins.
We decide to follow the line of muffins. It leads us from the second floor down the stairs, out the door and into the park-area. Into the tennis fields, aka the area of evil sweater-vest wearing goody-two-shoes playground. Of evil.
But what we see there is not the preppy 'popular' kids playing silly games, but a command base for the muffins. I send out the call, and soon all the muffins are being devoured by the very high schoolers they mean to attack. We devour every last one of them. It was already too late when we realized what had happened, and our stomachs were hurting like crazy.
"NOOOOOOOOOO!" I yell, then drop dead. The muffins did win.

I re-did this story I'm using for school here. So yeah, please R&R, I realize this may not actually be that interesting. Ah well. R&R, s'il vous plait. I need to figure out how to do accents on the computer, oh fuck it. Je suis desolee, au revoir! R&R MUTHAFUCKAS!
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