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"Forever and always."

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Jean shorts and a Minnie Mouse t-shirt, a red and white stripped school bag by the steps, four coffee mugs lined up on the coffee table, two people keeping warm under a Star Wars blanket. This is how a normal sleep over at Frank’s house is. It’s nice to be able to do this again.

As the night progresses our stack of movies grows, along with the cups of coffee. By three in the morning Frank and I have managed to go through half the shows in his cabinet. Due to the large amounts of caffeine consumed neither of us are sleepy. Instead, Frank shows me everything I’ve missed in school. Once he teaches it to me I do his homework then he checks it.

My theory is that once Frank’ grades improve and his mom stops getting phone calls from the school telling her how he sleeps through class she’ll get off his ass. If I can help I will. Besides, doing the work will get me caught up faster. I don’t like being this behind.

“Amber?” Frank says as I continue to try and figure out some calculus problem. “Is the depression still there?”

I spin around in his roller chair, “The pills help but yeah…it’s always there Frank. Being around you and other people helps a lot. Please don’t worry about it though. I’ve dealt with it before I can still do it now.”

“I still have the exacto knife you gave me,” he admits looking up at me from his spot on the floor.

“I thought I told you to throw it away,” I respond turning my attention back to the problem. I have to get this down.

“I told you I’d keep it forever if I have to,” he answers, turning up the American Hi-Fi CD we are currently listening to.

I’m surprised that I’ve not seen his mom. Normally if we are this loud at such a late hour she tells us its time to go to bed. So far, if she’s home, she’s left us alone. I kind of like that. Frank’s mom is on his back enough, I’d hate to cause more problems by being over.

After another five minutes I toss the pencil down on the desk, growling a little bit. None of this stuff makes sense. I get calculus but this is just confusing. How the hell am I supposed to catch up if I can’t comprehend? Turning around I frown at Frank who is eyeing me curiously.

He just smiles, motioning for me to go and sit in his lap. I comply, resting my head on his shoulder. I run the ends of his black hair through my fingers; it needs died again. Maybe I should help him with that. His hair tends to look better if he doesn’t do it himself.

“What’s wrong Ambo?” Frank questions.

I huff, “I don’t understand it. The problem doesn’t have an answer or something.”

I feel very defeated at the moment.

“It’s alright, I don’t get it either. We just started that today so in one night I go you caught up,” he answers with a big smile.

“In one subject…what about English or Chemistry or US History or French?”

Frank squeezes me, “You worry too much. What happened to the fun Amber?”

Even though I know he doesn’t mean it that way his words sting a little. Right now I’m recovering. Shouldn’t he be happy about that? I’m almost a month behind in school, by the time I get back it’ll be two months till Thanksgiving that’s close to the school year being half over. I’ve missed so much.

“I think she’s tired right now,” I answer remembering that Frank is just trying to be his normal self. Frank before this would have asked the same question and Amber before this would have laughed or punched him in the arm.

“Maybe she should get some sleep,” Frank offers up, picking me up and carrying me over to the bed.

I stare up at him. Sometimes I think that maybe there is something there, some hidden affection. Then again maybe it’s a friend thing and he’s just worried. He’s seen me at worse but then again he’s seen me as so much better. Right now people are just trying to get used to the fact I’m up and starting to act more like my old self.

I’m worried. Not about Frank or Mikey or anyone else for that matter. I’m worried about myself and the court date. What if seeing him again causes the depression to come back? What if all I’ll want to do is sleep again? I’d hate that. Without knowing it I start to cry, Frank hurrying back to my side.

“What’s wrong Ambo?”

“Maybe I should just let the whole thing go and not testify against Garry,” I say knowing how stupid Frank must think I am. With everything Garry has done I’m sure people think I’m jumping for joy to get him behind bars. That’s not how it works.

“No,” Frank says gently wiping my tears away with his thumb. “As easy as it is to do that I won’t let you. It’s a selfish thing for me to do but I’m forcing you. If you don’t do this he might do the same thing to another girl or come back and try and hurt you again.”

I nod, “What if I said no.”

A devilish smile plays across Frank’s full lips, “I’ll have to tickle you into submission.”

I gasp and wiggle out of his arms pretending to actually be scared of this, “Alright I’ll do it but you better be right there next to me.”

Frank looks at me, his warm smile reaching all the way up to his beautiful hazel green eyes, “Forever and always.”

Note: I aplogize for my lack of updating. Last night I went to a Fake Problems/Rocket to the Moon/Plain White T's/NeverShoutNever concert at the Starland with my two friends and my bf. I spent this morning at an animal shelter then I went to babysit at 2 and just got back thirty minutes ago. Don't worry I've got some chapters waiting in the wings so they should be up tonight or tomorrow. Novemeber is coming quickly and there will be no updates that month due to NaNoWriMo. I will post that story on the site once done. Happy reading :)
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